: Racism
A Riven player hates the race that is the reason of 90% of the worlds problems,huh? I would want him on my team,also what kind of honor can a jew have? Look at the filth they shove down the throats of our youth! {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: So you feed her she 3 hits you and your going to complain? is that whats happening because thats how I understand this
Yeah she just reaches carry state after I only die twice to her. Nevermind that,tell me, how am I supposed to bait an ability? If you are not going to say anything besides that then don't reply.
: she needs to hit 4 vitals to proc her heal theres a few tricks to defeating fiora now champions that rely on cc are at an immediate disadvantage but remember her W has a massive cooldown if you can bait it out you've got a like near 30 second window till its up again as for her ult since its 4 vitals not 3 if shes killing you in 3 you already fed her hug walls to avoid her hitting the 4th vital if fiora ever falls behind shes in serious trouble also try to avoid picking low damage tanks into fiora its a deathwish
Reason I said 3 is because you won't even survive to see the 4th one hit once she gets he said items. And how the hell do you bait out an ability like that? Just walk up to their face and expect them to use their critical ability?
Perilum (EUW)
: Only a dummy fights a stronger enemy. You're also one of the experts who seeks teamfights when you're horrible behind and try to trade with enemies 3 level above you eh?
No I'm the smartass who keeps farming under second tower because none of my 4 other teammates care to come from the tribush at blue side and kill this 3/0 fiora that I asked 2 times for help. And I'm also the one who's stupid enough to think towers will protect him in season 8.
Perilum (EUW)
: Fiora is an Anti-Tank carry. Don't feed and she is useless.
Don't feed in lane you mean? How to kill enemy as Fiora Step 1:Ult them Step 2: Q Step 3: Q Step 4: W,enemy has just wasted their only disengage and is now stunned Step 5: Q Congratulations,you killed your opponent even though you were 0/3,enjoy your glorious 3x Soraka ult.
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Akatsuki (EUW)
: Worst Update ever, played my last game just now bye bye.
See you next week then!
: Thesis about game addiction
The fulfillment and success you feel after doing something good in video games is a huge factor. Other factors are interesting stories,relatable characters,personal fantasies.
: Hardstuck S2 Support Main
Don't play flex unless you want to get boosted. But for a serious answer buy and git gud at Brand. He was my ticket out of silver as support main.
Rioter Comments
: Riot member threatening tyler1/flaming him/wishing death on him.
iSuzuken (EUW)
: You know what's also not fun ? When camile hits 6 and the enemy jungler comes and she ults you and the only thing you can do is run like a %%%%%% in a circle while you're getting nuked LOL tbh once camile gets tri she's toxic as %%%%. she can destroy most of the match ups you just mentioned. thought I ain't the best player in the world but i'm just talking from experience that I had against her.
Camille can be beaten very easiely if she doesn't have trinity force. And she's only strong is she hasn't died even once before that.
: 0.75 seconds is pretty non-existent tho to my experience. I usually run Fervor, because the ghouls both charge it with every hit and also benefit from the extra AD, and i run Grasp when I really need sustain in that matchup. It's always a good sign when a champion can be run on different keystones depending how you feel it right. Having only ONE working setup is boring.
What the hell mist walkers proc fervor??? Did you confirm this?
: Warlords Bloodlust on Yorick? Why? Cull first item against Fiora? The more I see, the more I think the issues lies in the player...
Warlords on Yorick because it gives you the heal of the Grasp and speed of Stormraiders. I find it very good on him. Cull against Fiora because I knew I was going to lose against Fiora so I said fk it.
Fathands (EUW)
: If you can't beat rumble as camille then the problem lies with you. Rumble is the easiest matchup I've had with camille.
Yeah,when he completely zones you with his flamethrower that deals alot of damage, then hits you with E and ult if you dive him,and runs away with W if he feels like he didn't deal enough damage to you. I'm sure Rumble is the bane of every melee toplaner.
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: People have SERIOUS double standards with this new rework.
Even though pornography is degeneracy,I'm ok with more mature tones with new releases.
: Question mark: "more skill requiring" why is this a good thing? not everyone wants to play yasuo, zed, riven. If we wanted high skill champions, we would play the myriad of heroes that require high skill cap. People that like playing medium difficulty or low difficulty in terms of mechanical skill champions aren't 'bad'. "more counterplayable" do I need to restate that Fiora rework gave her: %max hp true damage. This is the definition of not counterplayable. There's nothing you can do to lower that damage. Yes, not even alistar's ult. "more healthy" do I need to mention the months of malzahar support following his rework? every single rework failed and it required a lot of further balancing for the champion to be balanced, and in many cases, it ended up worse or just as bad as the original they all started from. Do you remember the time when poppy got played: top, sup, jungle? Do you remember when graves post rework for like 2 months had top win rate in top, jungle, mid, and adc roles? All single reworks ended up badly. Every single champion rework is a failure. And that won't change any time soon. Unless riot's employes actually try to main a champion and see why players would pick that, what is special about that character above all others. And then try to maintain that aspect of their playstyle!!!!!! very important, playstyle. Galio for example received a decent rework from outside view. But his playstyle changed dramatically. And a lot of the reworks were "less healthy" that their previous iteration. Ryze would be a prime example of this due to how many reworks he got and each worse than the last. But let me guess. Riot is right and their design philosophy is perfect. THE REALITY IS THE ONE THAT'S WRONG!!!!!
By more skill requiring I meant for example old WW ult. Click to supress an enemy without giving a chance for them to react. Now he has to leap and land himself. More Counterplayable. If you try to DUEL A FKING DUELIST of course you lose. Fiora is pretty bad if she doesn't get an early lead or gets focused. What they hell do you mean by poppy rework being broken? Did you even play old poppy? You just ulted the weakest person on the enemy team and you became unstoppable since only person that can hurt you is the Soraka you just ulted. "Every single champion rework is a failure". That's quite a statement. Compare the playrates of champions before and after their reworks. Would you play the old Taric or the one we have now? Would you play the old Yorick or the one we have now? Would you play the old Warwick or one we have now? Galio was a confused mess,he was Anti-mage but he wasn't a tank he was a caster. He was a caster with costs too high and abilites that made no sense with him. He was a mage but his ult told him to go in and tank stuff. This game is just filled with whiny kids like you who cry when their broken messes called "muh main" get balanced and give the opponent more chances to win. You wanna take red buff and immideatly gank top to get an ez first blood since you perma slow them,while they don't know you are coming? Play {{champion:29}}
: Is the Evelynn skins going to get more expensive with the rework.
No,riot has never changed the prices of skins they released on live servers.
: this happened with every single rework the fans of the champions quit playing said champion its not special for eve. And 2 of my previous mains got reworked (fiora and malzahar) and one got partially changed (akali, which is still main) and also diana (but i'm kind of over her). But the community in general, unless its lee sin or riven, will never be against reworks :( even if every single one of them failed to please the hero's main community pre rework.
The reworks are not coming to please it's fanbase,they come to balance the champion and make it more healthy/counterplayable/more skill requiring. Eve didn't need anything,you just took red buff and ganked the enemy without them having a clue if you were coming to kill them from behind. Early ganks were too easy since nobody expects to get ganked the first minute in lane. You constantly had the pressure of WHAT IF EVE IS COMING FOR ME? In teamfights you just came from behing,ult and Q adc and boom it died. All the currently reworked champions had a unhealthy mechanic if you haven't noticed (Warwick Ult,Yorick as general,Urgot's broken E hitbox and kit that made no sense. So instead of crying,suck it up and face the truth.
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: Does anyone have any mental problems?
Depression,anger issues,holding my complaints inside,causing more anger to build up. No friends,only person that actually loves me in my entire family is my mother,she has to work very long hours,forcing me to everything myself(cooking,cleaning). Seen as a psycopath by everyone in school,too serious,made fun because of that. I'm glad I found LoL,it helped me get rid of depression,I don't give a %%%% about what people think about me anymore. I took {{champion:164}} as a role model, Star Guardian {{champion:103}} as an imaginary friend/second person inside my head to help with loneliness. Last part probably sounded edgy....{{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}}
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Meh, Support is freelo. I don't understand where the myth is comming from, that climbing as a Support is supposed to be difficult. But I literally have a 64% winrate on Soraka, 52% on Sona and 61% on Rakan. I should play Support more often. With these winrates I would be diamond in no time xd
I agree. I can't beat opponent at toplane,wave control or farm well, I can't roam at mid with a hard champion I have 200 games with,I can't gank or counterjungle properly as jungle or last hit well and position as ADC. That's when I realised just how easy support is and how people can't even play it right.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: How do you play soraka, are you playing her by the current meta as in start W, coin and just be a heal bot? At least that's what it looked like you did on her in the only game i found.
I used to get coin, rush boots then and eye of the oasis,max WEQ and just play like that. Then {{item:3107}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3083}} . It worked until enemies just bought {{item:3123}} then made me useless.
: http://i64.tinypic.com/33jomdy.png Y Rito Y? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Hello darkness my old friend...I've come to tal with you again...{{sticker:sona-playing}}
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noob infant (EUNE)
: ap supports are weak right now, with so much sustain in the laning phase and mana regen nerfs on sup items they just run out of mana before they outpoke the enemy. soraca is very strong, if played well can climb anywhere. the main thing in silver is just being decent with the champion meta or not. a lot of people que in with very little practise on their champion. the reason why you got to gold with brand is not because he is op but you practised 1 champion, forcused on getting better with him and it payed off. can be done the same with any other champion, even taric as shit as he is.
I have 140k experience with Soraka yet I still suck at her/can't play well as her I just played like 12 games of normals as brand and saw he's op,so abused him in ranked,and now here I am.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Almost every champion has counterplay, with a few exceptions like Azir and Yasuo, but their high skill cieling prevents players from using them to their highest potential. Also, listing strengths of each champion doesn't mean they are OP. Look: > Aatrox: BS sustain, Lifesteal and Dash. NO MANA. And if this is not broken enaugh, he even has a build in Guardian angle! See what I did here? I listed his strengths and worded it so he looked good, but we both know Aatrox is actually garbage. I suggest you watch guides on those champions or play them yourself, so you get insights on them and learn how they work. Because once you know how they work, you can play around it.
I know how garen works,he just gets in spins and hopes enemy doesn't focus him and his teammates help him. He's team dependant yeah? Doesn't look very team dependant when he comes out of a bush Q's and slows me with Deadman's Plate,spins to halve my armor because he has black cleaver,ult me for 1000 damage because I got punished by the game as being villian for killing an enemy. I was playing {{champion:54}} btw. I'm playing malphite also. Q him so you can slow him? Not a chance when he uses his W. How about renekton? That long paragraph was something I did in my second game of as him. I will listen to you and play the other champions listed. But I'm not entirely sure it will help. Anyways thanks for help
KayleDong (EUW)
: i'll give the counterplay to just a few on this list 1){{champion:1}} needs flash to actually get a good engage on, her range is otherwise easy to be respected. Also don't pile up as 5 people when there's an annie on the enemy team in flash R range. 2) {{champion:31}} is a stupid champion in my opinion, but there's still the obvious counterplay where he has no mobility (yes, righteous glory exists but still) and his hard cc is pretty easy to dodge. 3) {{champion:11}} just gets countered by hard cc. 4) {{champion:121}} isolation mechanic already points out his counterplay. Unless insanely fed he won't oneshot people that are in the midst of their teammates. Also potentionally punishable when jumping in. quite a lot of the champions you listed are either typical 'how to climb out of bronze' champions, or just champions that are strong at the moment.
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Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Become a Vessel,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=G6aNgs3e,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-15T18:32:32.068+0000) > > Riot constantly throws joke skins like Arcade,Pentakill and funny events like Star Guardians,but the it's an illusion to hide just how dark LoL is. > > Aatrox is a legend who striked terror on the mage army who almost won,crushing their dreams and hopes of victory for their lands. Aatrox is War itself. He doesn't care about pety things such as "crushing dreams and hopes". All he cares is about Massacre. That in itself is dark enough. > Ahri drained the life out of unsuspecting men,one of those men could've been a little horny 16 year old in best years of his life. No longer correct. Her lore was updated. She only killed once and she did it by mistake and she regrets it. > Alistar Was isolated,imprisoned laughed and tortured like and animal. His lore is old so probably no longer cannon. Besides, he wasn't "laughed at and tortured like an animal". He was a champion in the Arena of Noxus, kinda like irl gladiators of Rome. > Darius Was a child soldier,that kills anyone that doesn't like. The child soldier is correct, but he doesn't kill those he doesn't like. He gives you two choices: either surrender to Noxus and serve them or die fighting. He doesn't kill for the sake of killing. That's the Noxus rule. He learned that when is village was attacked and he's also given the choice by another general. > Diana Completely alienated,tortured,mocked for her beliefs from early childhood to now. Where did you read that Diana was tortured? She was an apprentice at the Temple of Solari, so she definitely wasn't alienated, tortured or mocked. The Solari praise the Sun and only the Sun. Diana found that the Sun is just half part of a greater picture. That's when the elders at Solari dismissed her. She lived a good life until then. > Mundo Killed his parents,neighbors' pets,randomly kidnaps people and tortures them to death for fun. Again, old lore so probably no longer cannon. > Fiddlesticks People who even look at this guy either have severe mental issues,PTSD,paranioia. Old lore. > Hecarim Ruination,kills any mortal being for fun Not for fun. The Mist wants to consume all life. It has nothing do with "fun". Hecarim is just a soldier for the Mist, like Darius is for Noxus, although Hecarim doesn't give you choice. > Jhin Brutal psycopath,murders people for art. Terrorist. "psycopath" and "terrorist" are not the same thing. It's true that he kills for his "art", but he isn't a terrorist. He's an assassin, usually for hire or at least he was before he was imprisoned. Still not a terrorist. > Lulu Abducted by fairies,sent forward in time by them, made insane by them. Abducted?! She wasn't abducted and she surely wasn't sent forward in time either. Times passes differently in Pix's village. She's not insane, she's a CHILD. > Vayne Parents murdered by evil witch,spends her entire life protecting people by dark creatures. Not specified in her lore, but I'm pretty sure Evelynn did that. > Warwick Kidnapped,tortured,experimented on,turned into a beast. "He became the monster he always was". Warwick was a serial killer! Poor guy/dog. > YORICK MORI Alienated,seens as a freak from childhood,great burded, has watched people suffer and souls tormented for centuries. He was not alienated. He was a priest in the Blessed Isles. He took it upon himself to cleanse the Isles of the Mist. Still a tragic life to live. I saved the best one for later: > Nami Extreme responsibilities. Big darkness, such wow. Jokes aside, feel free to read League's Lore in [The Universe of League](http://universe.leagueoflegends.com).
Yorick was alienated because he had the ability to see the ghosts of the dead that were lost,and needed guidence,so he was seen as a freak by others. Then the Priests learned this ability and let him join them.
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: Dia Support main climbing out of gold!
I hope you enjoyed demotivating those gold players by smurfing,pubstumping and making them think they lost because they are bad {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
LiMuSe (EUW)
: TO HARD DIFFICULT for the 2 part event: invasion
boqn326 (EUNE)
: What The Funnest champion of all
{{champion:164}} :Feels good when you hit enemies for 600 true damage with 2 items {{champion:14}} :It's impossible to get angry while playing this guy {{champion:6}} : Grass is green Urgot is greener Whenever I kill someone with urgod ult I play with my wiener {{champion:23}} : Free crits,free invincibility,free ad,free heal. Beat your enemies to a pulp and reduce towers to dust in mere seconds!
: So... What's meta?
What's meta huh? {{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:117}} instant rush {{item:3504}}
: Caitlyn
Really good drawing,the attenton to detail is superb {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
MEME DOWN I REPEAT,MEME DOWN! {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}}
: 1. Mute chat 2. Doesn't matter if they know how to play their champ 3. If you know how to win early this isn't a problem 4. Build Last Whisp 5. Split Push 6. Doesn't make any sense 7. Exhaust should do enough 8. Only Twitch and Cho are meta, Akali and Talon are easily beatable 9. Don't get poked down before team fighting
I can't do 4 and 5 because I play Support AP carries at ranked only (Zyra,Brand) You still get nuked at 8 because you are a squishy u.u
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: The new SG quiz.
Ezreal first,then I said this is unacceptable,then I tried again. Then got Syndra. (I wanted Ahri)
Ryuujin (EUNE)
: Is the game enjoyable for you?
Yes. I am currently enjoying cutting enemies to half with Camille very much. You know what's more fun? Muting everybody in the game every time and treating them like bots.
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: Do you remember your FIRST EVER Ranked game?
Oh yes,season6. I played 50 more games after I got to level 30 and told myself "I'm ready" As we declared our bans I took {{champion:10}} as support. She was my main once... We lost that game very hard....
Rismosch (EUW)
: Impossible for older Champions, whose voice actors don't work for Riot anymore.
I thought about that,but as you can see,champions just use their original lines
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