H8Justice (EUNE)
: Challenger rewards.
I think borders usually refresh with the new season... Not sure though
: Losses
Hello, sounds like you need to take a solid break from the way you describe things. Take a breather for a couple of days and come back fresh. Remember that there are other games available, so no need to force yourself to play League of Legends if you aren't enjoying it at the moment. I have struggled with similar things ("I can't do X because my team won't do Y"), but a learning player will find creative ways to allow himself and his team to perform. For example, if I make the decision to roam, but rely on my ADC to manage the lane for himself while I'm gone, that's not a solid call. A solid call would be to make the wave land in a certain way that allows my ADC to freely farm botlane. The other option would be to roam when he recalls. Basically, don't be satisfied with what you do and try to look for how you can do it in a more optimal way that doesn't rely on other players to perform exceptionally well. Focus on making calls that are sure to work and don't rely on a specific level of performance from people you don't know. I also recommend you mute your team, seriously, it's really helpful. An easy command for doing this is "/mute team".
Rusope (EUW)
: Thanks for your answer! I am happy if I reach Gold to be honest xD My motivation is that I love the game, the champs and how it works. I also love to play with my friends virtually every day. I started to play last season and improved a lot this season, I watched youtube videos and learned loads from them, and I also play way more than ever. I still get frustrated because I feel I either can't keep up with everyone else or my learning curve is just super slow. I tell myself after playing this game for 1.5 years I am supposed to be way better xD So in the end I'm not really sure if I just have my limits or if I should do more to improve, like spend a lot of time in the practice tool (which I don't because it bores me, whoops) :)
> [{quoted}](name=Rusope,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AjAAMUqs,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-11-02T16:41:09.251+0000) > > Thanks for your answer! I am happy if I reach Gold to be honest xD > > My motivation is that I love the game, the champs and how it works. I also love to play with my friends virtually every day. I started to play last season and improved a lot this season, I watched youtube videos and learned loads from them, and I also play way more than ever. I still get frustrated because I feel I either can't keep up with everyone else or my learning curve is just super slow. I tell myself after playing this game for 1.5 years I am supposed to be way better xD > > So in the end I'm not really sure if I just have my limits or if I should do more to improve, like spend a lot of time in the practice tool (which I don't because it bores me, whoops) :) Meh, personally I think practice tool is a lie. It's an overhyped mechanic that is mentioned in a lot of videos but doesn't really do much. As a player you need to decide for yourself what you want out of the game. Not everyone suits as a high elo player, or even mid-elo. A lot of people should honestly just have a great time with their friends in Normals - because it is a game after all. :) About you mentioning that you think you might have your limits... So I recently picked up coaching and have seen different people and analyzed what's holding them back from performing. So far I haven't seen a single player that has "limits", and I doubt you are an exception. Everybody has a potential to tap into, but for whatever reason they are unable to, but this is usually just a mental block for different reasons. Maybe they don't put enough time in the game, maybe they think they're bad so they perform bad, maybe they struggle with mental health, maybe they don't research enough, they compare themselves instead of improving, etc, etc. You need to find how you're limiting yourself and stop imagining that it might be about your age because trust me it's really not. With hard work and a good mental state you can achieve the unimaginable - but that's just it, LoL is a game and real life comes first. For some, as you improve in LoL you improve in real life because of the discipline etc you can be taught from the game. But if you have already come a long way in real life, what have you got to gain from LoL except of fun? That's where the motivation might not stick for long. Personally I would really want to see you drop the age thing - it's fiction. I believe anybody can hit gold if they focus on the right things but yea... Fun comes first. ;)
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Rusope (EUW)
: Can you be good at League if your mechanics are bad?
Hello, with good macro and average mechanics you can reach low Diamond elo. But in most cases it's not a player's lack of knowledge that hinders him, but rather motivation for improvement. In some cases even playing for the wrong reasons. :) I don't know what you personally value as a 'good League player', but I would argue that anyone above Gold is a good player since only 30% or something of players manage to hit that specific elo. Don't let the memes fool you. :)
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Solo vs Duo
It depends on what you mean by "better for Ranked". It's more fun to do duo, but your bad habits will go unnoticed if you have the same duo partner. It can be harder to play solo, but you'll have to work hard to improve yourself, and you'll rise more in the longrun. My personal experience that is.
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xTigax3 (EUW)
: General online behaviour
Hi, as a person who has been very passionate about changing the direction LoL's community is always heading towards, I can tell you that the best thing you can do is /fullmute team and always have /all chat off. I don't know why Riot is unwilling to change their approach to toxicity or even adapt their system at all but they certainly won't do anything right now if it hasn't been done for 9 years.
: What do you mean you haven't seen it? It's something you can't see. It's a hidden metric that only Riot can see. It's not something they feel like should be shown to the players. It's not information that we can do anything with.
Directly pasted from patch notes in 8.19: "We’re also testing position detection, which determines what position you actually played on the **end of game screen**. Let us know if it does you wrong" end of game screen end of game screen end of game screen
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King Lego (EUNE)
: I'm dc-ing randomly and lagging
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Renold (EUNE)
: Plat worst elo ever exist worst then silver-gold i swear
Fleiryn (EUW)
: Everyone dropped out of the game just before the end of it, felt like s3 ddos
Mail Riot not us, tell them specifically which match it was and maybe they can look into it
xGunna1 (EUW)
: we need blind pick ranked games
Vixén (EUNE)
: Toxic community
Its weird how these “trollers and feeders” only join whiny peoples games.... hmmmm.....
: False int accusations (and feature request)
First of all, you call animals and say that they are the toxic ones? Did you know btw that humans are an animal specie? Riot already can suspend people that abuse the report system, meaning if most of their reports turn out false then bye boy. Also, reports are weighted by X games reported in, not by X players. Meaning getting reported by 9 players in a game only counts for that you were reported in 1 game. And you should report people asking to report people, because that’s negativity and not the purpose of the chat. Most of this can be read at https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752884-Reporting-a-Player
: Improvement to "On my way" ping
Disagree with both. Location should show from where they currently are, as it does. Alternarively you could make the ping a different color to understand it’s a dead guy but even so I don’t think that’s necessary because it already works very well as it is.
Lol Eune still doesnt have Draft? That is so terrible
swepeff (EUW)
: why this happens so often
I dont quite understand what the problem is.
: You have flex for playing ranked with friends. Solo q should be measuring how one perform on their own. Some players seem too dependent on their duo partner that they don't even have the confidence to play ranked solo...
To be correct, it is called "Ranked Solo/Duo". People just call it Solo Q because no one wants to bother saying the whole name. So I still disagree that a queue called Ranked Solo/Duo should only measure your solo performance.
Renold (EUNE)
: Season 8 better mmr-placements??Season 8 begin???
Dont worry, I got put in Silver 4 this season and now Im Dia. I had quit LoL for 6 months and ended as decayed gold last season (i always hit dia each year but quit around summer and it decays to gold/plat when season ends lol) , so maybe thats why i got placed in silver, but in any case we all get to where we belong no matter where we start. I prefer the system putting ppl lower instead of higher where they belong, because climbing isnt hard if u are supposed to reach higher, but its annoying to get placed higher than u should and just keep on losing and ruining ppls games
: ONLY solo placement games
Disagree. If people truly didnt belong then they wouldnt only be on your team, they would be evenly divided. This seems more like a state of mentality issue by your side to me. ^^ I only play with my duoQ in Ranked, and if they removed duo for placements then those would be the most dull games tbh, would still complete them but... LoL wants people to play together, not apart, and I like the fact that we are allowed to aueue up together, placements and all.
MassPro (EUW)
: Team Clarity - Recruitment thread | Coach assistant, Analysts, Content creator and some roles
Air Support (EUNE)
: Banning items
#Sightstone ban #Disable the map
: What division do you want to hit until 7th of November?
I want to achieve fun. I am currently in D4, but I don't have any goals because to me they just %%%% up the fun and make me tense. I'm having great fun in all of my games so my goal is being hit every day. :D
grabbuu (EUW)
: Dude im silver 3 but i can tell i should be at least diamond 3 not challenger so pay attention: try to change your build. I just played lucio mid because i liked the champ. At first i built what was built by everyone, botkr black cleaver etc, if i got ahead was good build for mid game but if you cant end you fall even more that you would fall building crit for example. Remember, i should be diamond 3 AT LEAST so trust me. Before buying him i played once in free rotation crit, better for late even more if you are not ahead. Usually games in silver last 30 min at least so not that bad of an idea. But then i saw that mitigation build and i tried against burst midlaners. Started on death dance etc and crit etc I was best lucio mid on that patch i swear. Unbeatable. They even recognized me i started to get camp so i had to build crit for late game and play passive. {{item:3044}} This is kinda a bad item for lane imo (diamond 3 player emember) so yh...that's it, if you don't have lucio magic nothing will happen. Btw, try refillable...more efficient.
: TBH do i deserved to get banned ( i %%%%ing laugh a shit ton reading it sober :P ) was drunk
: I believe the "division V rule" used to be more or less true for "lower" elos, though demoting from diamond to plat has always been a bit easier than that as far as i know.
Btw forgot to mention I was d5 at that time of loss streak
: Demotion Shield
Uhhhhhh, the 10 game shield is a lie. I once lost 25 games in a row, in two days, didn't get demoted. I think someone said that if you have the elo of 5 tiers below (so in your case, P5) you'll get demoted. But probably that isn't true.
Tifufu (EUW)
: Why Blue Essence and not Influence Point (IP)
Making it easier for newbies, so that everything is bought with BE and not some things with IP and other things with BE. Also, let's be honest here, Blue Essence sounds so friggen cool!
: Feel free to add me if you need a {{champion:19}} OTP. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Add me for sure! I mostly play {{champion:101}} and{{champion:3}} and sometimes {{champion:5}}
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: T1 unban ? Any news ?
I don't know much about this Tyler 1 guy except of that he was an ADC that was so toxic he got plenty of accounts banned. My opinion on it all is that we keep this game for nice people. And just like if a guy murders 20 people, goes to jail, and then after some years says "That was the past bro, let me out, I have reformed" he won't get out, I don't think they should free a guy like this into the game of LoL. ^^
Bhayanaka (EUW)
: We are unable to log you in because you may be offline
Same happened to me. Luckily they could /remake it, still don't like to get punished for something that isn't my fault =/ Didn't find this post until 10 minutes later
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aGG cat (EUW)
: Offensive language and calling someone "autistic" in game
I'm autistic and I dont give a crap when someone flames someone else with those words. What did get to me is YOU saying " not to joke around about serious conditions or mental illness". Mental illness, seriously? That's a really harsh way to call autism
Sácana (EUW)
: Want someone to play with
~Does this apply to Ranked only? We could go Normal games if you'd want.
: Feel free to add me to your friend list! We'll see when we are both up ;) EDIT: JK I'm only plat 4 :P http://www.animatedimages.org/data/media/570/animated-merry-christmas-image-0116.gif
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: That's the kind of training i would love to do, too bad im on a wrong server.
Sucks >_> But perhaps someone from EUNE reads this thread and spots ur comment
SoulBawz (EUW)
: would play with you if i actually played ranked my rating might be higher, would love to show you my 112.3k mastery points yasuo :3 but gl with your 1v1 against whoever it shall be
Oh you main Yasuo :3 I used to main him. Always fun to bump into another player that actually plays him good. <: And thanks~ :D
SoulBawz (EUW)
: what? you want to have fun on a game like league of legends? pff thats impossible, everybody knows league is only super competitive and... what ? you say its a game? oh...
I'll have fun. Up to the guy Im vs if he wants to have a bad time or nawt.
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Onímusha (EUW)
: Possible solution to get rid of trolls, afkers, feeders and toxic players
Vote kick in general has always been a broken and abused system. Rather just endure the game and hope for more fortunate matchmaking next time. {{champion:201}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Ronsu,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=qveeVUKG,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-09-01T14:13:51.773+0000) > > "Hi, i just honored you to let you know that you're gabbage and i hate you" > > Would totally backfire in this community "Report honor"
---- ---- Yes, abuse might happen, but can be easily prevented by making it so that if you honor a player you cannot report him/her. Imagine if you were a flamer. Would you rather a) Honor someone and write a comment that they would read which would be negative b) Report them believeing they would get a time-out/ban? I believe most players would rather report someone bad than give them honor, if they only got to pick between one of those. Plus, if someone wanted to flame they will just report + add after to write a comment rather than honoring them... Right? ---- ---
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lunaluvgood (EUNE)
: Here is the place for you to have a little bit of fun!
Why did the student with a chopped-off head go to the principal? - - - Answer: Because the principal is the **head**master of the school. _... Made that one up as I was showering._
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