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: Neeko
She will be permabanned so that's the point?
Zefirez (EUW)
: I think i know what happened - having missed his snare and Death Ray, he was down to q and ult. I can see his the ult combined with a q or two driving squishy and immobile annie to near death. You probably had your bear on cooldown and with his shield he could handle some abuse, as long as it wasn't a stunbear.
> [{quoted}](name=Zefirez,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Z5X3GPUs,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-23T14:53:42.339+0000) > > I think i know what happened - having missed his snare and Death Ray, he was down to q and ult. I can see his the ult combined with a q or two driving squishy and immobile annie to near death. > > You probably had your bear on cooldown and with his shield he could handle some abuse, as long as it wasn't a stunbear. With full combo Flash W R Q I had about 40% viktor's HP. Next was like you say, Q & Ult destroyed 80% of my HP before my CD were up
wolf jade (EUNE)
: No. he is just better and he out played you, you know yes his shield is good but with no items its not so good
> [{quoted}](name=wolf jade,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Z5X3GPUs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-23T14:44:15.201+0000) > > No. he is just better and he out played you, you know yes his shield is good but with no items its not so good But I actually won lane against him and I didn't made any mistakes. He just outnumbered me in terms of damage without any reasons.
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: Teammates who ban your champion in champ select are the worst.
But I don't want to have {{champion:15}} {{champion:81}} instead of real adc
: Nautlius are in need of buffs.
Nautilus is strong and balanced champion. Other tanks (Nasus, Darius, Orrn etc) should be nerfed but Riot are too %%%%%%ed
Loonsteer (EUW)
IMO Zoe needs buff or should be just removed from game. She's a worse version of Annie in SoloQ
: Kayn Bans
I see someone in my team wants to pick {{champion:141}}. I instantly ban him because I don't want to lose the game. You can call me a jerk.
: I believe people mistake, when it comes to AP Itemisation. It might not be weak. it´s frustrating
Well riot don't like AP burst carries {{champion:1}} that's the reason why entirely every AP item is fcked up. Riot is trying to push us to build sustain/hp, mana and other useless stats so they buff and buff every season hp/manaregen/mana items such as {{item:3003}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3100}} and other non-flat AP items. It's also the reason why {{champion:38}} {{champion:61}} was permaban/permapick for a long time since since these items are perfectly sits on them (but orianna also abuses {{item:3504}} ).
: Best top laner to survive Dives?
{{champion:39}} ty for free kill
: "OTP Performance Anxiety"
Uhm no I don't have that kind of problems Btw, why do people hate OTPs so much? It's not really rewardable to master any champion and as OTP you have no choice but still pick your main even you know your matchup will be a cancerfest. So why do we sometimes got hate in the game and even here?
: Annie's place in this meta
{{item:3102}} riot should revert this item IMO 0.25 R/W stun delay should be removed as well. I know riot did 0.25 delay for KR overlords with unhuman reaction time who can flash out of tibbers but mostly used by scripters or just by being lucky
: why is fiora still not being touched
It's not about fiora strong or not, she's fine. It's about how other toplaners weak and nerfed
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Rezodo (EUW)
How to counter annie if you're: AP: {{item:1057}} AD: {{item:3155}} Lategame: {{item:3102}}
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: This will never end as long as League of Legends punishes people for what they say in the chat. As i said many times before, if flaming would have not been punished, people would just ignore or mute other players. But as long as it is punished, people will white-knight and respond to flames and say that they will report the flamer and the flamer will just get angrier and start throwing because he'll get reported anyway and etc. Banning people for something that doesn't affect the proper game in any way is dumb. I'll say it again, the only reason people care about flaming is because it's punishable. They see a flame in the chat and they act like policemen " oh that guy is doing something punishable, i better intervene and save the world ". Just the same way in which people look strange at people who smoke weed in areas that weed is banned, but they don't give a damn in areas that weed is legal. Making flaming not punishable would just make people think "meh, another flaming retard, muted ". And would maybe shift the attention to more important aspects of the game.
Report system converts community of players to the community of no balls people who give a shit about someone's toxicity instead of trying to play better. It's kinda hard to explain but bad players get flamed by tryharders, they report flamers, flamers got banned, bad players still play league of legends. Now ladder is full of dynamic queue boosted animals who give up and open mid after first blood and right now game is about in which team u get player like this
: Nothing.... if you ask me... average player has 55% win rate, that means he loses 45% of his ranked some of them the reason will be his own bad play, and in others - bad plays from his temates like 0-8 soraka and boosted gnar top :D You can try to hold off your base as long as possible, try to play arround your winning lanes if you have one, and just stall the game until your temates are stronger... myb pick someone off, wait until enemy team makes greedy plays and try to punish.... but if nothing works thats ok too... I mean if you are going to lose, is it better to lose and get chat restricted? :D or just lose? :D Not mentioning that you are ruining someones expirience if you rage at them like maniac :D and thats just not cool
It doesn't work. You can't carry 0/8 soraka no matter what you'll do. At least you can flame soraka away from game so she will not ruin other games or at least she will not ruin games with first time champions anyymore. Blame people for their fails is not toxic
yoniame (EUNE)
: Support role still hated
As support you're forced to play safe picks like {{champion:40}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:16}} and hope you don't get ganked by x4 person at 5 min mark. No {{champion:1}} fun allowed
: How about stop beeing toxic? Ha? ... wanna try?
what should I do if I have a 0/8/1 soraka and boosted gnar at top
PusimTravu (EUNE)
: Annie problem
k as an cancer annie main I'll share my opinion about every bullshit I read from your post Remember: annie has DECENT damage out of her burst, low cast range, 0 mobility and she's really depends on {{summoner:4}}. If annie can't kill you in {{summoner:4}} R W Q Ignite you're safe. Just buy {{item:1057}} -> {{item:3001}} or {{item:3155}} and have fun killing her after she "burst" you down to 55-65% while you destroying her with 0-100. > She is strong everywhere(early/mid/late game)(Bot/mid/even Top)(and in all elos)(goes well with any team comp). {{item:1057}} {{item:3102}} and tanks like {{champion:154}} destroying her. Good adc actually get {{item:3140}} and run away out of her burst. > Can solo carry games if played smart. > Most of the time one shots a carry with 2 spells ( 3 if behind ). Only with 3 and ignite if she's not fed as fk. If she fails and target still alive she's dead. > Synergies with thunderlord cause she has exactly 3 spell combo ( for extra dmg ). As every champion does > Can delete a whole enemy team with R>W if shes ahead. Only if you fed her to the 10/0/7 god mode state > Has no skillshots. W and R are skillshots. You can avoid her W and she can miss R Also annie has small range and she can do shit zat any stage of game only with {{summoner:4}} or {{item:3152}} but this item disabling her while she dashes > Has one of the easiest farms in game that doesn't cost her mana. > being {{champion:1}} > farm > against {{champion:268}} git gud --noob She actually don't have real push potential since she's very vulnerable to ganks and W costs way too much. If you're azir and annie pushed your lane just stop play azir at all it's not a champion for low platinum scrubs. > Has almost a 2sec single target or aoe stun, which has a really low cooldown late game. 1.25 early 1.75 late Low "cooldown" doesn't mean anything since late game she {{summoner:4}} tibbers and next going to base mostly automatically because of her death > Most of her builds make her extremely tanky for a mid laner while maintaining the dmg. If she builds tanky she can't os you and she trade tankyness to being useless late > No travel time on W and R which makes her Flash engages almost unable to dodge or survive unless u get lucky with some mad predictions. Wrong. W has cast and travel time, R has 0.1sec cast time ( usually not shown) so you even can flash out of tibbers and good midlaners do it against me. > And even tho her E seems weak and not important, even that is really strong. It adds a 40% damage reduction on max level which is A LOT. Deals dmg to anyone basic attacking her. And applies like a Rylai's slow. Also helps her get her stun much faster and allows Q/E combos on 3 stacks of passive. implying annie even skill up E before maxing Q/W > And if u somehow don't kill someone with ur combo don't worry tibbers is always there to walk around and basic attack while doing aoe dps. And if u somehow die tibbers is still there to chase down the enemy team and probably even kill someone. If you're {{champion:1}} and you fail you're dead and it's pretty much gg. There are a lot of reasons why annie can fail like {{champion:40}} or just missplays (even annie bot misses a lot of tibbers nowadays he's bugged or idk what) > Also when u see that hurricane around her its a mind game for your entire team as u cant do anything when u see a 2sec aoe stun awaiting for you. If you're squishy just stay away of her in a distance of flash. Catch her in the jungle, let her engage to the tanks, bait her or just wait until she make any other mistake. > And as we saw above she is also able to one shot extremely early game w/o any kills and average farm. Which makes her win most of the lanes very easy. {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:21}}{{item:3155}}{{item:1057}} are you kidding me {{champion:115}} {{summoner:7}} I'm done > One of the most frustrating things about her is that shes extremely easy to play and can be played by anyone. Being one of the most generic and straight up champions ingame. So why do you play {{champion:268}}? Try {{champion:1}} out and get a free challenger. (protip: you'll be 0/7/1 every single game)
PusimTravu (EUNE)
: Annie problem
{{item:1057}} gg wp she's useless actually good azir counter annie so hard she even can't last hit under tower
: rework poppy pls
: Ekko needs to be re-looked
: Cho'Gath Mid - I've been waiting 3 years for Riot to comment on this
Cho'gath is cancer of midlane. He's manacosts are high but you'll just run OOM if you try to harass/kill him. He's ungankable it's too damn risky to get counterganked. I wish Riot will rework this champion.
ArTanis4 (EUW)
: WTF Rito did with Ekko
Ekko is a useless champion who literally has no ult. Ekko just have no chances to use his ult in teamfights and lane. Also I can go make some coffee until Ekko trying to hit me with W.
OnlyFlood (EUW)
: I'm feeling really pissed off. Connection problems and Leaver Buster
I had the same problem today. Ffs I have no problem with any other online games except league of legends. I had this error with different PC's, routers, internet connections, and I NEVER had any problems with Dota2, WoW, Battlefield 3, GW2. I dont know but I think that riot games just suck

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