: I deeply empathize with you, some of the things Riot does aren't very bright sometimes, but i am sure you got banned for the **right reasons**. No special treatments towards long - term players, justice for Demacia! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Not saying i didnt. Their Reason is legit and their case is solid. I am even admitting to flaming after all. But perma banning people for flaming in this broken System is like killing poor People for stealing food. And i dont think Perma Banning Accounts, like really forever... is justified in 95% of the cases. At least not for just flame...
: You can get lvl 30 in less than a week of active playing. Getting into Gold is matter of another week or even less if you are good. So no, it does not keep flame of those "actually relevant games" (I am talking from personal experience, hitting lvl 30 is way easier than even before, with comming changes it will be even easier.)
Yes thats the point. In the 2 Weeks of the ban i got some months ago, which i mentioned in the text above, it took me about 7 days to get my acc lvl 30, maybe another 3 to get runes/ champs ready and so yea... 10 days from creation to ranked ready ... how is taht not relevant?? Also riot made it way to easy for new accs to climb... out of 10 placement games i only won 3..... THREEE!!! and got instant silver 4 ... then won about 15/20 Games and Acc was then gold 2. Gold 2 with just tier 2 runes. 2 Rune pages. and a champ pool of 450IP champs and some 1350. And all that without cashing... if you just wanna cash there are people that got their accs lvl 30 in lesss than 24 hours. Which is exactly my Point... Instead of actually trying to improve game behaviour riot bans accs so ppl create new ones and buy the same shit over and over again. This is also prove by the fact that you get a 2 Week Ban, and after that a PERMA... i have in no other game ever seen Perma bans... Except if you cheat/ hack/ or extremely abuse Bugs etc. but never some honestly actually trivial stuff... I mean i would even get if it would be 6 Months whatever, but you dont even give People the chance to rehabilitate. RIOT game policy is worse then US Prision Policy... let that shit sink in....
: I have met a lot of nice Players and a lot of flamers. People always see the negative side of the coin, try to see the shiny side and all will work out. If someone flames you just mute, if they troll just Report them ist no big deal and you wont get tilted that way
> [{quoted}](name=Dreadlord Mike,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=osjn51JX,comment-id=000e0000,timestamp=2017-09-03T03:43:55.150+0000) > If someone flames you just mute, if they troll just Report them ist no big deal and you wont get tilted that way This is simply not true... i for myself never get tilted by what people write. You can write as much BS as you want as long play decent (or i can see that you are at least trying) If you loose 5 Games in a Row without actually ever loosing lane or even worse doing extremely well and winning lane hard but still end up loosing due to extremely weird matchmaking/ champ picks / or all too often people that dont care about winning thats what is tilting
: DO NOT USE CHAT. Just play and tilt your team without saying a word, you wont be banned regardless of how much you troll but the will for flaming you :) have fun!
I get your point. And you are right. Fact stands that this doesnt work for me and makes no sense in my opinion. Just undermines more that riot just cares about behaviour and game quality on the surface.
MacDeath (EUW)
: The effort you put into your account does not privilege you to harass others. As someone who roots for fairness I believe you can understand Riot's policy.
> [{quoted}](name=MacDeath,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=osjn51JX,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-09-02T20:12:54.915+0000) > > The effort you put into your account does not privilege you to harass others. As someone who roots for fairness I believe you can understand Riot's policy. I never said it would. I also said i never did actually harras people on a personal level or a level that i deem too extreme in the extent of a game. Telling somebody that clearly has no idea what hes doing that hes bad has nothing to do with harassment. I simply see no point in not telling the truth. I tell people who play extremely bad as much that they play bad as i tell people who do well on games that they do well. Just not saying anything to somebody who plays so bad to the point that its sabotaging the game has nothing to do with being fair in my opinion. Even less in Ranked mod where you should only play champs that you at least know how to play.
Rioter Comments
: Whats the point of Flex for a solo player? Its not fun at all.
Yea its BS IN GENERAL, i would say yes you are right. There are a bunch of problems with flex q that were already there with dynamic also, and some are even worse. The problem we are facing now that this ranked system is not representativ of skill the least bit, they completly somehow fkd up matchmaking, which led to a majority of players being ranked in bronze/ silver which is ridicolous in my opinion. I had a bunch of games now where my and enemy team were all ranked between b3 and s3 in flex (which is ok), but when you took a look at their last season solo rank you had ppl between dia and bronze. And now you can say a lot about MMR and stuff that might make sense to you but the reality is that nobody has fun in a game when ppl´s skill in team ranges from diamond to bronze. At least for me Flex q games more then any other mod at the moment is just either insane dominating enemys or getting stomped insanely hard. (hope this will get fixed soon). And now some smartass can come and say "blabla as plat/dia you can ez carry 4 bronze" ...The thruth is tho, as it is possible with some roles and champs with others it is not. SO ... and this is the problem.. you are forced to make plays, carry hard, and pick hard carry meta roles which transforms flex q back to solo q status. It is just another name for the same crap imo. The main problem is there is no RIGHT way. What could they do ? 1. close flex for solo players -> leads to party max at three or two players, which is retarded bc if you are two and want to play ranked you can go solo q. 2. bring back dynamic -> everyone complains like last season. In MY opinion the only reasonable fix is to to make SOLO Q really SOLO. That way you have a way to get really placed with ppl with similar MMR and actually earn your solo rank. You have a flex Q where you can play with your Mates. And Team Ranked for teams.
JakiStow (EUW)
: Even when I play solo, I will use Flex Queue.
great so you can get flamed by 4 toxic feeder premades :D GL !
: Rank Matching is Broken!
y shit game with shit ppl mostly ... problem is every casual can play ranked and there is no sense in what ppl you are placed with in ranked... pretty much only solution is getting premades who dont feed at this point bc randoms will always suck :D or at least 90%
IMelchorI (EUW)
: so, i just lost lp because someone trolled in champ select
new dynamic ranked system sucks simply if you are mostly playing solo... you cant carry at all anymore... did some games at beginning of season.. was gold 3.. constantly performing quite good... but only getting trolled.. now silver 2.. only toxic noob premades all the way... my alt on which i only play with the same 3 guys is dia 3 ... and i dont even tryhard there ... if you play solo you wont get far.... unless you are really lucky or faker


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