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: Can i just ask, i am Unranked. Does the new season begin tomorrow's night or is it already begun?
It will have started once ranked is back up
Mark Sama (EUW)
: I needed just 1 win...
First of all Flex Q, second of all last day of season thrid of all, ranking up in preseason doesnt give you anything so whats the big deal, People go on losing streaks, get over it
: So, when is ranked suppsoed to be up on EUNE?
They're going into season 8, so don't expect is TOO soon, I'd say like 1 or 2 more hours? Can't tell you for sure though
: Brand vs Zed
And you're posting this because? There is a thing such as counter picks you know?
: Fantasy LCS is live
I need a league... none of my friends who play league (not many to begin with) watch pro play. :(
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: Will you ever nurf this champion riot?
Kayn isn't overpowered, if you main squishy mids and ADC, yes then he's broken but guess what, thats what he's made for to kill an adc
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: How to play on NA from EU without high ping
There isn't a way of getting better ping to another region, you connect to a local gameserver, same reason some people in NA play with 80ping, the servers are on the other side of the country. Move to NA or play on high ping is the only thing you can do.
: Fizz-bot doing weird Stuff
Highly doubt riot will bother fixing a botgame bug, unless it makes them play like diamond players or whatever. Same reason Dominion didn't get any attention, low playerbase. It also has people in your team being lvlup bots running it down mid and I have reported countless of those never got the instant feedback report message.
: Clash Teams
Anyone lower honor level than 2 ? only thing I as a normal player can think off
: no silver border
I THINK they said something about if the ban was issued after 22nd of august you wont be eligable for any rewards.
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FabieZ v2 (EUW)
: Kayn bug
Are you sure it's not just because they are diffirent souls (ranged vs melee) it only shows what you have most of. If this isn't what's going on I'm sorry just tryna help :D
AarkNam (EUW)
: project skin shard, get a skin you already own!
Everytime it's a SHARD there is a chance you get the one you already own. A permanent means one you don't own, RIP unlucky I guess
Van Speyk (EUW)
: Please update your game info more often
Info about orange essence? what's not to understand ???
Aaltih (EUNE)
: I just played a game, and didn't get the essence. Send help
It's not a bug, they choose it to be like this for some reason, it's literally impossible to get all champs unless you put money in it tbh
: Grasp instead of Aftershock on Blitz
I did save it because it was selected and exactly how I made it after the game aswell, anyway not too big a problem
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: Again I said nothing overly offensive. If all the chat filter looks at is writing a lot, then it's not very fair. 1 game and permaban. If you seriously think that's fair, then I duno what 2 say.
It's not just one game, you only get permabanned if you went through all the stages, being a couple of chat restrictions, then the 14 days and then the perma, you're on VERY thin ice when you went though all of those, 1 game is enough after all of that, and if you have been perma banned before, you are on even thinner ice, if you dont learn to change how you behave (I speak from experience) then you will be banned, you feel invincible, you think HAHAHAH ONLY CHAT BAN WHO CARES, That's what I thought. Not trying to be mean but if you get perma'd you deserve it, it's really that simple. Just make a new account and dont spam noob adc, never heal, like I care if you report me, its 4v5 untill you surrender, thats not offensive but toxic doesn't mean offensive. It means ruining the game of others just as much
Rei1 (EUW)
: Reward question
oMehzinyy (EUNE)
: Eligible for rewards but i get no rewards?
You have to be honor level 1 to get Key fragments. I had the same problem and as for your rewards (seasonrewards) just give it a week or two and you should have the border and whatever
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Armor (EUW)
: Current meta is cencor
It's literally the second day of preseason, relax xd
: Champion Mastery Gone???!!!?
If you would have taken time to look instead of panicing, there is a notification saying there is maintenance going on with Mastery
FQ Cappy (EUNE)
: ban permanenet :(
The fact that one day of your brother playing you got banned, means you already had it coming. I got banned permanently aswell once and well, It sucks but you're gonna have to start over buddy nothing Riot or us can do about it
: Are Mystery Champions still the same?
Pretty sure you don't get a shard but the actual champion now, havent tried it tho

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