Savage Devi (EUNE)
: And? I just told you you have no reason to be afraid of using your Tank Karthus or adc Ahri. AP Riven was just the Rioter's example, in the sense that the AP Riven player most likely does that build not to be an off-meta pick but to purposefully creative a negative experience. But if you're a legit AP Riven player, you have nothing to worry about, even if your teammates get butthurt over it.
dude maybe u have to read again the screenshot and what riot states. he clearly explains that it doesnt matter if you perform good or bad with your off-meta build champion. all it matters is what your team thinks about it. if u play adc ahri and carry and your team reports you for that, its a valid report.
: Report system useless?Someone afk the last 20 ranked games(no items too) still unpunished.
yeap. trollers griefers intentionally feeders and generally players who intentionally lose games or bully you without using the chat (by stealing your buffs your minions, not helping you etc), DO NOT GET PUNISHED. look at this one here : thia guy was intentionally feeding non stop in ranked games for over a month. didnt get perma banned nor 14 days ban. i lost track of him, but logic says that the best scenario is that in order to get punished for intentionally feeding you need to keep doing that in more than 80 ranked games in a row for at least 1 whole month. in the worst scenario you never get punished.
: can't confirm. I almost never have flame in my B5 games. Must have something to do with the matchmaking :-)
im talking about lvl 20 accounts. nor ranked games.
: Strange... I once went Hybrid Teemo bot lane carry, didn't do too bad, but at least 3 people asked me not to in champ select. Didn't get any punishments for that. ._. And we even lost, so they could had blamed me if they wanted to...
i believe teemo is the only champ who has no off-meta builds. either you build him hybrid either adc either tanky-ad either full ap either tanky-ap, either full tank, i think its normal xd. anyway, besides that, you cant get punished for one game, even if you intentionally fed in a ranked game. :)
Goodnigut (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Billy Darkcrash,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=LiPaULaw,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-18T23:08:14.056+0000) > > this means if you want to play full ad rammus, or full tank karthus, or full ad malzahar, or full ad katarina, or anything else off-meta, but your team doesnt agree with you, then you cannot play it! even if only one teamate disagrees then you cannot play it. if you play it and he reports you it is a valid report and u can get punished. > you can only play off-meta builds if your whole team agrees or if you go premade with 4 friends who agree on that. > > I myself played many times tank karthus mid lane going full tank items. and it went extremely well. sometimes i even carried the games single handedly. but as u can imagine, if u get in lobby and u say i will play karthus tank noone will agree on that. > anyway... just wanted to share it with you. so now you know if some1 goes off-meta build, you can validly report him after the game :D Pictures or it didn't happen.
Infernape (EUW)
: Up to 200% actually. I thought he worked entirely off of AP. My mistake. AP Riven, Darius, Illaoi, Kalista, Kindred etc would be plain trolling. As far as I know off meta builds aren't punishable as long as you make it clear and you actively try to utilise it.
um, u say ap is full retard trolling just because it has no ap scaling ? ahri has no ad scaling either, but ive seem around 10 ahris in diamond elo playing adc. and i can tell 2 of them carried the game single handedly. Also, rioter says ad thresh is same with ap riven. off-meta builds. so as far as riot knows, off meta builds are punishable as long as you dont have the full consent of your team.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: You might want to source that one, I'm not exactly willing to just take anybody's word for such a bold statement.
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: I belive i can play! I belive i can play what i want! ... How does the song continues? (Do'h!) Anyway ... dont belive it.
Skere (EUW)
: Thats probably just for stuff like ap riven. I highly doubt things like full ap zac count
no. rioter also mentions ad thresh in the same example with ap riven. its the same with the below comment.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: That pretty much just mean those people who go AD Lissandra top _simply for the purpose of creating a negative experience for others on purpose_. Meanwhile, I could play my AD Twisted Fate as long as I want. **Riot's punishing trolling, not off-meta builds.** I wouldn't be too scared to continue with your Tank Karthus.
ad thresh is also a serius thing but rioter uses it in the same example as ap riven. you say how would ap riven work ? i tell you with lich bane and full cdr. but thats not the point. ap riven may seem troll to you, but adc ahri ? we all see here and there a couple times per season that adc ahri. it sounds total troll. but ive seen it working out very good even in diamond elo.
Rioter Comments
: That's not spamming, spamming is like spam pinging or spamming x PLAYER NOOB REPORT or smth like that, spamming is repeating the same word a given amount of times, not just having normal chat conversations.
Rioter Comments
Svempe007 (EUNE)
: About the feeding detection system
no that lee wont get punished for intentionally feeding. i do believe that he intentionally fed because he has 20 deaths in 19 minutes. and ihe does deserve punishment. but riot doesnt punish intentionally feeders. proof that you may intentionally feed/lose numerous ranked games and not get punished : thia guy was intentionally feeding non stop in ranked games for over a month. didnt get perma banned nor 14 days ban. i lost track of him, but logic says that the best scenario is that in order to get punished for intentionally feeding you need to keep doing that in more than 80 ranked games in a row for at least 1 whole month. in the worst scenario you never get punished.
: You didn't do anything wrong from what i can tell. No worries there, i don't think that being friendly and polite is something thats even considered punishable {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
thats your opinion. others say a spam is a spam, even if you are the pope.
Rioter Comments
: calling someone a flamer, who isnt, maybe is some kind of insult, but punishable? i dont think they would really care. But telling OTHER people to report someone for whatever reason can be punished, cause people should make up their own mind of who is to report.
if it is an insult it gets valid reports and in the end its punishable behavior. in another, way older, thread, the community said it is even punishable to call a flamer flamer. actually it was in one of my chatlogs that got me punished. so, if u call some1 flamer or troller, and that guy is indeed flaming/trolling, it doesnt matter and u can get punished for calling him so.
Rioter Comments
Smittles (EUW)
: How "ALL: Please Report X for Y" Is Helping NOBODY!
yes your point is correct about "ALL: Please Report X for Y" being banable offense and useless but u dont seem to actually know why. your points about why are wrong. > Even if your teammate is the MOST toxic player you have EVER met, if he has shown no hostility in global chat to the enemy team and there is no evidence of them doing so, then their reports STILL count for nothing no matter how hard you want them to be reported, if that player was so toxic to yourself and your team, then your team should have all reported them anyway and there will be no need for the enemy team to ruin their report validity for it. thats not how the system works. in fact, if you keep flaming and insulting and wishing bad things only in your chat and say nothing in all chat, and noone from your team reports you, but some1 from the opponents does for a false or another reason, then that report is valid. the system doesnt care who gets insulted by you or even IF he gets insulted by you. the reports work only to trigger the system. once it triggers, it only cares about if what u said can be deemed offensine/negative or not. **Why reportcalling is pointless and banable offense :** its pointless because the number of reports doesnt matter. whether a player gets reported from one person, whether from all other 9, its completely the same. Thus, if u are going to report some1 yourself, its pointless to ask others to report him aswell. And since is pointless, the only thing it creates is negative environment, and thats why it is also punishable.
Sffc (EUW)
: See, this is why Dynamic Queue is ridiculous (If you want Bronze-like stories, check this thread)
this is LoL dude. u can be challenger support player but still u cant carry games. maybe one out of 10. its pure luck. ure based on your team. it would take u over 300 games to get to diamond if u were diamond support at skill and u are now silver for example. total trash game
: Are permabanned players supposed to be able to use the League Friends app?
y i bet u got banned... sure thing. (another hater :D)
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 23
buff jax fizz and riven because each one of them has weak laning phase and only 47% win ratio (xcept fizz who has 50.5%), and because they get countered by the majority of other champions in their lane. (one same reason for all 3)
GawnMower (EUW)
: Rito lets you delete 1 champion from the game for ever... BUT
RIP {{champion:35}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:33}} BUFF {{champion:105}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:7}}
: Thank you Vayne
i guarantee u that vayne will not get a single warning. on the other hand, u will get get valid reports from her for negative/offensive/toxic behavior towards her (i bet she report u. thats what all trollers do after game). proof that you may intentionally feed/lose numerous ranked games and not get punished :
Gundair (EUNE)
: Make Yorick's ghouls easier to click
Shadòw (EUW)
: you get only half lp.
why would they get lp in the 1st place. if, despite the lag, they were better and deserved the lp then the opponents were worse and also deserved the loss of lp
Rioter Comments
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Saryn (EUW)
: That feel.
and then u get into the game and u lag so hard that its like playing mario bros back in the 80's and u end up AwayFromKeyboard, helpless, doing nothing but watching screenshots of the game, while you have ping spikes from 400 to 80.000 ping untill the game ends. and then you realised you just wasted over 1 hour just to get frustrated and lose lp.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Toxicity Explained - Why the LoL Community is toxic and Riot isn't able to deal with it
the toxicity u explain it may be the majority but not all of it. this new system adds up points every time some1 receives a valid report. it doesnt matter if u wished cancer to everyone in a game every minute, or if you were negative asking others to report a 0/20/0 int. feeder. in either case u will get the 10 chat restricted games punishment for a start. thats why most of the players are a ticking bomb. and it doesnt matter how much they are negative to this game. (unless some1 scripts or is elo boosting etc). this is the system riot has. its the best to detect and eventually punish the toxic players. but there are definitely some who get also punished with it, and they surely dont deserve perma bans.
Rioter Comments
Fang (EUNE)
: Untentional / gamebreaking Caitlyn bug, please disable her.
ONE Balou (EUW)
: Why Solo Queue is needed
riot is bount to bring back soloq bcs they said so. but im not sure for how long... truth is riot doesnt like soloq and they would really like to remove it completely. soloq would be enabled again a couple of weeks after dynamic, they said . 2 monthss counting and still nothing. They introduced the new champion selection AND dynamic queue AS THE SAME THING. this is called brainwash. players like the new champion selection and so they think they like dynamic queue over soloq also. which is a lie...
Xplosive3 (EUW)
: They will never do something like that.I exposed them and I think thats one of the reasons you decided to open this thread.At least they are not in full dictatorship mode yet considering they did not delete my post.Your idea is good and to be more detailed it should be made separately in each server between the players who played more than 40-50 ranked games considering it is the minimum amount of match to get permanent banned.Lets be honest ,report count in ranked is 9999999999999x more than report count in normals.By the way there is the link to my thread
they could separate the statistics off that poll depending on what u said. i think the same. some months ago, in season 5, i made a search of my own. in every ranked game i got i asked everyone in my team if they were chat banned or not. in some cases when they didnt tell me, i even threatened them that i would start intentionally feeding. well, i did it about 20 ranked games = 80 players. i the outcome was that around 35 of them were chat restricted. in most of my games 2/4 of my teamates were chatbanned.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > oh, and those who wouldnt choose anything would be the bot accounts... I'm pretty sure this would make it appear like the majority are bots, because it's quite common to just dismiss polls. I very rarely answer them; does that make me a bot?
well, they are either bots either unused/abandoned accounts. and the poll would pop up just when u log into your account so you cant miss it. there is no reason to dismiss it. it takes less than 10 seconds.
: Every skillshot is now global. Who will you main?
ezreal ofcourse. he has the shortest cooldown on his q.
Rioter Comments
OggieBear (EUW)
: Accused and insulted because of my past rank
same here. i was diamond 3-4 in season 4, and diamond 5 in season 5 for over 1000 ranked games. this season i got placed in plat 5, i have 32 wins 51 defeats, and i have gold 3 mmr. i think its because riot keeps destroying soloq. now that everything is about teamwork, now that you cant snowball and carry games, now that assassins are weak and tanks deal even more damage than them building full armor, this game became totally mechanicless. just pick nautilus volibear udyr shyvana anivia go full tank and still deal same damage as an assassin in 2 seconds with zero skill.
: Can you report for this?
everything can be a report reason. but in order for some1 to get punished , he needs to piss out many random players.
Stell (EUNE)
: Since rito doesn't announce any statistics , i can only base my assumption on the fact that riot grew their revenue from 1billion in 2014, to 1,6 billion in 2015
bot accounts for sale, smurfs, banned players, multiple smurfs etc, not even 10% of the accounts being created are from new LoL players.
Xplosive3 (EUW)
: The REAL Percentage of Players That Are Banned By The System.
i got banned for asking others to report a guy who admitted he intentionally lost a ranked game. yes what i did was not positive and it was negative. but permaban for asking a troller to get reported ? :D
kauketsu (EUW)
: game is rewardin too mutch for playing burst champions that dont need teamwork
god... ignorant kids like this force riot to keep destroying this game season by season... i guess free2play LoL seemed dope when it started. should have imagine the drawbacks.
Dzsime (EUNE)
: I fixed the role selection
: RIOT please do something about these long queues!!!! WTF
when the queue timers are even longer than the games themselves something's totally wrong...
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: its machine. auto system. bots. one guy = all
and no its not one guy. i have report to riot support over 5 cases in th last 2 years and those guys intentionally fed lost and trolled about 4-5 games in their match history (width one month). i kept checking them for one year. not a single 14 ban penalty. and yes they kept intentionally feeding now and then. call it average once per week. BUT i gave you examples.proofs. you gave me nothing.
: Yeah let's base your opinion about the system over one guy.
its machine. auto system. bots. one guy = all
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