: This is absolutely true too. but people here don't wanna hear it
Dito. I Play jungle in Dia. Mostly i mute toplane pretty quick because they have 0 clue how jungle works and that botlane is more important. They just start to spam-ping and cry/blame if I don't come and win their lane for them. I can make our botlane 15:0 and they still cry "jungle diff/ afk jungler" because they don't even see what happens outside of their little toplane-island. Sometimes I have the feeling there is no other lane that have so little understanding of jungle like toplaners. This thread and the votes are the best example.
: I didn't read your topic so I'm sorry if I don't properly discuss it I will answer your question according to my experience, most of the games where I camped for my toplaner the superior lane (botlane) was mostly neglected and thus 2 players on my team would be largely behind .. now that doesn't sound nearly as bad as it really is because botlane will most likely have your main source of damage (an adc or a mage) and more importantly a support. Trust me, when a support is behind it really stings .. your support is your main source of vision and him being low on gold means he will either cut down on Pink wards or have low resistances thus he won't able to put out as many shields/heals or CC as possible, hell it means he won't ever be able to go ward alone or else he's a free kill, him not having his support itmes is also another catastrophe a good timed Locket/Redemption could do a lot in mid game teamfights, an Adrent support with Athen's could win the teamfight if he/she plays properly I don't wanna sound like this, but the truth is most toplaners play dumb champs like Daruis that will always get kited to death like dogs in teamfights (given that it's not a Silver elo game) . also bear in mind that since you didn't pressure the enemy botlane enough not only does their adc offer more than your toplaner by default, they are also now ahead and will shit all over your team in teamfights not to mention drakes. The only exception are Kayle/Vlad/Kennen/Jax that have an insane late game thus camping their lanes might be more useful depending on the champs on both teams
At all those butthurt toplaners who vote down answers like this. I suggest you trying jungle for 20 Games and you will realize PRETTY fast that botlane is most important lane to gank while toplane is least important lane to gank in 90% of games.
IAmLuckyI (EUW)
: Because Bot = • Drake • Easier towers in early game • Bot tower gone = swap/roam to midlane etc. • Bot = 2 possible kills maybe even 3 with jgler / 4 possible summs. • easier gank setup since 3 persons dmg against Adc or support = more than 2 persons against 1 toplaner who is often more tanky or ahead in the game. Also maybe because you play champs which have shit gank setup.
I Like how butthurt toplaners votes down the truth in this Thread xD I play Jungle in Dia3 and you HAVE to camp botlane or enemy botlane will melt everything after getting fed with the help of their jungler. I noticed the higher I climb the more botlane is getting camped by enemy jungler. And it's for a reason.
Dagòn (EUNE)
: Why do junglers hate top lane so much?
"the majority of junglers ignore toplane" vs "enemy jungler pay a lot more attention" So you mean the majority of junglers in YOUR team ignore top? But If the same jungler is in enemy team next game he somehow pay attention to top again? So it HAS to do something with you. Everything else would make no sense. Maybe you are an easy target because you play very agressive without warding. Or you have bad escape with your champ. Or you don't play a carry so your jungler sees no need to push you. Also, in 90% of games botlane is the best lane to gank. Because you push 2 people, Drake is there, and fed botlane wins the game not fed toplane. A Tank who lost toplane can still be useful. An 0:6 ADC is useless as %%%%. If your jungler is ganking bot while enemy jungler is ganking top you should actually be happy because the chances you will win that match are significantly higher.
: Sivir E and Voli Q interaction
Voli has a change to his E where he slightly knockback someone now (its like a mini-root) Maybe you dodged his Q but he instantly E after that, so it feels like a root for you. Check that yout maybe.
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