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: Your 14 day suspension ended like 2 weeks ago mate. You were told that any violation of the ToS could result in a permanent suspension. A single noob could have been enough. And here you are berating your teammates, pointing out every mistake they make, constantly arguing for absolutely no reason, making fun of their ELO, report calling and straight up insulting. > i asked what got me banned what guidelines did i break where did it pick me up as being toxic You're joking right?
no i am not you dont know what was going in the chat if i could bring it up then you would udnerstand thats the point im not pointing out anyones mistakes, making fun of their elos or more of telling hey youve been in this elo because youre toxic and you give up on games with 5 minutes into the game and if you mean pointing out swain on the enemy team so my midlaner would calm down? but no he didnt he left the game and skarner inted my lane on purpose because i was being too positive and not giving up lmao. i dont even type on games at all certain games just get me emotionally invested in them so i speak my mind thats not toxicity. this is not being toxic lol.
: I dont see how telling others that they failed is defending someone. Also telling others they´ll get banned isnt defending (but its irony on the highest level in this case). If he says toxic stuff, cool, he´ll get punished for it, you see it at your example that the system works.
i didnt tell anyone that youre getting banned he told me that im getting banned lol, i told him that he didnt help the laner that had problems instead he flamed him and i told him you ganked my lane died over and over again yet you still flame other people and not notice your mistakes thats where im getting at.My example is completley innocent i can give my stream vod and you can see toxic people im far from toxic i just try to help people by telling the truth and it helps he even agreed with me at the end...
: After the 14 day ban any form of toxicity will cause the permaban. In game 2 you herass your jungler instead of muting him. In game 1 you early on call it a game and call your teammates hardstuck, kids, %%%%heads etc, so again herassing your teammates.
i was not harassing my own jungler or anyone i was defending the enemy team darius from geting harassed he actually got it at the end of the game that damn i am actually being toxic, i said the exact same things as he was saying but in my own contexts as in he said my darius is inting look at your toplaner i said look at me im a fed adc look at your adc how does that even make sense i was talking some sense into the guy not harassing him.
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