Hifumi (EUNE)
: Next champ to buy
Garen is a very cheap or free champion which you can have great results with, Jex is also a great entry level character to play as well.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Vi has pink hair and sky-blue eyes and Jinx has sky-blue hair and pink eyes. You don't need more evidence. http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/37600000/Jinx-and-Vi-league-of-legends-37673318-500-423.jpg
That would be submittable in a court of law!
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: Just curios...
It is a strange thing to do, anyone can be having a bad game or maybe not be as skilled as the person they are facing and adding pressure to them is only going to make things worse or cause them to start to deliberately throw the match. I try to either say nothing or make light of the situation if possible try and lessen the pressure that the player may be feeling and when you do so they can often improve as a result, of course, it does not always work and I am speaking more from past experience now as I only play bot matches these days, but think what is the most you can lose a bit of Elo in a free game is that really worth upsetting someone over or risk getting yourself a ban?
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WoOxèr (EUW)
: Riot should rework the system entirely cuz getting perma banned for chat is just overhelming.
Wooxer it is good that people are finding it overwhelming when they get banned that is the whole point of the system, if you are childish enough to want to flame other people in chat then RIOT has to treat you like a child. How do you punish a child who is bad you take its toys of them. The only rework needed is the behaviour of the people being punished by this system.
looonster (EUW)
: 3 years of being toxic.....I cant reform.
Take up boxing or some other martial art, you will get to vent as much of your temper as you like and it may help you learn some discipline. It will also help you to put into perspective just how stupid and pathetic it is to lose your temper in a game.
: Today I played with a troll who can't be reported
I struggle to play with 29 ping so I imagine that 80 would be awful for me personally (although being nearly blind might be the real reason I play badly but I blame the ping)
: Real life fines
I am sure that you have totally reformed yourself and are now a great and none toxic person but what you suggest would allow the richer people who are toxic to get away with being so with a penalty which would not bother them but be more punishing to the poorer players. The remnant ban system treats the rich and the poor equally and so should not be changed.
Loonsteer (EUW)
: What to do when matched vs someone extremely good?
Really the only thing you can do is request help from your team, even if you lose though look at how he played and see if you can learn anything from it.
: Do I get perma now?
So you made a racist remark, told someone to commit suicide and that he was a disgrace? Yes, I would think that will result in a permaban.
: Then people would put bad players on their banlist so they have a higher chance to get good players in their team.
That would be a bad thing why? Players seeking to climb the ladder will still be stuck playing with players who are in the same division and would it be such a big price to pay if it means that you are not stuck with the prospect of playing alongside players who are either obnoxious or stuck in matches which are infested with bots? It has got to the point at the moment where you are lucky if you find another human player on your team during off-peak hours. Not a good state for the game to be in
: Riot bans bots in waves to make it harder for creaters of bots to backengineer their detection system. There will always be new bots and it takes time to detect the new bot softwares and change the bansystem for them. Riot does not allow them. Allowing players to change the matchmaking by making them not get matched with specific players again cant happen. Overwatch tried it and people just set good players on their banlists so that they get easyer matches. Some of the best OW players couldnt get a match in hours of que time due to this.
You could make the ban list only affect the players who are allowed to be placed on your team, that way if you ban good players you would most likely end up playing against them so would be detrimental to you. It seems extremely stupid to report someone for whatever reason to only find them placed in your team again and again. Should the problem remain persistent then I guess that I will just move onto another game and check back in a few months to see if the situation has improved.
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