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: How fast does someone get banned ?!
At most they may get chat restricted.
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: Don't just watch one youtuber. There are many more. A very famous youtuber who also teaches a lot about champion mechanics is SoloRenektonOnly. He has a new vid almost every day and they are highly informative. Another youtuber I really like is Anklespankin. I got my first S playing Kayle top after watching one vid of him. He also likes teaching, though he is always being more of a goofball. As for the high ms, focus on champs without skillshots. It's hard to predict the enemy's movement if you can't properly see the movement. A good champ with amazing and easy CS is Kayle. She has no skillshots, only point and click. Kayle is a little fragile at the start, but with Lethal Tempo, Nashor's Tooth and Guinsoo's she is an absolute BEAST late game. Attack speed and on hit damage, 40% CDR and just press E, then every AA is an explosion, dealing a metric ton of damage at high speed. She has a slow (point and click), a heal (point and click) and an invulnerability shield ult (also point and click). You could also try Darius. Similar to Garen, but with a little skill he is so mean in lane!!!! Another cool champ for top is Maokai. Super tanky and easy to play.
While i appreciate the Comment, genuinely i do. I believe you've missed the point somewhere. I watch SRO, i watch streams, replays, etc. However i feel like i need someone who can tell me what im doing wrong as that's how i learn best. Additionally i specifically mentioned auto attack reset champions, you clearly havent played on high ping so kayle is awful. minions literally die from half health sometimes due to lag. I also dont want to play team fight champs like maokai, i legit just want to solo split and win the game that way, learning when it's best for the team to do that or when to use my tp into team fights. I've been playing since season 4, i'm very familiar with champions, abilities, playstyles, strengths and weaknesses. This is why i've chosen one i feel best fits me. Again, thanks for the reply though.
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YasuoDHX (EUW)
: Reporting players for bad computers? Please?
so that's false. There's a timer set by riot and then you can remake. These issues are 1. not common enough to warrant a report and 2. might simply just be a temporary issue for someone. and even if their pc is crap, you can just spend that time being thankful for being born into a household that can afford decent pc's. I had to wait 24 years before i could buy my own, doesn't mean we are any less deserving of playing league.
: Gold Mid Laner Looking For Team, Happy to Play with Silvers :)
You're so generous, how ever will we return the gratitude.
Kacperek20 (EUNE)
: Tryb 5 na 5 ale ze można grac razem z kolegami np 5 kolegów na drugie 5
This is the ENGLISH boards fam. I highly doubt you're going to have any success here but hey GL
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: Locking in
if you got a 15 minute leaver buster it's because you leave multiple games, otherwise you'd just have a 5 minute ban. Seems as if you should focus on that rather than autolock-in's
Dovydas14 (EUW)
: Perma banned w/o warning
Dovydas14: wow your so smart You're. Enjoy the ban
187 SMR (EUNE)
: Uhm did I equate normals to ranked? I don't recall doing that, my post is long as hell, I'm not re-reading that XD Ofc I don't equate those two, I lost so many games today.. Went to play one normal game and won it.. Came back to ranked, lost it again XD It's okay that it's preseason. But even in preseason people (like me) want to climb. Is it even okay to experiment in ranked no matter if it's regular season or preseason? Why do we have normals then? About banning Cait, that was a joke.. sure I'm not just gonna ban her because of that. But after supporting a 0/9/3 and 1/10/0 Cait, I actually kinda am traumatized, no joke there :D
You did in a round about way by saying you have experience playing the game for so long, my point is that those games don't properly prepare you for ranked. And i fully agree, preseason shouldnt be about trolling and inting. but i myself have lost far more games in preseason than i did in ranked this last year because i'm trying new things/champs/ideas. I used to have positive win % in flex now it's like 48% ^^ So the point of this is to say, don't judge ranked based off of preseason. use this time to improve and do your placements within days of the new season and grind ranked as you can. You should naturally get to the elo your skills are at fairly soon. From there its a case of actively improving. but that's not now :D now is preseason, now is troll :D :D :D
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Rekt... Indeed you are correct. It's still amusing though xD There's been so many posts about ranked rewards and this guy's been explained to by many people so he is either a long term 4chan member or just not english. at all.
187 SMR (EUNE)
: Idk what to do anymore
Here's the thing. 1. You can't equate normals to ranked 2. its preseason 3. everyone starts low. You will not get good quality ranked games while people are experimenting in preseason and you have hardly any ranked xp. if you actually care about rank, you need to play ranked queues. complaining otherwise is pointless. as for your banning cait point. in low elo literally every single champion is viable. in fact cait is probably one of the best because she can be safe and not die so much.
: Your comment indicates you didn't read the post and simply lached on to the intro thinking you had something of value to add. This was also my last comment on the board, since they are a really good reflection of how the games atmosphere and community in general is.
Seems like you embody the type of people we don't want in the community. Wish you well :) happy new years
: Of my last 8 - 9 games, 7 games had players spawning and then running it down mid (or into whatever lane the enemy was in) to die, of those games I experienced 1 single game where the enemy team had a Xerath + Velkoz botlane with double heal + tp and Velkoz not buying any items. On top of this you have the staggering amount of toxicity (In my games it's close to 90% without exaggerating), this covers both flamebaiting and the 99 / 100 games with someone going '_report X for my reason_'. The biggest problem is Riot, their stance on players who trolls games by either intentionally feeding or just running around in the jungle doing nothing, but leeching experience is at best, pathetic by all standards. It should not take 5 - 10 games (in reality they only get banned if it makes it to reddit, which speaks volumes about Riot) with people intentionally ruining games. I know Riot has a huge fanbase, and yes.., the game itself is great, but the framework around it is what creates the animosity. By framework I mean Riot's setup around the actual game, right from match making which feels more and more like the wheel of fortune, to their lack of recognising the volume of players who aren't good for the atmosphere. At this point I've actually just uninstalled the game, because even something as small as 8-9 games with the above out of say.., 500, is more than I care to waste my time on (or money for that matter). It's fine that you are on the same wagon as Riot, and think people who behave in the way I've described, are "just" having a bad game. So in the spirit of good sportsmanship, enjoy this farce of a game.
So what you're saying is, during preseason, using a GIGANTIC SAMPLE SIZE OF 9 games. You can accurately predict and make conclusions into the average game of LoL. A game where literally tens of thousands of games per day are played, 70+ million players, individuals with over 2,500 hours of gameplay can be predicted by 9 games. Your argument may contain some flaws there bud imma just be real with you
: Thank you all for your replies! Very appreciated! I know that toxic behaviour are never lifted, but sometimes it has to get to your heart, when actually caring about your behaviour, you know? I did not think Riot would ever permaban me as a player, never. Now when I realised how it does actually feel, I wont ever do it again. I just need one more chance, that's all! Thank you all again, for your comments! <3
We can all see straight through these fake, cheery, friendly replies dude. Fact is, if you weren't so toxic, you'd still have an account. Playing the new years new you card is fine, but it won't change anything. A suggestion is, level up a new account, get honour 5, maintain that for 6 months and then email support and ask them to review your consistant behavior and then consider unbanning you. It shows a lot more honesty than your fake words.
: Is your highlights section full of replays of you instakilling left and right? Why not share?
Seems like a fair amount of effort as well as asking a lot. But you haven't shared anything about yourself. Might help you out.
gukogtiii (EUNE)
: Hi
seems like there's some info you're not sharing here buddy.
: The hate is fully justified if you ask me.
people who say Riot matches them up with inters every game? People have bad days and bad games. everyone gets consistently good and bad team mates. That kind of hate isn't justified. Same for a lot of the other hate. again though, a lot of it is. its not a perfect game or company but at least they'r trying.
Elevin34 (EUW)
: Riot deserves every bit of hate they get.
eh, a lot of hate is justified and a large portion is just people being a bit butthurt about things.
: Fine, while it's begrudging for me to admit it over some of the things going on in game (champ pool being one-sided, the keystones being onesided and just overall not liking balance) the game is heading into a user-friendlier direction. I feel more compelled to play now that the leveling is implimented and there were some quests to do. Hope you'll keep doing good riot, love ya
Yeah there's been some very steep up's and down's to be sure xD But certainly its been upwards overall :)
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: so its still a chanse i get silver frame this mounth or do i have to wait another year :(
this is the best kind of trolling xD 2 rioters and an emissary replying to this guy. People please stop explaining things, he clearly knows whats going on and pulling your leg. But well done fam, much respect.
: Evelynn jungle
stop blaming team mates. there's a reason you are bronze. step 1. accept you're at fault for not being able to climb. step 2. rewatch your games, realizing how much more you could have done. step 3. continually improve from there or keep blaming your team and remain in bronze.
SepharU (EUNE)
: Some new thoughts and ideas
Theres already a tournament realm being done by Rito and just queue solo in solo Q then. if you're good enough you'll climb. it's perfectly fair. I regret wasting so much time reading this. it serves no purpose.
: ***
: Dont worry buddy i moved on but the point is if Riot create a system that can detects if you go afk or inting you get banned but when it comes to personal things like someone threatening to kill you witch is obviously crossing the line because its just a game they do nothing about it witch is much worse than feeding witch this guy also did he had 18 deaths and flamed and threaten my life so i dont understand why hes not banned yet
fair enough. he may have a chat ban you dont know about though. Goodluck ^^
: You probably didn't read what i said because i said i am not intimidated or neither scared from this threat i just want this guy to get banned if people getting banned for going afk or trolling why someone would not be banned for threatening to kill me ?
You also have no bloody clue how to post links friend. Use gyazo / lightshot / etc.
: You probably didn't read what i said because i said i am not intimidated or neither scared from this threat i just want this guy to get banned if people getting banned for going afk or trolling why someone would not be banned for threatening to kill me ?
i did in fact read it. And, there wasn't anything like "i'll find where you live" or "i'll come kill you irl" etc. It's one degenerate child who can't hold his temper. My issue is someone like you who simply can't report after the game and move on with your life. Why are you letting some random get to you that you post on facebook? Buddy, there are more important things in life. let the small things go. If he had said something like he will find you, then sure, report the case to the police, they can subpoena his IP address from Rito and they can resolve the issue. fact is he didnt though, so move on ^^
: funny that you consider this not normal but threatening to take someones life is normal for you i would assume ..
It's an online multiplayer game. Death threats are literally how i start my mornings, that and coffee. Genuinely feel that people need to grow a spine. In fact there's a game on steam you should go play instead, think it's called getting over it? come back when ya'll have finished that ^^
H4rq (EUW)
: m9 im telling ya not a ot
match history, and masteries don't lie. Either way it doesn't matter to me. i wouldn't play with you in a team. A top lane yassuo main is not known for practising tp ganks bot, helping the team, etc. You got your rank by OTP'ing. so i'd imagine your actual mmr when yassuo is banned is around low silver. Which is completely fine! but not for me and not for flex ^^
H4rq (EUW)
: whos saying im a one trick ? I just play yas a lot cuz hes fun rofl
i looked at your account ^^
H4rq (EUW)
: I cant add u mate . Top laner (filthy yas main ).Would like to join. add me H4rq
OTP's don't do well in teams ^^ they just target ban you and then you lose.
BuxSheep (EUW)
: Gold Uk team, using discord etc
Bud, you're friends list is full. can't add you :) Im interested in joining a team though. 24, english Jungle/Support main Discord or teamspeak on every day chaosllamma
Muuaahh (EUNE)
: Not *exactly* you could be a division higher easily, enemy team could overly fed and thus why you cannot carry.
Nope. If you cannot carry yourself out of a division, and you've played more than 50ish games and you're still stuck there, guess what? you belong there. end of story. You might think you deserve better but you don't. its not your team, its not the enemy team, its you. Sure, you could watch some guides and improve and then climb or start maining 1 or 2 champs you're good one and climb that way but again, league is quite balanced in solo queue. the mmr's are usually quite equal. I was hardstuck silver since 2014. only this year did i get gold. and that was only in flex, didnt even get it on solo q. You know why? because i suck at this game :)
Muuaahh (EUNE)
: Well it was like Bronze V, i don't think it is that hard.
and in silver? gold and plat? he carried teams in every single elo. If you're good enough, you'll carry. if you cant, then you're exactly in the elo you deserve
: "If you are good you can carry your garbage team" is a myth.
Apdo started a low elo account in bronze with a 90%+ win rate, even with inters on his team, both side lanes losing, he carried teams multiple times. It is possible, git gud
: LF Flex team Silver [EUW]
If you have any luck hmu too fam
: %%% me. i dont believe 2-4 honors constantly as i get 0 when i do bot games, people seem to be super toxic in that but still. The other day i made this post ^^ it's possible
: %%% me. i dont believe 2-4 honors constantly as i get 0 when i do bot games, people seem to be super toxic in that but still.
Play supports like janna/ soraka/ karma. Don't ks always say gj promote a positive vibe and greet people at the start of every game. Worked for me. You have to understand the reason you got level 0 and fix it or learn how to fake it, either way, it should work if you're consistent.
: level 0 honor stuck
It took me almost 3 months to get my honour level from 0 to 1. and i play bot games every day getting 2-4 honours consistantly.
elPanko (EUW)
: ***
I do xD lol. One of my problems is that if my ADC doesnt heal me to try save me in a 50/50 situation, especially one where i engaged for them to snowball them in lane and then flames me for dying, i instantly leave the lane and roam. which results in my adc inting/getting shrekt. This is why i'm a low elo support main ^^
Icehood (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ChaosLlamma,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EJwKM1qa,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-12-26T19:07:45.471+0000) > > Been honour 0 (very deserved) for months. > Managed to get back to level 1. > Slow grind back up, working on not being a %%%%head. > Just thought i&amp;#039;d share it is possible to get out of 0 How the hell are you still not banned with honor lvl 0, that is what is really ....woah . But yeah good job getting out of 0 I guess .
I didnt even get a suspension. reason is quite simple, my flame was generally very sarcastic so most people found it funny. hence i only received 1 or 2 reports and not 4 or more. Additionally I'm not racist or homophobic nor did i say '%%%', which is how most people end up getting banned. obviously apart from the times i went too far ^^ hence the (deserved)
: Thats awesome dude! How do u do it? Usually when I tell the truth to some kids I end up being banned...
i play atleast 1 co-op vs ai game a day for the quest. its always a very positive experience and usually nets a few honours. And /mute all in combination with playing flex with friends :) you're not going to flame your mates on chat, can just shit talk them over voice comms ^^
: My 14 day ban appeal.
It's so incredibly sad that people are so sensitive that you can't even joke. There really should be lines that are drawn so people can actually have fun and joke. ridiculous
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