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: S2 was the best seaon there was. I have played since mid season one and I can tell you that lol is fucking terribad. I only really watch lcs now as I simply can't be bothered to play an hour game on hopes of winning or losing.
I woudnt even call league a game at this point.
: ***
Your in Plat v and so am I, I never get premades..
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: Unfairness in Dynamic Que
G2 complaining about dynamic q :D
: i would give my non existing soul just for having a Fiora top again ... im rly sick of these {{champion:67}} {{champion:22}} PRo lcsbigplays , chelenjour toplaner {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
I Never see vayne or ashe top lane. This is stupid people were complaining about how badly designed fiora was a few months ago and now you want it back?
: Been playing since season 1, from bronze player to diamond. But now i am done. This game sucks.
maybe you are just getting bored of the game. You have played since season one so its understandable no need to be a baby and cry in the forums and write an whole essay.
Larry (EUNE)
: Coming from a gold 2 player
I admit it but people like you just look for excused, I know Iam bad but you low plat support mains still blame your adcs, your just the same as people blaming jungler or adcs blaming supports, you honestly expect people to be good in low plat then thats your problem. You make a trash post on boards trying to look intelligent when literally all your saying id ADCS in low plat are trash. No shit there trash when it is low plat, get over it and focus on yourself instead of looking for people to blame.
Larry (EUNE)
: Adc's have the worst decision making. 10 points made from a support's pov
You say that while sitting in PLat 4, sorry but low plat in general have bad decision making as a whole.
Vuks (EUNE)
: Dear Blitz Players.
Amumu has a passive ability whenever a blitz is in the enemy team.
: Irelia is super broken right now. Her kit just has too much. All of her abilities alone would be op on any champ, but then they melded them right into one champ.
shes not op yetm but when other toplaner get nerfed she will be op again, its a cycle that happens all the time.
: Oh noes! People who play this game actually show enough interest to think about it and write comments? That surely must be extremely damaging to a gaming community! >No one cares about your whining As you can see by the votings, and the comments, a lot of people do. YOU don't care about it. And even that isn't true, because you cared enough to write this reply...which, ironically enough, is just the very thing you accuse me of: pure QQ.
Hahaah not really, The meta is always a problem apparanetly and when it changes people just want the meta to go back to what it was but it was the same people who disliked the meta during the time. Dont be stupid barely anyone cares cause no matter what it is there is always someone whining about the meta and in the end no one would care and eventually a new meta will come and people complain about the meta again.
Olucaron (EUNE)
: You mean this 'full AP support with the AP support not ACTUALLY playing support but like a midlane mage nine times out of ten' meta? Hate that shit. Other than that, down here in bronze it's the same old - midlane "Faker" wannabes 0/4 after six minutes, junglers farming for 30 mins before they gank, ADCs going #yolo at level 2 thinking they can burst down everyone, toplaners never warding then blaming everyone else for being ganked... Come to think of it, nobody ever warding. What a jolly old time it is.
But your in bronze so you cant talk aswell? Bronze is always filled with players thats why they are bronze lol..
: Honestly, the meta hasnt been this good for a while. I may not have been playing the game since the warmog meta but from what i HAVE played, this has been the most fun meta so far. Every single champ has significance right now, which is actually pretty rare. You can go into a ranked game right now, and pick someone like galio or urgot and you could probably carry that game (assuming of course you know what your doing). The meta right now, is so allowing of whichever champs you want to play that you can play whoever you want. APPART FROM FUCKING IRELIA WHO DEFINITELY NEEDS A NERF {{champion:39}} {{item:1083}} <----- nerf scythe.
You really think Irelia is op in this meta?
: 70% of people in my games are smurfs
Who cares everyone goes through this, to be honest you should be happy you get to learn the game on a quicker pace and you can also add them if you want to learn anything. You shoudnt care about winning when your level 7 you hardly know how to play the game
: Rework Nidalees cat graphic.
not happening anytime soon.
yaZeeeD (EUW)
: Me too, I just joined the boards to complain this thing, but now we have to think more differently, Riot is really foolish company that gains much hate from users while it can't even ban 1 person, idk why, why is it crying and struggling to get 1 new user while banning and saving it's honors from ppl is hard for them, fuck riot and fuck their strategy, why I have to stay in bronze for long time because of the un-fair, the fuckin bad people who are blown in minds. Riot wake up now, because we really hate you, and hate mean find another game. {{champion:72}}
go play another game then, one less person no one could give more of a shit.
: When you report someone for trolling, you should not get him into next match!
It wont happen and I dont even think it should because its just a waste of Riots time. I mean if you care so much you can just wait like a minute and you wont have this problem, if you play ranked consistently this problem is pretty rare and its just another game like the rest. Who knows you might even win that time, instead of wasting your time with useless posts why not just play it out if you are taking league seriously, their are more important things Riot need to work on and this wont happen so get over it and just grind through the people you report.
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Squaid (EUW)
: I've decided to quit.
bye we wont miss you
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