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: good question. But if you can't beat em, join em. Since Riot has no intentions of taking these people's actions seriously, why should you ? They are loosing your time but sadly you can't do anything about it. You are considered a toxic player once you start insulting them (even tho this is perfectly normal and not a bad thing) and most likely get punished because of it. The person that has the audacity to loose the game and time for so many people without any consequences **deserves** to be insulted. But in this game context doesn't matter so you have to keep your mouth shut in front of these people.
not a good idea if you get 4 reports that will be added to the review and trolls who just want to cause chaos will obviously wanna get you banned for a laugh
: If Nasus was made yesterday
Wait you forgot to give him like 20 dashes and a damage reduction! Real talk tho this shit is getting out of hand. Champions used to have a strength and a weakness. Now we get champs that are meant to be squishy that have ridiculous survivability (Kai'sa), champs with crazy gimmicks (Neeko, Sylas) and balance issues that HAD to have been known if they were tested (Zoe). The thing is, this is the same company that released champions like Ekko (even tho release Ekko was a nightmare), and Ivern, and Jhin! The best designed champs are the ones who have a unique look and personality and have a kit that reflects it, like the 3 examples I gave. Seems like nowadays tho Riot thinks the best champs are the ones who look like a stock Disney or anime character and have an overloaded to shit kit that %%%%s with game balance. It's so sad.
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: profit makes you feel what? that you gained something important? that you gained something valuable, something you need or want? Well, that's exactly it. The feeling of gaining or having something that is profitable is caused by an emotion thats part of our survival instinct. However, we twelve too far into offtopic here.
lmao both of u just spent hours arguing online for no reason, and you're saying the reason I play this game too much is I have nothing else going on. I actually do things with my life, but I can't stop myself playing LoL for whatever reason.
: IP bans are technically not useful/possible.
RIP just ban this account then idk
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: Game, is just a reflection of one self, of one, that is being played in the game, wholistic approach of the whole worldwiev combined outside the game . A person in a game, is a sum of everything that he is outside of. You being - - in game? means your out side life is - - as well. Fix the out side first, and the inside will
I just don't contribute any time to my hobbies and friendships and I'm too tired to work cause all my time is spent on playing. I can't physically stop myself if I try.
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: [Club recruitment] Help Neeko to rescue her Oovi-Kat tribe!
Attention ALL Oovi-Kats, Neeko is in great danger, and she needs YOUR help to wipe out all the Noxians in the Summoner's Rift. To do this, she needs a rabadons and a couple of corrupting pots. To help her, all she needs is your credit card number, and the three numbers on the back and the expiration month and date. But you gotta be quick so that Neeko can hit her ult, and achieve the epic victory!
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: Three easy-to-implement ideas that would greatly increase user friendliness
These changes would be cool! However, no client change is easy to implement because of interactions with other client code, UI designing etc. Not saying they wouldn't be comparatively easier compared to other client changes, nor that they would be impossible, though!


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