: It isn't all about computer specs and It's not quite as simple as baking render passes and pasting it on a lower resolution model, that is how it normally works in most games, but this is a special case. League is very finicky when it comes to how small physical details can be, a champion takes up a tiny area of the screen because we need to see a fair portion of the map/game-environment. If you took that model of jax, scaled it down to the size of normal champions then applied the textures and model resolution, from the game's normal POV you wouldn't be able to clearly see his feet or hands or how he holds the lamp. The folds of cloth would blur, his mask would be difficult to see properly and the markings on his cloak would look tiny. https://steemitimages.com/DQmR2crhfqLUWFTfy6o1GQ2pMZyT79dznTsfXDQ4qXqq6sr/image.png Jax's model looks as clunky as it does because riot had to keep the way he visualy reads in mind. In order to clearly show his features, the hands and feet are massive compared to the head, the torso looks super wide(probably so there's enough space to show how the cloak and robe fit on the character). His anatomy doesn't looks right, which is understandable considering how old the model is, riot did what they could at the time. He does absolutely need a visual update though, riot have only gotten better in making champion models look really good and well detailed ingame, just look at any of the champ releases from this year, especially the reworks. But they still do struggle with balancing levels of detail. For example, when pyke was released the white teeth painted on his bandanna were super big and chunky looking compared to the splash(it kind of removed his intimidation factor), they did add more teeth eventually and it looks pretty good now, but first variation was a result of riot trying to make sure the model was readable from normal gameplay POV.
well okay then but they could update the splash art in the loading screen at least..
: Toxicity in the Preseason
*Shouts through megaphone* PLAY WITH PREMADES! I REPEAT! PLAY WITH PREMADES!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: but it's real time 'competitive game. do you know why they sometimes ban some skins in pro scene? cuz the visuals are tricky and less fair compare to others. no matter which skins, no matter in good pc or bad pc, the visual outlines should be almost same or at least similar. lets say thet make super detailed high quality version for good pc players. with all the small details. but if you want to let the game stay fair, the hitbox should be exactly looking same. which means the outline of the character should be almost the same. that causes the problem. in high quality you can do whatever you want. wrinkles for the cloths. little straps. tiny little details. but more details means more complicated curved surfaces. which won't allow them to make that happen in 'low spec environment'. if two guys are playing same game but looking different things, even if they try their best, some of them must go unbalanced. and people hates unbalance
: league is popular not only because it is a good addictive game, but also because it's spec is not so crazy, so there are really big playerbase who doesn't own high end computers, that's also why riot is focusing not to increase the game spec whenever riot visually remakes stuff, especially with the new map and the launcher, they even wrote article about how they made an effort to make thing 'look better but not to need a better computer' league is toaster friendly game, and yes the details are nice but it's not necessary, you can have so many other cool skins without crazy details, like the all the other skins that coming out
yeah, thats not the problem. Watch the video I linked in your first comment. They would just texture bake it and it'd be fine.
: because it's a different story, as you can see the detail's from jax in cinematic movie, you can see so many details from his clothes, the way his clothes are moving, super little tiny straps that you won't even recognize if you see it from bird view, if they put that in real game, it's gonna be one of the unnecessary thing which will just increase the games spec, and the storage that the game takes, this is also the reason why riot is not applying all the 'better' fan-made skins, they do look nice, but you won't recognize ANY details if you put it in game and see it from bird view, unless you zoom in the entire game.
Yeah thats the high poly scupt youre talking about. I agree with that. But if you watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfpE5dNTWeI you will see that they have for every champion such a high poly sculpt and then texturebake it on a low poly sculpt so the gamespecs wont get higher.
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: And Katarina as well. I main both these guys. Katarina looks frail af ingame and I'd love to see her look more like this cinematic counterpart. Jax meanwhile looks like two watermelons stacked atop each other with a purple curtain draped on them. Also give him some lore while you're at it Riot, this guy's been 'about' to fight Fiora since Frieza was fighting Goku.
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