Liinad (EUW)
: Is Udyr too strong?
Nope, he is pretty balanced in this patch. He has different build paths, according to which you have to play against him. He is not particularly strong either.
: 260k Nasus mastery with a suggestion
Agreed, his early game is weak, he is not viable in teamfights, if he is not fed. Good suggestion.
: Ok how would you counter that item aginst these guys {{champion:11}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:59}} (toplane jarvan) {{champion:24}} Let me guess "dont let them get close to you?" because doing so would only make them win the lane alone. Wait, were you going to say "ask you´re jungler for a gank", cause that ends up in a double for the Rageblade guy. How about, "Just CC the guy, no biggy!" ok, seems alright, if the enemy didnt have a blind or CC or escapes. The item is bullsht. The only way to stop it is if you bukkakke (too much?) the enemy player using Rageblade. And I think that is too much for an item. Im mean come on... You get one item and you force the enemy to waste their time trying to kill you in a 1vs 5 scenario. And you guys tell me its not broken.... for fcks sakes.
Against Jax get 1 Mr item + dodge his E. Get a champ with nice burst and finish him. Darius + black cleaver = dead Jax (until 30 mins, but then mages counter him and he can't stack at all) QSS against Teemo + preferably some lifesteal = dead squishy Teemo, who will feed the entire game Gap closer and nice burst for Kog will make him quit (Diana for example) Get some beefy tank against master (perfect example - rammus, thornmail + randuins = master Yi rage quits or feeding your entire team) Those are just random counters. Dude, chill and play smart
: Riot, I think the Patch notes is broken. I dont see Guinsoo´s rageblade anywhere.
The item is not overpowered, quite easy to counter...what's your problem in particular ? AA Hybrid champions ?
: Well, you either accept that the item is trash after laning phase or you don't. I know how to deal with it, if you don't want to then that is your choice. It's a good snowballing item, but it falls off very hard. If you want to be relevant in team fights, you could just get a Trinity Force instead (at least in case of Irelia and Jax).
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: {{item:3124}} at late game isn't good, you can't even get 8 stacks because you die soon if get focused.
Wrong, in late game you have to get defensive items, which means you have time to stack. In combination with lifesteal it works pretty awesome
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: How to play against a fed fizz.
Wait for late game, 1 stun and fizz is dead (30+ game)
Altiverse (EUNE)
: 1: Fizz's Q is possible to dodge by using a movement ability or a flash. Time it correctly and he'll lose a ton of his potential burst. 2: When Fizz uses a double E instead of just one, the area of effect considerably decreases. Most Fizz players tend to always use a double E instead of one, so simply going toward his starting place if he's currently on you might be an easy juke to reduce a chunk of damage, especially if he's leveling it. 3: Don't underestimate Fizz's basic attacks, especially if you're low on health. The lower you are, the more they will deal. 4: As an AD champion - {{item:3156}} (and {{item:3139}} later in the game), or {{item:3001}} as AP are great items against him. Maw's shield can negate his 100-0 burst and allow you to trade back with the increased stats when low, Scimitar allows you to remove his ult from you (Note that it'll simply drop to the ground, you still must get away from it), and Abyssal is simply very cost efficient, especially since the passive will always take effect on him if he fights you since he's melee and will always be in range. 5: If you've followed the instructions above and the problem still persists, ragequit.
Ow, thanks for the tip with area of effect!
TTekkers (EUW)
: How strong is Olaf, really??
If he had a gap closer - OP, but nope, now he is just a solid pick, and yeah, nice teamfight engage
jeronimo88 (EUNE)
: Annoying Tahm Kench? Here is half the solution!
When you are about to do PENTA DUNK with Darius and your teammate TAHM SWALLOWS YOU TO "save" :(
Smerk (EUW)
: Wait for Hextech crafting, possibility to unlock additional levels will be added with it, levels 6 and 7 to be precise
Really? Can you share the link where it's described? I never heard about lvl 6-7
: Draven, Draaven, Draaaven
candoodle (EUW)
: nunu garen and taric because i only play champs that require world class mechanics i hit 99% of my skill shots
: What's your Top 3 Favorite Champions?
Darius, Darius, Darius - DUNK, baby, DUNK
: Yes.. In every fucking way and getting diamond isn't that easy. Reach diamond in 1 month and I'll buy you every skin for those 3 champions (PS the is a shit ton of diamonds challengers and masters with loads of champions)
Whoops, I guess I am just a noob. The issue is as soon as I master a champion to the 80% win rate, I get bored with him. For example, I get to 98LP with Voli/Darius in silver 4 and the next game take a TF jungle, just because i like his mechanics. Most of the times these random picks prevent me from climbing the ladder. That's all it is.
: i dont really care about janna i just find it funny that someone who is silver 5 with a crap ton of games played goes "low elo janna is nothing to worry about"
Indeed, and i like it. Would it be better to be diamond with only 3 main champions ?
: if someone made a mistake a tell them its a mistake if someone is 0/10 I tell them to stop fuckin feeding I just be honored for teaching them
Dude, that's very simple - as soon as you say "stop fuckin feeding" this person will intentionally feed And if u give an advice or say "gj" on their first kill - u might even win the game with this person. It is your choice to make!!
Cosmick (EUW)
: Quick guide on what not to do: * Comment on other players kda (It's literally useless and passive-aggresive) * Comment on what champ other players picked - See the above * Belittle another player * GG IZI (or any abreviation - there's never any need to be a big meme) * Another player starts to get toxic and you start arguing with him, or replying with toxicity * Call for reports on a fellow player Quick guide on what to do: * Gl & hf at game start to both parties * Comment positively if someone pulls of a nice play or survives where he / she should have died (Escapes from a 1v3+) - It's encouraging and boosts moral * GGWP, or if you or the enemy team had someone afk etc - Bg * Someone is harassing / flaming you, you instantly mute them with nothing more than letting them know they are muted for it (You don't need to tell them you will report them, it's unnessecary)
No no, I want to punish the flamers, I cant just mute them :D
: Well, free RP is free RP. I even saw a post of someone saying they'd give people blowjob for RP, so I guess anyone will try anything these days. XD I just have to make a help and support topic with my pic, right?
: 56% Win rate, 40% pick rate
LOL, u know u can counter her ult pretty effectively and low elo janna is nothing to worry about ?
Paena (EUW)
: I'm so sick and tired of this
Same here, the worst part is getting the low priority queue for that
My advice: don't buy before you try in free rotation. Otherwise you might be so disappointed (ekko/jhin/yasuo/rengar/kindred have really high skill caps). From my own experience ;)
: yi deserves a nerf
: Sion needs some love!
Such a strong champ, he definitely needs some new skin update
derlio (EUNE)
: Is there any difference between bronze 5 and bronze 3? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
LMFAO I don't see the difference between silver and bronze :D
: Rolex will get you more b1tchez. That's all I'm saying, the choice is yours.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Why would anyone spend so much on a painting, or a car? Some people want to have an expensive watch. Rolex' can last for generations, literally.
Rioter Comments
: Damn son, he lost a value of 5-20 on each. Epic nerf dude, unviable. He is trash now.
: find {{champion:103}} , abuse her E, problem solved
Stormcrow (EUW)
: [Champion Idea] Hemlock, The Druid's Rage
Dude, that is AWESOME. First time I see a very promising concept! Well done{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Erabus (EUW)
: Aatroxx
Try him in normals. He is easily kited, very squishy. If tanky, deals no damage. He is one the champions that are very vulnerable and do not fit anywhere at this moment. Just my opinion from own experience. I gave up all my hope, tried him a lot on different acc. Only if Rito will lower his CD, he might be a somewhat reliable pick in jungle. Other then that, brings more disappointment for allies and more feed to enemy team. P.S. Even if 8/0 you are easily countered. P.S.S. agreed with previous post about balance.
: I find it funny, that on NA boards, people are crying about devourer rageblade bruiser yi and here are complaining, that he's to weak :D.
He is actually quite weak. If he doesn't get a double in first 5 mins, he is easy prey to anyone basically.
Azure9861 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ZartarUK,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=K7gkYNOv,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-02-22T03:51:39.278+0000) > > blitz is one of those champs people shouldnt play in low elo > along with soraka, lee sin, azir, just to name a few Azir is actually strong in low elo cause no one knows how to fight him. If you get good at Azir mechanics, their midlaners gonna cry
Yeah, good Azir is a nightmare. Totally agreed
ZartarUK (EUW)
: blitz is one of those champs people shouldnt play in low elo along with soraka, lee sin, azir, just to name a few
LOL In high Elo Blitz is the most useless champ, every body knows how to dodge hooks (other than hooks he can't do anything else useful, really). Blitz can be successful ONLY in low Elo
: Have you ever seen a Blitz hooking Fiddie while he is ulting into his entire team, that sht is hilarious :D:D:D
I HAVE SEEN IT! LOL Blitz's like - "i'm bored of this game, let's kill my entire team"
: Why are junglers always blamed for everything?
Yeah, i main jg, always the one to be blamed :) But jungling is a big responsibility, I think. So do not take a lot of attention to the flame :D
: It's not all of them but many french players deny communication and if you ask them to write english they insult you in french.
That is the truth. I met those about 10 times already.
Rhosta (EUNE)
: Go for it! Bronze is awesome though, you can get fed and actualy own 1 vs 5, because its often like wild west, people running around doing stupid shit.
Oh yes, so true! And I miss it, lmao {{item:3070}}
: There's like 10 Broken OP champs in each role
YOU FORGOT DARIUS! Darius top is gg wp
Storge (EUW)
: An up-to-date Jungle Guide
Thank you very much, dude! I wish there were more players like you in lol! That guide is very helpful. Happy to have you as a part of lol community <3
: Kog'maw broken attack speed
Dude, you are right, so right :D
Storge (EUW)
: Bot lane as of now (Patch ~6.2-6.3)
Really nice guide, thank you! I learned couple of things! I main jungle and i need to recognize the combo possibilities and how to gank them successfully. Thank you <3
: fine then ill jump in to def it. teaching the people that play this game that typing something as completely ineffective and often sarcastic as "gg ez" shows them only one thing, anything they dont agree with is bannable. this is why you get people going "report x player" as soon as you ask them to maybe buy some wards so thier 0/3 dosent become 0/10. the kind of paper-skinned community that cant take a little constructive criticism and improve thier overall level of play, so it just stagnates and gets bloated. its this sort of thinking that gets people believing in "elo hell" because anything that brings up the fact they arent perfect is "flaming". played a riven today with 2000+ games and she wasnt even mediocre. how do you go 2000 games without thinking "maybe i should change how im doing this" or "maybe that constructive criticism was right". ill tell you how. by lying to yourself. going "lalallalallala i cant hear you thats flaming enjoy your report". its an ONLINE community with ANONYMOUS players. dont go into communities like this expecting everyone to be 200% nice. heck i wouldnt even class a sarcastic "gg ez" as mean. just a bit of light-hearted ribbing. in the same way i can greet my friends with "ey up d1ckhead" and him not get all "omg why would you even say that thats so mean what did i do to you" and break down crying. but yea. you wouldnt jump out of a plane with no parachute. dont go to anonymous communities online without expecting at least a little exposure to mean words. dont believe me when i say reporting people for stuff like "gg ez" makes for a mollycoddled stagnant community of poor players? then go look up how many people are still silver. silver is "you are doing something vital wrong". i got plat with just mediocre mechanical skills, no insec playz, no omgwtf complicated hypercarries. just champs like garen, ezreal, veigar, wukong ect and basic game knowledge like "wards are good, i should use them" and "greed=feed". the fact that a large chunk of the community cant do that shows thier unwillingness to face harsh truths. STILL dont believe me? look at american universities. they started off with "you cant say things that people think are mean". now its "you cant have dissenting opinions". you dont get this kind of weak-tier mentality in places like the dark souls community. they are constantly challenging themselves to get better because everyones reaction to "its too hard" is just "get good scrub", and since nooone shouts down the idea that getting better improves your results and actually 99% of the time its actually just a case of you the player not being nearly as good as you think you are, people just... do it. they go, practice, improve. they accept that they were lacking and work on what they lack. this community used to be like that in season 2. now its bloated and rotten with hundreds of forever-bronze players that would rather report someone for saying "gg ez" or put thier losses down to "omg noob champ OP" or "report jungle no gank". i know some guys with pre-30 accounts that are better then most bronze players and all it took was them accepting that LoL is a competitive online videogame, not a theraputic safe space. they shrug off the jibes and the ribbing, ignore actual flamers, focus on what they need to improve and accept constructive criticism, and without even getting 30 have reached mid-silver levels.
Give that man a cookie (evil squidward). Firt time in a long time I see constructive opinion based on the pure reason. Well done, mate! Support ur every word
: gragas has lowest win rate at 40%, very over nerfed and he never needed nerfs. bring back old gragas, hard to kill and one shots early game but very fun overall
Okay, agreed. But the rest of them just destroy the enemy team throughout all stages of the game. Stack HP on Voli or Shen, stack ar/mr on Garen or Reksai and its a gg wp. You gotta try it, if u dont believe me ;) {{summoner:4}}
Lol, try to play Garen/Volibear/Gragas/Sion/Rek sai/Shen. It's still a meta, if u can play them
To be honest with you - Renekton is one of the easiest top laners, easy to learn, easy to roam. Darius is much harder, to land his Qs for example. But when u roam as Darius it brings you much more satisfaction with a game (he has cool mechanics) chose yourself ;)
: All this talk of "op champions" and not one single comment on Ezreal yet.
I don't think so... he has the weakest potential to catch up, if falls behind. You forget about MF, Graves, Jinx, who as ADC are much better picks{{summoner:4}}
TajerHentai (EUNE)
: GOD RIOT are you ever going to fix the disconnecting problems
SAME! I got LOW priority queue! but I was NEVER AFK, thats is FRUSTRATING {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
its lit fam (EUNE)
: Frucking hell Riot Games
Well, sorry to hear that, mate :) I have an opposite situation - just waiting for some good one to come up {{summoner:4}}
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