iZeus (EUNE)
: Kinda good idea for poison trait, but the idea of making developers empowering items is bad! Items in this state are pretty op, empowering already game-changing items would be a disaster, everyone would have developer traits in their composition then. Talking about rerolls is aswell a bad idea, everyone will have level 3 champions faster, which is not the point, econ will be useless then. TFT is not bad spot right now, as long they don't buff demons again...
Hi izeus, They are about to add the hextec class which will counter the developers compleetly. And I think they can then also nerf some over powered items which will then only be good when it will be empowered. For the rerolling part, if about 15 more champions will be added with the hextec, poison and developers it will not be possible anymore get any lvl3 champion because the pool of champions will get to big, don't you think? Thanks for the reply duo!
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