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: It's not Riot's fault that statistically 5 out of 10 people are going to lose the game. Well it is, but that's how the game works. It's not Riot's fault that some of the community (such as yourself) can't learn and improve themselves and their own gameplay to stop losing more games. You lost a game. Boohoo. Statistically, you'll lose 48-52% of all your games (rough numbers). Get used to it.
So its my fault that i play 10 games and 8 out of them with good kda , objectives and teamplay , (which you can check) lose because players go afk , feed and are toxic ??? Please review your arguments because i play since beta and this season was the worst in terms of matchmaking . Thanks
: I kinda agree with the OP. But i also think this is mainly i problem in lower elo. Still this is a big problem. I some times check after a game or before a game, and more often then not i see the jungle main auto filled at support and the support main playing mid. Stuff like this really screws games. Dont think there simple easy solutions for this. One solution i can think of is to make yet another solo/duo queue where players are only allowed by the system to pick champs they main or have a high mastery score on. This would also mean that we as players would need to be "good" atleast a few champs. Still this aint fool proof. In a team based game like this we will always have to deal with people of role. I remember when i started playing LoL there was not even role select. Would just enter game and the guy first to call mid would have the right to play mid etc etc. Was a real pain. At least with what we have now its somewhat organised
Yes RIOT also have a lot of problems in lane selections and i agree with what you saying , still low elo players (60% of league of legend rank ) find the way to gold and plat very difficult not just because they dont have objectives but also because they go ranked games with afk players , feeders and not teammates
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