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: Come here you. :c \*hugs* Generally... Riot put up rules which not only say trolling is not allowed, but also does not allow flaming. Many of us come to this game to relax, so we aren't particulary keen on encoutering insults or the likes. I think you can understand this, you generally don't like getting flamed either, don't you? :s As for the punishments... I like to compare it to how it works IRL. You do it once, you get a warning, you do it again, you get a small punishment, you do it again, your punishment increases... Generally the punishment isn't there to simply punish someone, but to show them that what they are doing is considered wrong. And if they keep doing it, and Show that they don't really attempt to stop, then the thought goes towards "if we can't Show them, we might aswell just kick them out" This is the same for all of them, Feeding, Leaving, Flaming... ------------------------------------------ However, there is something else I'd want to mention: > It is this game that makes me rage, and i don't know why. I don't want to go in depht as to why, maybe you simply can't coop with certain changes, maybe you just got bored of it, maybe you grew out of it, there are many reasons. However, this Statement Shows me, that it might be time for you to move on anyway. If you don't enjoy it, if it makes you angry, is it really worth sticking to this game? :s I know the thought of leaving it just like that when you had lots and lots of fun in the past is crazy. But times change, People and interests change, and when it changes in a way that creates negative emotions, you should try to change your enviroment accordingly. Maybe now you'll be able to find a lot of fun in a game you never thought you'd enjoy when you started LoL, maybe you'll discover a whole new hobby. But as said, if it brings up negativ emotions, it's not worth sticking to it. So whether you decide to stick to LoL or to move on to something else, I wish you the best of luck!
Yeah im just salty about the money and such. Feels like i went and wasted it on nothing, which i mean i was but it didn't feel like it when i had my account :p I hadn't had a chat ban for ages, and then i get this out of the blue. That hug was much needed <3 Thanks for having something constructive to say though.
Kageryu (EUW)
: > I have received numerous chat bans for flaming and have finished every one. Because you have proven to Riot that you are not gonna change. And even if they would give you a permanent chatrestriction, there is a good chance you will seek other ways to "get back" at your team. Thats a risk Riot is unwilling to take. Understandibly, so.
yes its understandable but half the time i end up flaming its because i get flamed at. And yes i know you can mute players, but i dont want to have to mute my team every game. & honestly if i had a permanent chat ban i wouldn't even bother reading chat.
Kageryu (EUW)
: And you know what? That you lost it is entirely your own fault. Amazing, right?
Yes i know its my fault, as i said I'm just raging about it somewhere. I just think its a petty reason to ban someone permanently. Why not just give them a permanent chat ban?
3rd Age (EUW)
: so riot did you a favor if this is the only game that makes you rage. you can just go play another game and enjoy yourself! yay! and as a double benefit they no longer have you playing to ruin the game for others with your toxic behavior idk why this is a bad thing.. we should be celebrating!
Thing is im not even that toxic. I get people telling me to kill myself and "go get cancer" regularly but its ok for them to keep playing without even a chat ban? i just dont understand this tribunal its so fucked up. You can celebrate, you haven't just lost your biggest source of entertainment along with hundreds of ££ worth of skins and shit.
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