: I got 10 games chat restriction and after those 5 days I went to honor level 1. Is not so hard to get honor so you don't even need to focus on this. Just play the game and show that you are a good teammate who can't get tilted. You have enough time to get honor level 2 until the the season end.
So we can get rewards then? Or was this only for last season
: Good behavior. As you can see on this boards I can be a pleasant person with 0 effort. Making jokes with my team and enemy team, giving tips, carry some players and other things can get me very easy 1-3 honors per game. I don't really care about the honor level, but this was more like a challenge for me to see how fast I unlock it. Now I am back to my normal way of playing this game and I still get some honor even if I don't interact with my team.
so did you have a chat restriction too? Having your honor reset? I just want to be able to get rewards XD
: 2
So if i get honor level 2 I can get rewards? Also, how long does that take?
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