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: lol dude in my games players are also dying are they all trolling?
maybe he wants to say that they die on purpose..i dont believe that but i believe they die like handicaps..with 0 brain.
: State of thresh
YE SURE {{champion:1}} {{champion:40}} positive winrate...soo?????nerf????{{champion:103}} got nerf because she is a strong champ with a big ult and nice dmg..{{champion:412}} is a strong support play him well. Lets nerf {{champion:32}} too cuz he got amazing ult....LEGIT QQ ABOUT A SUPPORT LEL.playmaker too.
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Lelozz (EUNE)
: I got Sick of people trolling my games
Unlucky its truth...its have 4 childrens in your team and you have to do evrything just to win the game..Sadly very truth.They die 10 times they feed they rage they blame...and in the end you must be the angel who fire his brain to carry that game...Sad and truth.But its never easy man..never.
backstard (EUW)
: info before and after each game......
eee..trash team we all get it...NO??{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Coopa123 (EUW)
: She has a 53% winrate in plat+ I don't know what you're talking about. Your unreasonable hate towards a fictional video game character doesn't change the fact that Janna wins more games than she loses. Why u hatin
annie got 50%+so ????better champ or what lel..that excuse with %winrate means nothing dude..And i told you play janna and prove me wrong..A smart player will take thresh or alistar or blitz and shit on your janna.,.And all you get is flame by your support.. No hate just truth..
Gasburger (EUW)
: Why is every piece of criticism considered flaming?
If you say "dude wtf you doing"..thats flame for them..Too many idiots you cant comunicate with them report them all GG.
: Found a scripter what to do..
Scripts are evrywhere especially ppl that boost..And no most of them are caught..but 80% of others just fly away..
LunaGoose (EUW)
: Dear players
LIsten???you know that solo que is all about how hard you cant listen to your dumb team if you wanna win..There are many times that my team make bad calls..and some of them i follow like an idiot and we lose game.. No my friend trust is good never trust is better.You cant trust them you have to win the game you have to make calls you have to carry hard..
Coopa123 (EUW)
: Support with the 4th highest winrate. "PPl pick her cuz" Janna is a good support and easy to win with
plz win lane with janna..koreans dont play her and they right about that..Your ad gonna get destroyed in lane with your"support janna".
: Banned for "International Feeding"
{{champion:40}} is with that trash support..PPl pick her cuz they dumbs and wanna get carried..You will never do nothing with that champ seriously.And rito ban wrong ppl anyway..Nothing new.More then that 0 14 is plat...well...i deserve chalenger then..
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Do Gold players deserve the Victorious skins or should it be Platinum + instead?
gold players sucks..idc what ppl say bronze silver gold are the most handicap players taht exist in this game..they cant even press a simple ultimate lel..they dont deserve nothing.
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DavidTM (EUNE)
: Whats your nick on euw?
: I dont know why you think he is broken lucain Is the most complete CHAmpion in this game no matter what meta he can adapt he wont rott away like many others stop embraceing nerfs this game have become a meta shit that makes it so that you cant play the champs you want. it piss me off when i see players wanting nerfs on a champion thats only seem strong becuse of the Corrent patch and when the meta change lucian will need buffs a endless an endless circle of nerf buff i really hate how the people and game have become season 2-3 is where the game was balanced more
lucian the one that can 1v1 a zed..that can go mid or top and destroy evryone...his mobility is huge his dmg is amazing..his early is the best..Thats why even lcs play it..Dude plz..i hate people that qq cuz they play that champ and dont wanna get nerf.. Is a champ that deserve nerfs so dont defend it.You all complain about yasuo and dunno what trash champ when someone like riven and lucian are still overpowered.
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Mega Noob (EUNE)
: She is very strong, and you have no games on her at all. This comment is as useless as she is without her core items.
oo because i didn tpaly her in ranked or with this account this comment is useless.A stupid person who see "o no he didnt play kayle" useless commment.Plz first ask then talk.
: Kayle needs a buff, shes a "balanced" champ that has had nothing but indirect nerfs
{{champion:10}} is very strong champ.In mid lategame there is practically no one taht can deal with her 1v1.Her dmg and ult is insane lategame.So no need buff but or nerf .She got range big ult amazing dmg ..struggle early but thats normal..
: Poll: Old Shen vs New Shen (+ a question for Riot)
New shen op.It looks better more realistic..More fun.Cmon dude.New its always better.Lets not go back to the past but embrace the future.Flyng cars coming soon.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Ashqelon (EUW)
: Unrankeds matched in games of silver
Silver is not a high rank..So youre gonna get unranked players a lot of time.More then that they do the first 10 games and they gonna get placed even with golds so..Thats life.
: They should delete the champ. Buying 2 items and killing the entire team in low elo is sad to watch.
low elo BUM.Why would nerf a champ that can get you out of low elo???{{champion:86}} {{champion:11}} etc.Just play them and shut up dude.
: isnt rakan's kit just broken
Not that broken.His w is hard to catch.He is not tanky at all..He dies very easily.+his ult can be stopped with cc and stuff..Thats why he got buffed.. you know cuz its kinda weak.He works better with {{champion:498}} in rest...i dont find him op.
: Rito drives a nerfing policy. They nerfed jungler after jungler and now they have to nerf Lee again because when everybody around him is nerfed, his kit stands out too much. They could choose to buff champions instead. Some {{champion:421}} love pls?
ye i agree focus {{champion:421}} .But stop focusing that god damn {{champion:64}} .It is strong no deny but not easy to play lets be serious.And his lategame is awfull as hell.
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1432325 (EUW)
: make mid great again
{{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} killed?????In what year?{{champion:91}} ??this 3 champs are strong dude..Dont lie..They are still powerfull champs and dont deserve no buff.But ye {{champion:105}} is pretty strong now.
Wen294 (EUW)
hahahaha .Thats funny lel.
Loonstaa (EUW)
: The games utter rubbish now you cant come back from snowballing.
Its truth.Now who win early game win the game.This happen like 95% of the games.Its hard to come back.
: How to deal with Teemo in lane?
{{champion:17}} can win 1v1 against pretty mutch evryone just because of his range and blind.But in teamfight is useless.So all you need to do is farm get ganked or play someone like {{champion:80}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:69}}.These champs can deal with it.
: > [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EzNnkuXq,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-16T02:16:48.261+0000) > > Maybe because Janna is a very uninteractive support compared to Thresh, Leona, Soraka, and Lulu. She basically spams E and lets her ADC or whoever she shields go to town. I'm sorry but if you are honestly going to tell me that a Janna support does less during LANING PHASE and does less to CARRY A BAD ADC than a Thresh or a Soraka then I am very certain you do not main botlane and definitely certain you barely understand Janna's mechanics.
all janna does is just shield lel..i played with janna bot i %%%%ing hate it..All i get is a shield and gg go 1v2.Seriously...
: Janna feels super weak
{{champion:40}} is bad for solo que.No cc her q is hard to get no dmg and her ult is more against someone like {{champion:64}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:238}} .Its not aggresive support neither so..for solo que this champ is not good.Only if youre not lucky and get carried gege.
: This expresion is nonsens ( Champion x is useless in y elo ). Like , this has no sense . How dafuq he/she is useless in a elo ? The player who plays x may be useless or usefull , depends of how he knows to play.
you know that when i get a yasuo in my team even if is a d5 player in 9/10 games he goes 1 7.Its hard to play even if ppl say its easy mecanics bla bla bla..only low elo complain about him.And in the end if they play it then cant even climb with it.Its skilled thats why is useless.Ppl in plat+ban him just to no have it in team thats it.
: AS Runes + Fervor of Battle Yasuo early damage DOES NOT suck lol. Using Q, it is flowers-easy to stack Fervor and gain massive additional damage.
really.. i play darius with fervor dude.. without stacking passive i dont do dmg.Fervor is op mid late not early game.Plz q that riven top or darius i wanna see you do that.And if you go mid i wanna see how you q that ahri.You make it look easy dude..but its not.If is so god damn op this champ plz play it and climb.
: Again, Yasuo and what's wrong with him — based on Riot's definition
LEL.{{champion:157}} is weak.Gank him he got no flash dead.His dmg early sucks.I tried evrything on him.Is not he dies easily.Is not like he got huge mobility..He cant just e 5 champs without a beat..If you know what i mean..Have you played him toplane??Evry toplaner can shit on him.Midlane??Take range and abuse it.I still dunno why people complain about this champ he gets rekt like 90% of the games..
: Man, I keep trying... but I can't beat her... Xayah is hands down the strongest adc in lane ever!!!
If you cant win vs {{champion:498}} then you didnt play against {{champion:236}}
Strigina (EUNE)
: Honestly...there is something fishy about this number. The feast dmg goes 300 / 475 / 650 (+ 50% AP) (+ 10% bonus health). Let's say that Cho was going AP and reached 600 AP in that game. That would be 650+300+10% bonus health. To reach 1907 true damage, that "10% bonus health" part would have to be 957. Did he really has 9570 _bonus_ health together with 600 AP??
actually cho can reach 2000 dmg..His r does more dmg if you get fed.I mean more enemy you eat more dmg you do .His health can reach 9000 hp..So ye 2000 dmg he can do taht.But i think he must be that 9000 hp +some fed.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Can we just delete kassadin?
First people complain about {{champion:157}} .A shit champ that i dont like him in my team cuz is bad.Now {{champion:38}} .Ok nerf {{champion:267}} next op q r.A ye broken {{champion:12}} nerf too mutch cc gege.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I have the best idea in the world
{{champion:157}} is useless.He can buy 3 items crit strike is useless 4ever.At least in lower elo.
WerhIi (EUW)
: Why there is autofill below gold/plat elo?
Autofill for bronze-silver-gold shouldnt exist.Just because there are 80% of league players..So the queue is very low.I agreed with that.But the problem is that in low elo there are not many botlane players..Neither adc trust me.Many people wanna play mid jgl top..botlane is the last think they wanna do.So autofill is a good think w/e.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: What's considered Intentional Feeding?
Thats brain dude.{{champion:161}} {{summoner:12}} {{summoner:4}} vs {{champion:238}} thats just a stupid move.Thats why silvers are silvers they dont think.Brain is evrything.People just dont think they do what they want not what they need.Thats why they stuck in low elo and they will never get out of there.
qwertmus (EUW)
: xayah
she is picked cuz is fun to play not because is broken.Play lucian if you wanna see op.You can outplay xayah easily you just dont need to be stupid.More then that have you seen {{champion:29}} ??Maybe not but thats a shit champ that need nerf.{{champion:498}} is ok for now.
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: Well from your example you have a champ with 6 items (no boots) against another guy with 3 items and boots , so it seems like he was over fed , or you might've just not wrote down all da build On another note , yeah lucian is pretty strong, but it's not a big deal , he doesn't need to be nerfed in the slightest (cause i'm an adc main with a special spot for lucian)
No he wasnt fed.Both team got full items and he got no boots cuz he sold it.We almost won the game cuz we opened 3 inhib and they not even 1.But somehow this lucian could destroy tanks really easily.Even against a {{champion:33}} with armor.Im sayng this cuz if i play for example{{champion:51}} or {{champion:202}} against tanks that stack armor without armor pene. i dont do mutch dmg..Lucian in other hand could go destroy tank alone and very fast and easy.
: monster in good hands, decent in bad hands, looks broken to me
lee broken in good hands too still got its fair to get a nerf too right?
: can xaryah get a nerf already?
I dunno if she is so powerfull.She need skills its not easy seriously and her early game kinda sucks..
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: Sure not broken shield which blocks everything+ ult which 1 hits adc's and middlers which can be used on every bounce now only from ur tornado
dude.. yasuo early does no dmg.Trust me i tried.Its easy to gank cuz after his e to minions is dead if he got no flash.Is not tanky so he dies.Its maybe annoyng to deal with but not broken.You just dont know how to deal with it thats it.
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LazySlav (EUNE)
: Maybe your Pc is just trash, did you think of that? No. You only think about yourself.
Wtf lol...It worked for 1 year LOL and now you tell me about pc.. LOL.Brain is op.
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