GødLike (EUNE)
: Steady ping 71 at start to steady 150 after 5 min
There is a guide somewhere for port forwarding.Try googling League of Legends port forwarding.It does help :)
Wen294 (EUW)
: A: Just because I am okey with spending money on this game doesn't mean I want to spend it on lootboxes. I am in no way guaranteed any value for my money (unless you're one of those people that value things purely on the price tag. But I as a person like some skins and don't care at all about others and i already own most of those I like) As i'm not particularly into gambling I would either choose to spend my money directly on skins or not buy any at all. B: Spending 100 or 200 euro throughout the years is different from spending 100 euro in 1 year or let all your prestige tokens go to waste because they reset after a year for god knows what reason other than a cash grab. I mean if you're new to the game then okey they might not be all that bad. However when you already own most skins you actually want (other than the prestige skins) It does feel like they're just chromas with a 100 euro price tag.
Fair point, but as you said most people dont have all the skins.Still I think its much better to get something extra for investing in the game than to get nothing at all.
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