Creaturve (EUNE)
: What do you think of the current state of the game ?
BlueFoxNL (EUW)
: State of renekton top?
Just play an assassin. That's the easiest and quickest way to win.
: Duskblade of Draktharr passive should be Melee Only, ranged champions shouldn't benefit from it -.-
: Ionia event please! :3
%%%% Ionia,Piltover is superior.{{champion:164}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:126}}
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: How to climb as support?
Play Brand and Zyra and poke them to death. That's how I made it to gold playing only supp last season.
Mark Sama (EUW)
: >an adjustment to the towers so not every single champ at level 10 can safely get in,kill the enemy,get out without losing half of their health? Why? Just why?! that's just for tanks, try as an ADC to tank more than 2/3 shoots of the tower....
> that's just for tanks. Play a few games on toplane or botlane and you'll be suprised how many different kinds of champions can tank and do what I said
: Counterplay to those champs u listed? Pick rammus, malph or ornn or any somewhat meta tank and you can destroy them all in your sleep. No seriously, you can literally fall asleep on your keyboard in the middle of a fight and you'll still win bcs tanks are the dumbest and most op shit ever created and have been the most broken element of this game since at least season 2. Assassins arent and never were a problem. They are extremely susceptible to being ccd and once locked down they will be deleted just as easily by an adc as they delete said adc. If you position in a way that allows them to get onto you while they still have everything up instead of staying behind your frontline then thats on you. What kind of bullshit complaint is "I want to play the game like how I feel like it and still win. I don't want to calculate sh!t to see if I can oneshot the enemy the exact same moment they waste their spells on minions. I don't want to keep enemy jungler in mind every time I push the lane just a little bit."? So what you're actually saying is "I want to be bad at the game and still win". This game is competitive by nature, if you're not prepared to learn and get better like other ppl do, then you're going to be straight up worse than them and deserve to lose. If you're looking for easy wins without having to be good or even try, stick to aram or play vs bots. PS: You should never lose lane vs riven as camille. That matchup is hugely in camilles favor.
> PS: You should never lose lane vs riven as camille. That matchup is hugely in camilles favor. Good luck hitting E or W since she has a dash on a very short CD
: It's heartbreaking it will get live without any changes
Delete the game while you're at it since it's all going downhill but Riot's not making it look like it with pretty skins and events.
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Niko020705 (EUNE)
: What ''Keeping good behaviour'' means?
You have to wait 14 days to play on that account is what it means. Next time you get banned it will be a permanent ban. If you don't want to get perm.'d just do what I say. You bind chat button to a random button while your eyes are closed so you can never use the chat function ever again. Then you /mute all every single game. You can't flame,get flamed. Only enemies can tilt you now. As long as you don't int or use third party programs or afk at fountian you will never get banned.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Champion concept; "The queen"
Let us "smell" this champion. * a very loud sniff followed by 10 more rapid sniffs and gates of hell opening*
: > [{quoted}](name=Become a Vessel,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=I4MrEErE,comment-id=0004000100000000,timestamp=2017-12-29T17:46:03.140+0000) > > Eambo talked about something about a bug. Is the bug about the wrong chat history being sent,or AI just making a false decision? I hope it's the second one It is not a false decision, just incorrect logs. The support team will be able to advise further on it - however in most cases these are not incorrect suspensions, but simply incorrect logs (so it's a little confusing)
It has been 4 days since I've sent my ticked. Is it supposed to take this long?
: I’ll give that a try but one thing I worry about is that playing not lane requires ur adc to b good
Dw my friend I thought of the exact same thing when I started playing those. It doesn't,if you poke the enemy to death they will be tilted anyways.
: Gimme some advice for low elo
Play AP carry supps(Zyra,Brand) If a tank is needed play Blitzcrank and Leona. Just play support,speaking from personal experience. I got to gold 5 in the matter of a few weeks thanks to it.
Kitsune San (EUNE)
: Then you just need to wait a bit! :P Answers from Support might take a couple of days but they will answer for sure ^_^
Eambo talked about something about a bug. Is the bug about the wrong chat history being sent,or AI just making a false decision? I hope it's the second one
: Hey Become a Vessel, It looks like you were hit by a bug that results in the wrong chat logs being sent to you. Please [contact support]( who should be able to help you out with this one.
: Post other game chat logs, not just this game.
> [{quoted}](name=LielaisDix2k,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=I4MrEErE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-29T16:04:49.379+0000) > > Post other game chat logs, not just this game. This is the only one
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: play her if you want to feel like youre in attack on titan,that why id play her
It's been a year and still no Mikasa skin. I'm slowly losing hope in Riot Skin team.
: This reads a lot more like rant thread rather than asking for advice. I'm not sure what mechanical advice I can give you that you don't already know due to your experience on the champion. that said it looks like Camille is becoming stronger at the moment due to meta shifts. Camille is a duelist that is capable of split pushing. She can't 1v1 or tank bust to the same degree as Fiora, but she can be a lot bustier (due to her Q2) than Fiora is and has much more team utility that Fiora does (ult, stun, slow vs two slows and a conditional heal). In that sense, Fiora is a better split push duellist than Camille (which is intended); Camille is more intended to lock down her prey and either 1v1 them or be able to restrict their movement so her team can mop up. Basically she's a split pusher that has above average dueling potential and has great outplay potential with her ult as well as great team utility. You'd pick her when you needed a secondary engage or some lockdown in your top lane that also needed to split push. And probably other things that I don't know because I'm not good enough at top lane to know. The biggest mistake IMO that I am seeing from your mastery history is you run either Electrocute or Press the Attack for your keystone. This is problematic for a few reasons. 1. The domination tree offers you little in the way of laning power. Taking Electrocute does buff your burst but Camille doesn't really need that, especially since her main damage is locked behind a static time window (her Q2). 2. The precision tree grants you attack speed your primary stat, but Camille's kit is entirely auto attack resets and scales very well with AD. You gain little benefit from the 18% attack speed that the precision tree would grant you versus the raw AD that the Sorcery tree would give you. 3. Press the Attack does not amplify your Q2 damage, which is your main damage source. This makes Press the Attack actually get weaker as the game goes on (as more and more of your Q2 damage is converted to True damage). In a lot of your games you also aren't buying *any* defensive items to shore up your laning phase weaknesses against your opponent either. Taking Lucidity Boots against Rengar top/Kayle mid/Trist jungle/Ez adc instead of Ninja tabis for such a heavy auto attack focused team; not building Merc treads (or any MR at all) against an Ornn top lane and no Tabis against a Yasuo top lane. Even just buying a little defense can go a long way, especially on someone like Camille who benefits doubly from armour if facing a physical opponent (similar to a magic opponent) due to the way her shield and mitigation interact. I hope this helps. Try the Sorcery Tree with Comet EDIT: obligatory not on the balance or design teams, just a league player
So neither Domination or Precision is good for keystone huh... Might try to find a better rune page for her. I had no idea Press the Attack didn't increase Q2 damage. Is that a bug or something? Will build defensive items at the first back. But won't that and buying boots early just delay my Tri Force spike? But I don't agree with what you said about Fiora being worse compared to Camille in teamfights. Here's an example Camille sees her enemy adc is vulnerable,and it's protectors have used their CC abilities. Camille dives with E then ults the ADC She uses AA+Q+AA,before she can even use her empowered Q,she is focused and mowed down by every other enemy that was pushed aside,and dies before her team can catch up to her. Fiora sees her enemy adc is vulnerable and it's protectors have used their cc abilites. Fiora flashes and ult enemy ADC Fiora uses Q+Ravenous+AA+Q on enemy ADC,then W to block the any remaining CC enemy had, then kills the enemy with Q+AA. She gets a massive heal and her team catches up and cleans up the fight. Unlike Camille,she was sustained by her Vitals,insane movement speed she gets by BEING NEAR THEM (?) and the damage she heals for with AA's with Ravenous's life steal. Either that,or my aim and sight is so awful that I can't even target an ADC with my mouse. Is Free Camera necessary to get better at mobile champs? ({{champion:92}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:497}}
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: So you feed her she 3 hits you and your going to complain? is that whats happening because thats how I understand this
Yeah she just reaches carry state after I only die twice to her. Nevermind that,tell me, how am I supposed to bait an ability? If you are not going to say anything besides that then don't reply.
: she needs to hit 4 vitals to proc her heal theres a few tricks to defeating fiora now champions that rely on cc are at an immediate disadvantage but remember her W has a massive cooldown if you can bait it out you've got a like near 30 second window till its up again as for her ult since its 4 vitals not 3 if shes killing you in 3 you already fed her hug walls to avoid her hitting the 4th vital if fiora ever falls behind shes in serious trouble also try to avoid picking low damage tanks into fiora its a deathwish
Reason I said 3 is because you won't even survive to see the 4th one hit once she gets he said items. And how the hell do you bait out an ability like that? Just walk up to their face and expect them to use their critical ability?
Perilum (EUW)
: Only a dummy fights a stronger enemy. You're also one of the experts who seeks teamfights when you're horrible behind and try to trade with enemies 3 level above you eh?
No I'm the smartass who keeps farming under second tower because none of my 4 other teammates care to come from the tribush at blue side and kill this 3/0 fiora that I asked 2 times for help. And I'm also the one who's stupid enough to think towers will protect him in season 8.
Perilum (EUW)
: Fiora is an Anti-Tank carry. Don't feed and she is useless.
Don't feed in lane you mean? How to kill enemy as Fiora Step 1:Ult them Step 2: Q Step 3: Q Step 4: W,enemy has just wasted their only disengage and is now stunned Step 5: Q Congratulations,you killed your opponent even though you were 0/3,enjoy your glorious 3x Soraka ult.
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Akatsuki (EUW)
: Worst Update ever, played my last game just now bye bye.
See you next week then!
: Thesis about game addiction
The fulfillment and success you feel after doing something good in video games is a huge factor. Other factors are interesting stories,relatable characters,personal fantasies.
: Hardstuck S2 Support Main
Don't play flex unless you want to get boosted. But for a serious answer buy and git gud at Brand. He was my ticket out of silver as support main.
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: Riot member threatening tyler1/flaming him/wishing death on him.
iSuzuken (EUW)
: You know what's also not fun ? When camile hits 6 and the enemy jungler comes and she ults you and the only thing you can do is run like a %%%%%% in a circle while you're getting nuked LOL tbh once camile gets tri she's toxic as %%%%. she can destroy most of the match ups you just mentioned. thought I ain't the best player in the world but i'm just talking from experience that I had against her.
Camille can be beaten very easiely if she doesn't have trinity force. And she's only strong is she hasn't died even once before that.
: 0.75 seconds is pretty non-existent tho to my experience. I usually run Fervor, because the ghouls both charge it with every hit and also benefit from the extra AD, and i run Grasp when I really need sustain in that matchup. It's always a good sign when a champion can be run on different keystones depending how you feel it right. Having only ONE working setup is boring.
What the hell mist walkers proc fervor??? Did you confirm this?
: Warlords Bloodlust on Yorick? Why? Cull first item against Fiora? The more I see, the more I think the issues lies in the player...
Warlords on Yorick because it gives you the heal of the Grasp and speed of Stormraiders. I find it very good on him. Cull against Fiora because I knew I was going to lose against Fiora so I said fk it.
Fathands (EUW)
: If you can't beat rumble as camille then the problem lies with you. Rumble is the easiest matchup I've had with camille.
Yeah,when he completely zones you with his flamethrower that deals alot of damage, then hits you with E and ult if you dive him,and runs away with W if he feels like he didn't deal enough damage to you. I'm sure Rumble is the bane of every melee toplaner.
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: People have SERIOUS double standards with this new rework.
Even though pornography is degeneracy,I'm ok with more mature tones with new releases.
: Question mark: "more skill requiring" why is this a good thing? not everyone wants to play yasuo, zed, riven. If we wanted high skill champions, we would play the myriad of heroes that require high skill cap. People that like playing medium difficulty or low difficulty in terms of mechanical skill champions aren't 'bad'. "more counterplayable" do I need to restate that Fiora rework gave her: %max hp true damage. This is the definition of not counterplayable. There's nothing you can do to lower that damage. Yes, not even alistar's ult. "more healthy" do I need to mention the months of malzahar support following his rework? every single rework failed and it required a lot of further balancing for the champion to be balanced, and in many cases, it ended up worse or just as bad as the original they all started from. Do you remember the time when poppy got played: top, sup, jungle? Do you remember when graves post rework for like 2 months had top win rate in top, jungle, mid, and adc roles? All single reworks ended up badly. Every single champion rework is a failure. And that won't change any time soon. Unless riot's employes actually try to main a champion and see why players would pick that, what is special about that character above all others. And then try to maintain that aspect of their playstyle!!!!!! very important, playstyle. Galio for example received a decent rework from outside view. But his playstyle changed dramatically. And a lot of the reworks were "less healthy" that their previous iteration. Ryze would be a prime example of this due to how many reworks he got and each worse than the last. But let me guess. Riot is right and their design philosophy is perfect. THE REALITY IS THE ONE THAT'S WRONG!!!!!
By more skill requiring I meant for example old WW ult. Click to supress an enemy without giving a chance for them to react. Now he has to leap and land himself. More Counterplayable. If you try to DUEL A FKING DUELIST of course you lose. Fiora is pretty bad if she doesn't get an early lead or gets focused. What they hell do you mean by poppy rework being broken? Did you even play old poppy? You just ulted the weakest person on the enemy team and you became unstoppable since only person that can hurt you is the Soraka you just ulted. "Every single champion rework is a failure". That's quite a statement. Compare the playrates of champions before and after their reworks. Would you play the old Taric or the one we have now? Would you play the old Yorick or the one we have now? Would you play the old Warwick or one we have now? Galio was a confused mess,he was Anti-mage but he wasn't a tank he was a caster. He was a caster with costs too high and abilites that made no sense with him. He was a mage but his ult told him to go in and tank stuff. This game is just filled with whiny kids like you who cry when their broken messes called "muh main" get balanced and give the opponent more chances to win. You wanna take red buff and immideatly gank top to get an ez first blood since you perma slow them,while they don't know you are coming? Play {{champion:29}}
: Is the Evelynn skins going to get more expensive with the rework.
No,riot has never changed the prices of skins they released on live servers.
: this happened with every single rework the fans of the champions quit playing said champion its not special for eve. And 2 of my previous mains got reworked (fiora and malzahar) and one got partially changed (akali, which is still main) and also diana (but i'm kind of over her). But the community in general, unless its lee sin or riven, will never be against reworks :( even if every single one of them failed to please the hero's main community pre rework.
The reworks are not coming to please it's fanbase,they come to balance the champion and make it more healthy/counterplayable/more skill requiring. Eve didn't need anything,you just took red buff and ganked the enemy without them having a clue if you were coming to kill them from behind. Early ganks were too easy since nobody expects to get ganked the first minute in lane. You constantly had the pressure of WHAT IF EVE IS COMING FOR ME? In teamfights you just came from behing,ult and Q adc and boom it died. All the currently reworked champions had a unhealthy mechanic if you haven't noticed (Warwick Ult,Yorick as general,Urgot's broken E hitbox and kit that made no sense. So instead of crying,suck it up and face the truth.
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: Does anyone have any mental problems?
Depression,anger issues,holding my complaints inside,causing more anger to build up. No friends,only person that actually loves me in my entire family is my mother,she has to work very long hours,forcing me to everything myself(cooking,cleaning). Seen as a psycopath by everyone in school,too serious,made fun because of that. I'm glad I found LoL,it helped me get rid of depression,I don't give a %%%% about what people think about me anymore. I took {{champion:164}} as a role model, Star Guardian {{champion:103}} as an imaginary friend/second person inside my head to help with loneliness. Last part probably sounded edgy....{{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}}
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Meh, Support is freelo. I don't understand where the myth is comming from, that climbing as a Support is supposed to be difficult. But I literally have a 64% winrate on Soraka, 52% on Sona and 61% on Rakan. I should play Support more often. With these winrates I would be diamond in no time xd
I agree. I can't beat opponent at toplane,wave control or farm well, I can't roam at mid with a hard champion I have 200 games with,I can't gank or counterjungle properly as jungle or last hit well and position as ADC. That's when I realised just how easy support is and how people can't even play it right.
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