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: Anyone else up at 5am because ANX are just such god and you have to watch?
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: from 2015... to this performance..The elohell is real.
the only good team that we had was moscow 5 in season 2 and fnatic last years . all other season euw was just average . korean and chinese are so much better that every fuckiing NA/euw team are recruiting them instead of actual na/euw player. i stopped watching esport since there is more asiat in EUW team than europeans people.
Doomley (EUW)
: I really don't expect anything spectacular from EU this season. There simply aren't any good teams this time. I miss fnatic.
last years i was really excited about fnatic and i really believed they had a chance to win. but this years all eu team are thrash and they will get stomped let's be honest.
: G2
did anybody expected anything from our EUW team this years? even NA is much better than euw in 2016. and their teamcomp make 0 sense.
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