: Nothing too negative and only 1 game. Ehhhh i guess you could say its deserved but you only did slight offenses, id give you a chat restrict if you had 2-3 games like this.
Yea , i was thinking the same , but it doens't really matter , i just got mad because i know that Nami player should have been banned or at least gotten a timeout for his flame.
sirDarts (EUW)
: Yeah, don't do it. It's completely useless. One report is worth just as much as 9.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: You spammed in all chat to report someone which is reportable Having someone shit on your team isn't fun but making a shit environment for the enemy team isn't fun either is Rito's logic I think
Oh , i didn't know , I always /all when someone needs a report in my team for troll or flame. Thanks !
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