: Getting S in two games, no chest showing up fot both
Do you have chests to drop? You can drop 1 every 7 days if I'm not wrong and it caps at 4. You can check this in your profile on a small chest with a plus and it's number, also the time left for the next one.
: Problem is that Kindread are just like a bomb. With her Ult shes either Overwhelming pick or ban champ or low tier. Also they are very unequall. Sheep and wolf Can be wrecking total havoc on lcs while being terribly bad or Solo silver Queue. If riot will do something about them it will be either rework or some tiny buff. TINY. They wont risk with small.
this would rather be a really small buff, which COULD allow you to have + 3-4 marks or more in a really good game
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Solash (EUW)
: I think it's high time we had a "Permabanned for Flaming" flowchart. So I made one.
man i swear ! there was a bird that got inside and flamed instead of me ! its the birds fault D: !
: Key Fragments
If im not wrong, key fragments never stop dropping. The chance of getting one is each time lower but theres always a chance. Also playing with premades helps it.
Kippiiq (EUW)
: That happens to me too, sometimes even after i win a ranked game, for example i get 21 LP, a few minutes later i have 18 LP
If you dodged a game with 0 lp you will stay with -3 which will affect the next gaining LP.
hero789 (EUNE)
: My LP falls down
First. Did you dodge any game? If so then you lose -3 lp and the 2nd time you dodge in a small period of time its -10 LP.
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Very well done, gonna save it :P If you ever make some more, then write again ;)
Thanks ! I got one more about Jhin, im sure you can look for it in my profile ( Smile & Dance ).
Diviniq (EUNE)
: OMG , thas amazing
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Goodnigut (EUW)
: They get banned on the account so they create a new one and troll out of rage and just the pleasure of making the life of other players as miserable as they possibly can make it. There are a lot of people raging on the forums because their account got permanently banned because (in their opinion) they were nice and friendly and not toxic, while the chat is saying otherwise.
Sometimes i keep some people name's so i can check in a week/month and most of the time, they just kept playing.
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: find a good adc and main support , i did , and look at me , im fine http://imgur.com/z1apCkl
i tried it once... once !
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: You HAVE TO report for "unsportsman behaviour", but dont expect any effect for now.
I'm pretty sure i don't wanna go for 20 minutes or more just to report someone who's probably not getting banned.
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: Looking for people who would be interested in joining a "Youtubish team"!!
Hey, i wouldnt mind joining if theres still a spot. I do meet those requirements.
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