Bambennos (EUW)
: [Since Soraka Rework] After all these Years....
Is there any chance to get a statement from an actaul Riot-employee? There are many different theories out there (e.g. Reddit), why this Bug occurs and how Sorakas silence works - but i'd like to get a clear statement - maybe even smth like "we will look into that" I just want to know, if Riot knows about this Situation...
: I noticed that her silence doesn't work properly at all.. especially if an enemy happens to use ability before you cast silence sometimes it cancels it and other times nothing.. just nothing new with riot and quality development 👍
Yes you're right. I also noticed a general inconsistency in her spell. This silence seems to be coded in a very bad way - i dont know any spell from any other champion, which is as inconsistent as Sorakas silence is. But im glad im not the only one who gets annoyed by her Bugs <3
Kravixman (EUNE)
: He used dash while being inside Equinox, which is an AoE of ongoing silence application. Not to mention that this silence does not stop a lot of enemies from using their abilities if you cast it even 0.1s after they started (Like Thresh's hook). Simply because, she's not a liked support like Some Hooky boys...{{champion:555}} or {{champion:412}}
Yes, you're right - Soraka is by far not as popular as other Supports like Pyke or Thresh, but popularity shouldn't be a thing in case of Bugs/Bugfixing. Even an unpopular Support like Soraka got mains (like me) who stood by her since Season 1.
: I don't see any bugs. I only see a shen taunting you after the silence was gone.
Im sorry, but please look again - shen is clearly walking into my equinox - and at the center of my e he just decides "%%%% this silence, im gonna taunt anyway" - my equinox was definetly still active... *edit: Btw - even IF my silence just ended - he shouldnt be able to move at all after that - because when Equinox ends, everybody still inside of this spell gets rooted for a specific duration -> that taunt shouldn't be possible at all - no matter how u turn this..
CJXander (EUNE)
: This seems to be an isolated case, i haven't experienced this bug .
Im sorry, but this is far from an isolated bug. Im a soraka main, and im experiencing this bug every 2-3 weeks, sometimes 2-3 months, but WAY TOO OFTEN - especially in rankeds this is infuriating
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