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: I was diamond last season and hit it early in this one. After stucking in D4/D3 i tried a lot of new champs and tilted. My winrate dropped to 48%. Now im getting +13 and -23~ LP. The only way to fix that is to win more on a regular basis. Its pretty tilting, i know. On my smurf account which i hit Diamond yester day i get +18 and -17~, but i have an 61% winrate there. Play rankeds only on ur best days, dont tilt and get better. One day ur gains will be better trust me.
Thank you so much for the reply, I was somewhat drained, and your answer surely was uplifting, part of me is conforted that this is a normal thing, and that there are people out there that are used to fighting it, gives me a sense of hope and thought that i will not be stuck there. Part of me feels somewhat confused on Riot's side however, on a game as old as this, its surprising they havent found a way that we can have answers as to why we are gaining and losing what we are, something that tells us what part of our preformance has been lacking, i wouldnt think it would be asking for much, i just think that aimlessly playing only on the support of hope that it gets better is not the answer. Again thank you for the reply, i surely needed it.
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