: Ill just ignore your posts.. you're clearly trolling lol. im suprised you didnt tell me "if you dont want to get flamed change your gender" ^^
I was gonna leave some usefull feedback but after reading your responses you come across to me as some bloated attention w*ore that wants recognition from people. You use your female gender name to get attention from boys becuase you feed of it to sustain your own selfconfidence. Now you found a way for people to try and feel sorry for you by crying "buuhuu im a girl and boys are so unfair". But as you may have noticed people don't give a shit about your problems because they aren't real problems. The truth is that the only real way to "deal" with your problem is either to change your nickname or learn to ignore people. When you've done that stop being such a sexist. Your attitude and reasoning is on par with those that believe all men should be locked in jail and put on a leash because of our inherent "evil" ways. Get over yourself.
: I get flamed because of my gender ;-;
You are an imbalance. When 10 men play this game the chromosone is in order. 10 X, 10 Y. This is how it should be. When you appear it goes out of order. 11 X and 9 Y will cause the game to go haywire and all sense of logic dissapears. You'd be better of trying to educate a wall about Napoleon. People are assholes, ignore and move on ^^
Azure9861 (EUW)
: When you say hating people, do you mean you hate them or them hating you?
Hate from them hating me. To give context, the game I just played on Nidalee jungle started horribly with my support stealing gromp and then not helping me clearing the rest of the jungle. Then the team poke fun at me for not being able to clear jungle and then flamed me for not ganking. That is just one example. Sometimes its my team flaming eachother or flaming the enemy for whatever reason.
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That video was really uninteressting and poor. There is no mechanics here.
By just reading your post i'm quite certain you deserved it.
: Implying Caitlyn doesnt zone you under your own turret :) But I really wonder where the jungler was in that match. I mean, if he really got zoned that much, the wave must have been pushing to their tower steadily (if Cait didnt freeze and Vayne inflicted unnecessary damage on the wave).
I didnt see this game, but as a jungler main I can tell you there is some level of risk of ganking a bot lane that is getting heavily harassed. If Vayne and Nami sits on 30-50% hp and their Cait and Leona sits on 80%+ health it isn't impossible for them to turn and win the fight if they kite backwards properly, or just burst one of my guys down and make it impossible for us to chase. I don't know how many times I've had losing bot lanes ask for ganks repeatedly, calling me afk and what not for not ganking for them, but when I do that occurs, and doesnt change anything other than wasting my time from a potentionally usefull gank mid or top. A 3v2 fight is not nearly as favorable as a 2v1, especially of your side is low on resources.
: Offline mode so you can login without getting spammed and feel relaxed
Get even higher and they can't duo with you, best excuse. Im Diamond, most of my friends are gold/silver. Won't duo with them cause I cannot.
: That feeling...
Most likely a 10 game chat restriction, nothing more. You've done nothing than hindering the people that will end up playing with him to communicate properly. You probably caused more frustration for those innocent people than him.
Car0llle (EUW)
: Some of My Closest People Agreed To Quit LoL
True toxicity is bad players. If people never played below expected in their division most people wouldn't become so goddamn infuriated with unwinnable games. Most of my frustration comes from when I try my damndest to win a game and still cannot win it no matter how well I perform because some random arse is unable to play half as decent as the rest. Maybe it's hard to blame people for not being as experienced as others, but dumb play which causes most losses is quite inexcusable as the only thing you need to do to prevent it is think for a couple of seconds.
: Dude just got banned. :^)
Banned could also mean 10 game of chat restriction. Me and another fellow ended up argueing quite heftely in a game, we both reported eachother at the end and after sometime I got a message saying someone I recently reported got banned, then I recieved a 10 game chat restriction myself. Shortly the dude added me, I accepted figureing I'd enjoy his whine abit. Appareantly he was prancing around about how he got me perma banned or some shite. Guessing he got the same message as I and thought it would be a hefty ban, far from. I'm guessing the dude you reported got nothing more than a minor chat restriction. On a side question, did you lose the game? And was it because of you? In ranked poor play is very shunned upon, I wouldnt blame most people for being frustrated at someone underperforming.
Bibby (EUW)
: Where are the Kindred hotfix?
She has mobility, she has ridicolous high amount of burst damage in the early levels without items (for a ranged might I add), hard to kill due to her ult and sustains super easy. As a point of interesst, a no mana Kindred with no items fought a Maokai with full mana and no items as well. Both were level 3, Maokai missed no spells yet still couldnt kill the kindred as the kindred just aa'ed him down using a totall of one Q in that fight. The only up the Kindred had was 1 stack on her passive. I don't care what kind of a duelist you are, but if you are out of resources you don't kill anyone, yet this bullshit happened. Its obnoxious and unfun to play vs, and as a long time jungle main this is not what I wanted our new jungle champ to be. If I wanted to play a marksman I'd play ADC. The game is gradually getting worse with more and more champions having frustrating toolkits to play vs. An outplay is no longer an outplay, it's random button mashing. Kindred is not complete, send her back to the drawing board and give us a proper jungle champion. You aren't suppose to play anything in any role. There is a reason there are no assassin supports, bruiser marksmen or full tank mid laners.
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: This Team should be Honored
Id rather have 4 flamers and win than 4 nice guys and lose in ranked.
: Brand is still very strong in soloQ...
Yeah he is, but way back then he was nothing more but another mage to bring mid lane. And if I was up against a Veigar, Orianna or whatever I didn't really care. Nothing was concidered a "must bann" as far as I remember back then.
shaunika (EUW)
: i can't remember the last time an ADC Followed up a dragon call
I can't remember the last time an adc wasnt flamed for not dealing tons of damage. Im a jungler main, and the few occasions an ADC has underperformed in terms of damage they tend to be verbally abused by their teammates. This creates a lot of pressure on whomever plays the ADC in any game. I've noticed that when i'm forced to ADC I feel obligated to constantly farm because if I don't get as many items as quickly as possible i'm going to get blamed for losing teamfights. P.S. I fucking hate ADC mains.
: Perma banned ? Spend huge cash on my account ? OK RIOT...let your kids ruin game more...
I just want to say that based on the title alone you probably deserved it.
: Player's reactions to your build: how do you react?
I tend to be smarter than the people argueing against my build, so it's quite easy to ignore. Just make your case on why you built the way you did, if they cannot come up with a constructive argument then they clearly have no idea why your build would be bad and why the other more standard builds are good. If that happens, mute them. If they do give you some good feedback on why you are doing something wrong then simply thank for the advice and consider it in another game unless you can remedy your current build without to much of a loss.
: One for all is over soon - overall experience
It was a bad game mode. The vast majority of games were a pain for one side due to the champion pick. Hell I can even say I was boored when I was on the winning side because the champion itself wasnt fun. The only fun game I can remember playing was 5 Yasou vs 5 Garen. But considering how one sided it was I bet it wasnt to fun for the Garen players. Hopefully Riot never brings this back, i'm confident that above 50% of players in over 50% of games wern't enjoying themselves.
Vavroni (EUW)
: League is not very fun atm
This game was way more fun in the past. The concept of broken champions hardly existed. I miss the days where I spammed Brand mid with little to no concern about what the enemy team played. Feels like Riot needs to revamp a lot of their champions in order to make this game as good as it was. Ideally they also stop making champions with toolkits that ruin the experience for the players that play against them. Not talking about op here, just unfun champs.
: Best Baron Steal you ever did !
One of my better steals was on Elise. My team was heavily pushed into their lanes and I had a hard to assisting them due to their Nunu constantly roaming around in my jungle, placing wards and taking my camps. I couldnt kill him, at this point he was too fed and hella tanky. Anyway, when the latter part of the game hit they all started doing Baron. When the enemy team had split attention on the baron and the front line of my own team I found an opportunity to repel into the Baron pit and steal it from the Nunu. The fight went even but we had atleast 2 members alive to hold of the superminions by buffing up our minions with the baron buff. Later on in the game they attempted a second Baron, this time however I barely got there in time and had to flash in there to attempt steal it. I got it and the resulting teamfight ender up with us going 4 for 1, having our Yasou and ADC alive to push down the turrets and win the game. I was so salty during the early game of that match that im hella surprised that I managed to show up for the Baron fights. Here is the game: http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2219847732/22417364?tab=overview I did it on my main account, posting from my smurf.
: Female streamers
You can't blame the streamers for this. They found a way to abuse stupid people for their money. If people started to object against those kinds of ways of making money a lot of companies in the western world, the US in particular, would be in a lot of trouble. Rather blame the idiots that actually pay these girls money and then take the opportunity to educate your own children / siblings to not be fooled by a cleavage. If you are truely watching the stream for it's entertainment value you are either a moron or have a very odd interesst. As point of interesst, you can google way better cleavage on way better looking girls without feeling the need to pay anyone.
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