: vayne vs mundo heca heimer never 1v3 triple if you were 0-8 :) also kogmaw has more range and is especially good vs low range carries and tanks also i excluded yasuo because in my opinion he can as well 1v3 with 0-8 mf can only 1v3 if she ults 3 in a small jungle path and they cant escape
his range costs mana and if he has mana is only 50% of the time, he cant deal with most tanks without a lot of peel . all his kit is skill shots you can dodge pretty easy and cost a lot of mana. the point is that is what he is ment to do. be useless early and if team fights go well a god late game. 4 items is late game . you cant be 40kills to 10kills, 40 mins into a game then start crying cos 0/8 nasus has 1000 stacks and kills everyone. what have you been doing all game while he was farming top lane? this is the point of scaling. you win early they win late, dont let it go late. if they are 0/8 why havnt you snowballed your lead and finished
Agidyne (EUW)
: He does lol. His late game is as powerful as has ever been. His main issue is getting there.
his main dmg source, % hp damage got changed from around 5% to 2% thats a big nerf in relative term he falls off alot after one item considering you would have around 2% hp dmg with your first item. his main source of scaling doesnt scale anymore
: Riot on drugs again
you didnt say anything about kogmaw. is this cos u assumed it was a mistake like some spilt coffee on the keyboard and deleted all his scaling cleaning it up. then tried to cover up his mistake lol
Agidyne (EUW)
: I don't mind Vayne being OK. What I mind is that she is allowed to be Better than Average for a very long time without ever recieving proper nerfs. Whereas other ADCs such as Lucian will recieve immediate nerfs whenever he becomes decent or just slightly better than some other adc. Riot simply tags him as oppressive and nerfs at least 2 different things in his kit. Lucian is supposed to be oppressive. He doesn't scale like Vayne, or Tristana, or Koggers. His early game power is supposed to be in line with Graves. Not with Kog'maw.
: I still don't get why Vayne is allowed to be in the game in her current state
the static item changes is in effect a nerf for her, its whats making her strong right now.
: This kinda sucks... While you most likely want a Rageblade to have more chances to reach AS cap, you can't put those extra AD to good use anymore... 2%... bleh...
yea and rage blade got nerf'd lol
: guys why you cry when you hit 5 fkin times every sec + botrk thats still op lol
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOcl7JVJsh0 new kogmaw. but he hits really really fast guys! thats good right? lol
: vayne akali riven darius and cait will never 1v3 you with 4 items if your team has 5-6 teams kog maw could, now he has more early power to get him going but he doesn't go as rampage as before while being behind
pretty sure i just 1v3 with vayne yesterday vs mundo heca and heimer more than once . with static/handcannon/IE/merc scim. (that did had 4 items also not 5) and your telling me you have never seen a yasuo feed then get 4 items and 1v3? both these champs have a better early game than kogmaw . that the point he early was trash, then hes a monster late game, if any adc gets to sit there and dps then youre making a mistake. pretty sure if MF get to sit at the back and ult everyone you will also all die if you won early game that hard and cant close out then the problem is not with kogmaw. he was ment to be the big late game dice roll. if you can get to late game and protect him in fight, you win fights. but there is a reason his win rate was low .. that was no easy task. i can understand him killing everyone once he gets 4 items can suck but that was the idea . no hes got no late game and still no early game. just imaging if the did this to any other champ main damage source like tf wild cards had no scaling or brand W. they would never see the light of day again
: guys why you cry when you hit 5 fkin times every sec + botrk thats still op lol
except bortk got nerfd pretty hard . yes it still good on kog. but its current hp damage. when you have no actual damage to back it up you get them to 3rd hp then do nothing... and get killed cos you have to stand still to dps
: I don't see it as buff, yet it's also not a nerf, what do you even buy on kog to say you get 160 AD after 1 item? Kog defo wants attack speed runes and you could even think about magic pen or at least hybrid pen runes if you're a good last hitter, going his attack speed focused build (botrk, rageblade) now gives him a better start and it really couldn't matter less that you have no ad scalings anymore if you get going with Kog and you are more likely to do so now so it's a change, not a buff not a nerf. Yet if you were that 0-5 kog that always tried to extend the game then it's a nerf. I remember a 0-8 kog that suddenly did a 1v3 triple because he hit his 4th item.
running flat AD reds AS quints. plus a dorans blade gives u 75 ad thats 0.9% hp dmg . then i build first item ghostblade or rageblade. if i build the ghostblade first that give you 2% hp dmg if your like lvl 8 or around there. whats wrong with 0/8 late game carry that gets a triple kill. that kinda of the idea if u stopped that lane so hard and didnt snowball the game and finish before the 0/8 kog can get a 4th item then the problem is not knowing how to finish a game, not kogmaw. if vayne is 0/8 and gets 4 items she can triple kill you if yasuo is 0/8 and gets 4 items he can triple kill you if akali is 0/8 and gets 4 items she can triple kill you if riven is 0/8 and gets 4 items she can triple kill you if darius is 0/8 and gets 4 items he can triple kill you if missfortune is 0/8 and gets 4 items she can triple kill you if tristana is 0/8 and gets 4 items she can triple kill you if caitlyn is 0/8 and gets 4 items she can triple kill you if you win early and cant end then game then the problem is not with the champion scaling taking away he ad scaling so u can just build attackspeed is like removing attack sped from lucian or draven . building rage blade ghostblade bortk, 3 items nearly caps your attackspeed and those are not even dedicated AS items . . so building only attack speed make 0 sense . much like these changes.
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: Cant log in on lol
same. cmon maaan i wanna play video games
Takuhi (EUW)
: No loss prevented after server lag
yup just had 3 ppl on my team dc . i was duo in skype and both got dc at loading screen at same time .. 4 of the other team connect .. turn up to lane vs lvl 5 everyone feeds. no promos for me .. thanks riot . 2v4 no lossprevention, seems legit

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