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Nino BBK (EUW)
: Poppy Hammering Down Top Lane
From what ive seen so far, your talking is really low compared to the game audio, you might want to tweak that a little bit.
: Can't buy champion shards [EUNE]
Did you just earn the rest of the required ip on a recent game? maybe it needs some time to update it on the server itself.
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Edu7 (EUNE)
: Scripting
If you didn't do anything wrong, you have nothing to fear about. As we all have our bad games, we also experience frequently some really good ones.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: As I wrote above: >As usual for me, I've tested on 2 PCs, 2 different networks, and 3 browsers, including a cache clear. That means it's a client <-> Board server issue. Clearing the cookies, cache, and tested with different browsers was the first thing I tried. So no, it's not that easy. ;)
Sorry, somehow i completely missed the last part, my bad... let's hope that gets fixed in the near future.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Board avatar doesn't update
I think i red a similar thread a few days ago... Now that i think about it, could it possibly be connected to the browser you use and/or cookies?
bestnoble (EUNE)
: my account is hacked
Thats not called hacking, it's called phishing. Did you give enter any account details like username & password on this website? If so, try sending a pw reset to your email adress and change it. If you didn't enter any details you might want to do a full scan of your PC, there's could be potential malware on your drive.
: I think i got the reason why Elementalist Lux was released one day too late
But wouldnt it be cool if you could pull off a matchup between all 10 forms? (when both teams would pick lux) Synergy at it's finest, unite the Rift!
: Earning key fragments as a support -> No!
As far as i know, key fragments have nothing to do with how good you do in a game or how high your team wins. You get a chance of a fragment for a win and none for a loss. For each fragment you've earned the chance drops a little. Dropchances are reset once every 30 days. i hope i got everything right there
: Hey, why does my summoner icon not update on boards?
I'm no expert on this stuff, but have you "keep me logged in" (or whatever) enabled? If so, maybe try to relogg on the boards, maybe that will update your icon change.
zvitor (EUNE)
: Elementalist Lux
I have a similar problem, i bought a paysae yesterday and wanted to buy the sin ~ it's not out... Oky let's look in steam... No games i want on sale, basically all games i own are on sale, but the few on my wishlist are not. Feelsbadman
Yatõ (EUNE)
: Sivir
While we're at it, does Draven use the Force or some kind of psychic powers while using his ultimate? "Now, return to me axe"
: i think i got my client bugged,
Why would you want to fix this? It looks kinda retro :> Okay, let's be serious.... Have you tried restarting the client? would be the first thing, right? If tht doesnt work, maybe restart your pc. And as last resort use the repair option in the launcher.
Wex0r (EUW)
: you have already answered your own question, also the same reason it was months ago. Now if 3rd party software is detected its a perma ban.
Wait, then what is that automsg Tool/plugin i see everywhere? is tht actually something allowed by Riot? I mean i see this Stuff literally every game, stuff like: (Ult Ready in :Sec) or (Summenorname (Alive)
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: DJ Sona in Hextech crafting
Since you get the icons and stuff automatically with purchaasing/obtaining it, i don't see why you shouldn't get them.
: You need all the expansions + original WoW. I think Blizz sells them in their online in a bundle pretty cheap. That said, WoW is really not worth playing. It was once a top tier game (incredibly good back then), but now it's a shadow of its former self. Blizzard also treats the playerbase like dirt. I'd recommend you to try Rift, Blade & Souls ot Guild Wars 2 instead. The first two are F2P as well.
I was once an active WoW player, now i only come back every new expansion to try out the new maps and lvl to max (dunno if i give the new expansion a chance too tho) Like the person above said, there are some nice alternatives, from the above suggested i only know Guild Wars 2 but i would highly recommend it. (i bought the expansion for the game (end game content etc.) too but thats optional until you get to that point, you're just a little bit limited on stuff like auctions.
: I dunno man, your analogy is like of a child stealing a cookie and then blaming the cookie for corrupting the child. It's people that make things unenjoyable, rito is like the parent trying a balanced way to smack them on the arshe, but is not responsible for the toxicity.
Oh! But what if the cookie was made by teemo? Just kidding, i like the way youre thinking btw. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: Is it ok to afk in this situation?
Is it okay to punish your whole team for something a single player did? Think about it and you have your answer.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: Favorite Movies?
Since i'm a huge Stephen King fan and read many many books of him i obviously say all the old Stephen King Movies. For example: > Stand by me > Shining > Carrie > Misery > Pet Sematary I'm also really looking forward to The Dark Tower film since i'm a huge fan of the books.
: "Your account must be level 7 or higher to post a comment"
As you can see, posting on the Boards did help, sometimes you have to post something so it updates your level here too.
: Favourite Streamer ?
Wingsodfeath, Nightblue3 and sometimes AnnieBot All of them are really chill guys imo.
: I consider myself a positive player. I always fight for the win and do my best. But I cannot avoid to get mad at any teammate at at least 20% of my games. Judging a person's attitude by one game might be unfair
No one is here to judge anyone my friend, this is a happy place were we share happy thoughts/memories I'm sure you have some of those too, don't you?
raps1355 (EUW)
: ***
You're free to believe whatever you want, but i still doubt you'd find anything. Have good day sir/ma'am
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Pumpmuckl (EUW)
: Thank you, sir! We are actually neighbours! I'm from Germany and i know the serie "Pumuckl". "Pump" in german means that someone is going in the gym and is shredded as f***. That's where "Pumpmuckl" came from. (I'm not shredded)
Oh, i didnt know that Pumuckl was a thing in germany too, you never learn out i guess ^.^
: > [{quoted}](name=Jesperr101,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AgymsK3A,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-29T22:01:21.182+0000) > > So someone is toxic in game and you decide to accept his friend request? I Didn't know it was that guy from the last game. I realised it when he opende the conversation with : [23:40] S****** G***: f*ckin jewish mother f*ckerrr f*ckkk you and i curse u for that lose you one f*cked up mother f*ckerrr i bet u a fuckin girll girls dont belong in this game. NOTE blurred out the F word and his name
How about you send an explanation with the screenshots in a support ticket? That way this kind of harassment will be dealt with accordingly. I can't promise you any bans or whatever but at least he/she won't get away with it, no?
Pumpmuckl (EUW)
: Helping out! R.I.P.erino Pperino
Good job, those are the thresh moments we all love. Btw: (may seem off topic) You wouldn't happen to be from Switzerland too, would you? Your name just gave me a flashback of those old tapes i had in my childhood.
MGX Cubaka (EUNE)
Does that include you? (whole team) If not if got to admire your dedication for still giving it your all, even if it didn't even matter at that point!
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Happy birthday Eambo
Happy birthday Eambo, have a super awesome day! Keep being awesome!
: Six Juggernauts: Taric, Mordekaiser, Darius, Garen, Skarner, Illaoi. Besides Hexakill is restricted to TT and I dont think theres 3 lanes in that map.
Sure that could work , but i think you missed my point. The question was more like: how do you plan/assign your lanes for maximum gold/exp/pressure in such a small map with that many champions. ~
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Pookae (EUNE)
: New Heimerdinger skin pls (Girl friendly)
What about Snowmerdinger? Some consider that one cute, don't they?
: Orianna is probably the most fun I've ever had late game as an AP champion. Mostly because she really challenges your awareness of your surroundings, because you have to keep an eye on The Ball while also making sure the enemy isn't getting to close. This can be done at the same time by having the ball being close to your enemies, zoning them. Also, she is THE champ to pick if you're looking for a wombo combo. She is probably one of the best champs to climb with if you are good at her, because she got the potential to turn any lost fight around with a good ult. Also, her late game AOE damage is insane {{summoner:31}}
I would also say Orianna, even if you're bad at farming you will have a decent amount of CS at the game. One of the best AP midlaners in terms of csing imo. Oh and yeah she's really fun to play ~
: key fragment
The more key fragments you earned the smaller the chance get for the next one, it resets after a month. In short: It's not gonna stay that low forever
ExCaLx3 (EUW)
: Is Riot actually trying to kill this game?
Maybe {{champion:121}} was wrong all along and change isnt so ood after all ~ (well i havent read up on the pbe notes but i've read some pieces)
: The undefinitly forgetment of mordekeiser
To be honest, old morde was just spamming E & Q pushing the wave 24/7 that was kinda his thing back then. Not that hard to play but getting ganked as morde is no fun. ~
Bvlgaria (EUNE)
: What did the Bronze said?
You forgot the: OMG SO LUCKY Dunno if it belongs in any specific elo though
: Reached Diamond playing only Mordekaiser!
Why not this one? May be a little old but i just remembered it. EDIT: its not the same song tho
Nabzor (EUW)
: Don`t know who is worse
Well personally i never got such a pop-up but i don't really care, being proud of it or even be happy about it meh. If i feel someone (me or someone else) got wronged in some aspect i will report that person. Doesnt mean i judge these people or think about it, could be they had a bad day or were just on edge. I'm getting a little off-topic here.. TLDR: Being proud or happy about the punishment of another person might be okay, showing it off seems like a really douchy move imo. ~
: Teemo
To be fair, no one who plays that adorable little devil can have a sane state of mind. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: "That's gotta sting!"{{champion:17}}
"No corner for the wicked!" {{champion:59}} (since no one was going to)
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100Foxes (EUNE)
: A lovely letter
And also thanks the player who laughs with me when i'm making fun of myself for a really dumb call/engage. In most cases you even cheer me up instead of dropping the axe on me, thank you for that!
Arsene (EUNE)
: No key shards?
I don't know how it works exactly but i think i read somewhere that the more you drop on the current month the less your chance gets or something like it. Maybe its related to how many chests you have left or when you last got one. At least your earned chests aren't going to vanish, they'll wait for you patiently EDIT: * Nevermind then, there you have it i guess..
: I can see the future and …
Oh brain why do you always go there? Couldnt help it when i read the title:
: I have seen other threads with the same problem, and riot just saying that their account have gotten hacked. But yeah i have send them one, i just dont really feel like waiting 48 hours to get the dumb reply from riot, that my account has gotten hacked.
Just to be sure, you switched the Server in the launcher, right? have you tried logging in on the server you were before? Maybe its just delayed or there was a problem transferring?
: Cant log into my account after account transfer.
Hey Best way to get help with account related stuff would be sending a support ticket to Riot, they should be able to help you out with that.
Grammos (EUNE)
: Will we have an URF Summoner Icon this Year ?
Hello If i recall correctly, last year there were 3 Icons avaiable to buy which had a special animation in the mode when you killed someone. I don't know if they release new ones (If someone from the PBE could clarify) or if they will put up those from last year on sale. At the very least i hope even if they wont be on sale this year, that you could still use them with the effects. Since it's not an aprils fools this year, one can only hope. ~
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