Yowzah (EUNE)
: Try to log in using this link: https://auth.riotgames.com/authorize?redirect_uri=https://login.support.riotgames.com/login_callback&client_id=player-support-zendesk&ui_locales=en-us en-us&response_type=code&scope=openid email and then submitting a ticket. Copy and paste the whole link into your browser. Does it work that way?
I tried it on different browsers but I just end up back at the holding page with the 5 options. Pretty frustrating that I have a ticket issue I can't raise and this login issue I can't contact Rito about and they won't respond via Twitter etc...
Yowzah (EUNE)
: Hey Battlespittah, What happens when you directly visit [this page](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/requests/new), to submit a request? Does it still cause the same problem? When you are at the Log in page, make sure to choose the correct region in the drop down menu, it will automatically be set to North America. That could be a reason you can't properly log in.
Hi, I'll put all my steps down for you: 1 - open link 2 - select request type 3 - the sign in to support is prompted. i get signed out and then sent to the holding page with the 5 options 4 - select back to support - new tab opens and have to login again (yes EUW) 5 - fill in details and select login only to be told i've been signed out and am again redirected to the holding page so evidently i can login to the account and get to my profile, boards, settings etc but cannot get into the support site No matter which options or browser I use I always end up at this holding page - https://login.support.riotgames.com/error?error_code=CLIENT_ERROR&selected_locale=en-us
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