The Mono (EUW)
: Loading Screen bug. (stuck at 100%)
I dont now that Bug for myself, but a few friends of me got that bug rarely like twice per month. Started to appear like Patch 8.20ish, so its pretty old.
: Double standard
Hashinshin is toxic af in chat and all he got was a 14 day ban because he was 0/19 viktor...for inting and not for being a %%%% over months in chat xD.
: too much lags the last 5 days RIOT FIX THIS FIRST OF ALL
Yea, I got those small freezes too, when casting spells, since the new Patch, repaired client didnt help me.
: Wow,reporting your friend with who you have played games just because he is getting boosted,why do you watch other people's lives so bad? and why are you mad and jelaous because your friend is getting boosted and will eventually drop down from higher divisions to his real one,i really hope you dont have any friends in real life,if they know who is their friend actually. sorry for bad english.
You must know how ppl like i look like, I´m not jealous or anything, I´m plat myself. Like i said i even talked with him about it and thats hes fine with it. Sorry that you cant read, or just plain *** to understand english. I dont get it and this is why this community is so toxic, why are you numpty getting personal without knowing who I am? you wanna be sjw kiddo.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: So I am guessing you reported one of your friends for boosting? to me that seems worse than the boosting.
Its not like i didn´t talk with him about it... Like i said he doesn´t mind it.
: server of afk and feeders (eune)
No the system is working, hashinshin got 14 day ban because his 0/19 stats as Viktor xD
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