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: Social experiment.
Truth be told, i had a game the other day where it started out pretty good, everyone was really friendly and positive, and then just out of no where they started arguing about who has the bigger "Willy"..but they were literally standing in the base, dancing and having a discussion about their "willy's" this started to get very disturbing, and i didn't really want to get involved, so i thought to myself, how can i resolve this, because we were doing pretty good, and it was ranked game..Now, my IGN is Bloem, which iv'e been told means flower in dutch soo many times, so i just told them to stop being so inappropriate when they have a girl in their midst...then after a few sec, they just stopped and continued playing which was really nice...BUT...after the game i received 4 friend request from the players that were in my team..i denied them, but the request kept on coming through, they eventually stopped. Hahah...so0 if you are going to do this, be prepared for countless invites^^..


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