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Shekinah (EUW)
: Hey! Have you considered joining a community? They're here for just this reason! I'm in Razarac Gaming myself (totally awesome, imo). There's usually people online, and they're a cool bunch^^ Flaming/blaming/negative attitude isn't tolerated and will be punished, so I think you'd fit in quite snuggly! There's casual game play, but there's also competitive in-houses and events that you can sign up for! Check out this link if you're interested: Hope to see you soon and happy new year!! :D Shekinah {{champion:203}}
I actually really didn't know about this! I'm definitely going to take a look at this, but I think it's safe to say you have another member in your community. :3 Thanks for this! A happy new year to you too!
: Heyo mayo~ Add Duckened if you're still up for it. :)
Pleased to say I've found way more than 4 people to play with now, but I am definitely still up for it. X'D Adding now!
: Hi, Bearclaw12 Agree with everything you said, my last few matches playing new champs has been just awful. Even when i'm doing well with them I then get harassed by the other team. Hopefully have a bit more fun with people that aren't going to take normals too seriously!
Playing normals with the new champs are a nightmare, as far as I can remember. First time I ever tried Zed while he was f2p I was so tempted to just leave and never play again, lol. Well, I'll shoot you a request! And that. That right there. That's a good way to put it. People who play normals like they're trying to qualify for Challenger or something. It irks me so much.
: add Elettro Volpi if you want, gl hf :)
: yo yo ! add me Im in! :) SKT T1 LEEE SIN
I'll add you a bit later, I just finished up my last game now. :3 But I will be on later. See you then!
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: That sounds good! Just add me, my ign: LittleDevilGiri And i'm not gonna lie too haha. I wrote that i am a girl, because i knew that maybe more people would read this. (AND YES I REALLY AM A GIRL. srsly) I know it could be misunderstood and maybe someone thinks i am a attention whore. But it was not ment like that. I just wanted some teammates. :)
I'll add you when I finally get on again. X'D I'm having serious problems with my updates and bugsplat is my worst enemy right about now. And don't worry, I know where you're coming from. Unless you're famous, a youtuber, or a girl, nobody is interested in teaming up with you. It's sorta sad really. I've tried multiple times but not a single bite, lol.
Fex0 (EUW)
: Hey there, how long did you let it open, when it freezes? Try leaving it open for about 10 minutes. If you have already done that, go to your Game Folder\Logs\Patcher Logs\ and upload the most recent LoLPatcher File (it's most likely at the bottom) somewhere and link it here. ^^
I think I've solved the problem now, but thanks anyway. :3 I just had to reinstall several times. Still having trouble, but it's slowly but surely getting there. I think it's just my ISP to blame, tbh. If I still have this problem by next week, I'll do as you say. Thanks.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Is your problem "kill steals"? kill steals in the first place aren't really a problem, people just get mad over it for no reason - the total team gold remains the same. Problem is penta steals? Well, the very idea of penta kill is someone getting 5 kills. If kills worked like you suggested, AoE mages like Ziggs, Karthus, Zyra, Brand, Vel'Koz etc... would literally get ~4 pentas per game since they deal most of the damage in a teamfight. And anyway balance-wise it's extremely unhealthy since "highest damage dealer gets the kill" means "highest damage dealer gets the biggest part of gold distribution in the team" which leads to "highest damage dealer always gets fed while leaving the rest of the team behind". can you imagine what kind of meta it will lead to in solo Q?
Oh jeezus. Solo Q would be a nightmare. Well, like I said, this whole idea was just sorta off the top of my head, you know? What you say makes sense. And the main idea of this was to stop the fighting over "kill steals."
Cypherous (EUW)
: See i just have a more simple answer that normally huts them up "LoL is a team game, all kills belong to the team, i can't steal something that belongs to me, ergo killstealing doesn't exist" That or when people type KS i answer with "KS = Kill Secured" Both seem to work :P
"KS = Kill Secured" That's a beautiful way to deal with butthurt people. Omg.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bat Ear Kitsune,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=IoI7Z6Fj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-10T17:42:19.042+0000) > > What ISP are you with? T- com. ROFL, just as I was typing this, net went out for 5 mins.
Oh, alright. X3 I've had the same problems lately, but I'm a different ISP. I was just curious. Maybe they'r ehaving problems with wiring, or depending on your package, you might be getting cut off due to other's using too much data?
: 1. I don't want this system 2. It doesn't really help with the pentakills. Say, you have quadra, you can't even get quadra if your team wanted to, if he is already low. Same goes for botlane for example. Imagine Brand poking and poking and saying "Lucian, finish it". He ult 30% of his health and Brand gets the kill.. 3. I always have to laugh when my friend rages about killsteals. He is sitting at a 50 cs deficit in a 0-0-0 lane and complains about a kill. Or when someone says in chat I KS'ed him... with my Rammus ult. Try to aim for the last hit next time. Had the same with ignite.. over a botgame. I tp'ed e-q-w'ed a bot, put ignite on him and literally ran away to give the other guy the kill. Misses two skillshots and blames me for ks'ing.. XD In short, I think it's fine the way it is.
You make a good point there. When you put it that way, this idea of mine would probably make the game less fun, I think.
: Fun fact op: That killstealer just earned your team 50% more gold, instead of, let's say, you getting 300 gold for the kill, the other one gets the 300 gold for the kill and you get 150, which is a 50% profit towards getting more fed and winning the game Killsteal is the dumbest thing that exists in LoL as it only increases your profits
This I did not know until now! Now to add that to another reason why I didn't think this would be a good suggestion.
Artesin1 (EUW)
: "applying patches" 33% bug
THIS POST, THO. I'm having a similar problem. It. Will NOT. UPDATE.
: Anyone had similar problems with the internet ?
: I'm a Girl LF 4 teammates to play fun normal games with and skype
Not gonna lie, I expected this to be a storm of "ME ME ME" plainly because you said you were a girl. X'D I'd be up for it! When I can finally get my league to work, lol. Having problems at the moment. I'm also interested in recording some games too, at some point, so I'd like to help out if I can. =^.^= I only ever play normals or bot matches. It's more fun, and you NORMALLY don't have people just about verbally beating you bloody just because you made the simplest mistake. I'm proud to boast that I have a pretty clean record when it comes to flaming or offensive language, so... Yay for me! I love jungling, and I like to think I'm a bit of a monster at top lane, lol, but that's probably not true. If you have room in your list of teammates, I'd really like to join! Oh, and I do have skype, but I likely won't use it. It might make my ping hit the thousands, lol.
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: Killsteals is a low elo concept; such a change is in reality unnecessary. It's common for good team players to gift kills to camped lanes/members who died a lot/dcd players.
This is true. One of the reasons why I wondered if this would even be a good idea. I just suggested this because there are a lot of people out there who are pretty bad at taking other's kills. I've seen it in high elo as well. There's always that one toxic player that will take it all and gift none. Plus, I thought it would be a way to stop the fighting among people who believe in "killstealing".
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: Why do you think so ? :o
The friendly League players are the ones you have to look out for. =>_>= Never know what they're planning. Lol. Just kidding. X3 But this is certainly the most random conversation I've ever had.
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: Dragons and stories
Please.... Please can we name the Dragon Bob? PLEASE. WE NEED THIS.
: He is referring that his IGN is also something with Kitsune, don't mind him, he's friendly. :D
The fact that you had to say he's friendly is concerning. X'D
T3knows (EUNE)
: Impostor Kitsune. OuO
iKinneas (EUW)
: Which Champion Do You Associate with Toxicity?
{{champion:92}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:55}} .... If they're "OP" they're likely toxic, from my personal experience.
: Dragons and stories
We have Gromp, and Baron. But the Dragon, one of the key objectives during mid game, doesn't have a name? RITO PLS. I think it would be nice for the dragon to have a name. :3 Not sure what kind of backstory he could have, but a name, yes. It would be cute!...... BEFORE WE MURDER HIM. OuO
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Kageryu (EUW)
: You just fixed it. The Forums needs one post to refresh the posters stats.
Oh... Alrighty.... Neat! X'D
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