: because she's the sex symbol of this game....... and the majority of the players are male............... why do you think I main Ahri? If I wanted Assassin, I could have went Fizz or Diana, both better. if I wanted Mage, I could go Oriana or Viktor, both better. if I wanted Mobility, I could have gona Zed or Leblank or Yasou, all better.
And if you want an assassin, mage and mobility all in one you play Ahri. Btw it made me laugh reading that you main a certain champion because it is "the sex symbol of the game".
Azters (EUNE)
: Lol this post is hilarious. Vayne has a terrible, TERRIBLE early-mid game laning phase, Riven can easily get stomped by cho'gath, garen, darius and bunch of other champs. Ahri, I dont even need to explain.
The hilarious thing is people who main these champions coming here to say how the same champions they like to play so much are so bad. It's also hilarious that the stronger opinion someone has on which champs are bad or good, the lower elo they are. Youself is a good example.
: The reason is because Doublelift is a god along with gosu, BoxBox is 1337Riven420 and Faker mechonics Ahri gg and sh*t.
Wow don't make me laugh. The vast majority of people don't know who these players are, and less who they main or are good at. Not only Vayne, Ahri and Riven are played much more than their respective laners, but also are high in the win ratio list.
: Vayne has a terrible laning phase against most of the botlanes + current junglers. Requires a lot of skill to manage a teamfight with Vayne when you're going vs skillful/smart enough players, more than any other ADCarry. Ahri is just fine as she is, I haven't seen many Ahris around, other assassins are coming back, especially ADs. MR got cheaper and that might slightly stop Ahris snowball potential. Riven is just a joke, full of counters and has so many weak points and counterplay. Unless you're a god on her, just like you need to be on Vayne. None of them needs nerfs.
Are you suggesting that players are retarded and like to play with champions that are a "joke" and have a "terrible laning phase"? Again, I insist that if these champs are played so much there must be a good reason.
: Tristana: Better escape. Resets. Better engage. more waveclear. More range. God-tier turret pressure. Safer laning phase. Nasus: Mechanically much simpler, unbeatable opponent for Riven (unless the matchup goes horribly wrong for some reason), she has a window exactly until Nasus gets FH, after that, she can either run away, or die) Vladimir: The Nasus of the midlane. Simpler, safe, doesn't need to snowball. If he even farms decently, scales out of anyones control purely on CS gold.
And yet an undeniable truth is that Vayne, Ahri and Riven are the most picked champions in their own category, unlike the champions you listed. One can come to the easy conclusion that they're simply better.
: tell that to rekkless and niels that both solo carried games tonight on tristana. Why she is good: * long range escape * auto shoving in lane and easy level 2 without mana cost for level 2 bot lane spike * very good trade potential with E on target and some auto attacks * due to the above 2 reasons, she has a strong lane phase * very good at taking out towers * she still has her AS steroid and range increase with levels, so that makes her a great late game champion, together with the resets. * she is basically like katarina from mid lane, just not nerfed and much safer
You're free to open a new thread about how OP tristana is, but don't derail this.
Snowfox (EUW)
: Vayne is meta as she can take out the bruisers and "Juggernaut" champions that are being played, whilst also being able to dance around the engage champions and assassins that are also being picked. Vayne is definitely a skill champion and you need to be good to play her effectively. Ahri is always good as you can use her for poke, kitemage or assassin metas. As for Riven - https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/361uh1/how_to_beat_riven_in_any_matchup_by_a_diamond/ Should help you out.
Don't get me wrong, I have no problem playing against these champions. But as you point out they're good against everything, so don't such safe good-for-all picks deserve a tiny nerf at least?
: Really? Look at Vayne, done? Now look at Tristana, see? much better, both laning and end game and escape and resets What does Vayne have over Tristana? 1 second invisibility Look at Ahri, done? Now look at Viktor, see? much better, wave clear, burst, siege, tower pushing, defensive tools What does Ahri have over Viktor? some mobility there's better picks. But Ahri is hot and Vayne is renown for her being hard to play and require good mechanics. So, players that want to prove themselves, play Vayne (and Riven) to show off their "mechanics". Which tbh, are better than mine. I main Ahri and I have issues landing charms :)) There's no way I can play Kalista or Vayne or Riven properly. But Tristana and Viktor are both more easy and better. Oh, and for top lane. There's GP and Fiora.
Cmon get real. People don't play these champions because they want to show off their skills, they just want to win games so they pick what will get that done. The players are not stupid and if Tristana was so good people would play her much more. Viktor is strong tho.
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: You need a buff. to your braincells if you think Graves is op. If he is even with the other ADC he will be outscaled.
What does a low elo like you know anyway. Buy some braincells yourself so you can rise up some ranks.
: Cant believe you said Graves is OP.. thats like Saying Lucian needs a another Nerf. Kalista and Vayn and Jinx are all outscaling graves. i hardly see graves being picked anymore just like lucian.
Just check the top elo games you can spectate in the client. Like in 4/5 games there is a Graves, no kidding.
Eveninn (EUW)
: And then you see a lategame Vayne and Draven. After that you look at lategame Graves... wait... "lategame Graves", sounds so wrong v.v
But how many games reach lategame actually? Too bad that for early and mid game Graves has already stomped and made useless any Vayne and Draven he encounters.
: When your name means cowshit..it's hard to listen to you:|
My name means what? In a fantasy language invented by you maybe.
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gorom5 (EUW)
Same here. On top of that it was my last game of promotion, and I've lost it ofc. Once again riot shows how unprofessional and useless their staff is.


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