: Your MMR defines if you get stronger or weaker teammates, So ya all games are predefine in that way, plus Ritos system boosts players with a low winrate. Thats why your enemy team got the Plat player. So ya matchmaking circels around the interests of the weakest players. Unskilled players would not climb and lose interest in the Game very fast without considering this. Its a system that follows customer loyality firstly. Everything else after that.
Thanks man, you really hit the nail on some of the shettiest policies around riot games and in general most competitive games.
Endellion (EUW)
: > Now Riot, maybe there is still a bit of love left for your consumers somewhere there. Please give us an old balance patch of league. I'll play again, and i'm sure, half of the people who are playing Fortnite and other games, will come back to league too, even if for a short while. Blizzard did it, and it looks like a success. You can do it better than they did. I think Blizzard's game plan is to keep themselves relevant while they're working on Diablo 4, most people will drop WoW classic after a short time when they see what the grind is really like. After sales dry up again they can always release Burning Crusade classic while they're working on something else.
I hope they succeed but i dont think so, looking at how Overwatch, HotS, and Starcraft 2 are drifting to the abyss (altho war3 and sc2 got a small boost to their players recently again) and then BFA, and in general how they are letting all those titles die, i don't think if they have it in them anymore
: Gets talked about a lot though. There is an official statement somewhere i read it last year. Said it's not out of question, but they will focus on other things in next future. My guess it won't come until they don't find any more ways to milk money out of this game *cough* eternals *cough* which from a business point of view makes sense of course. Popular games do it all the time right now (look WoW classic) but you gotta wait until it will generate the most money.
i exactly thought of this since blizzard did it, only when they are on the last strings, it might happen. i got quite worried when i heard next riot games title is a fighting game. hope they do that right, altho i cant see how.
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Dromaius (EUW)
: [EUW/EUNE/TR/RU] Post-incident messaging - 17.11.2015
Wow,very detailed,looks like u guys want us to be computer engineers.

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