Kringe (EUNE)
: Riot are making botlane miserable for a long time now
I can see what your saying but adapt your playstyle to counter the dives. I main adc, and i now play jinx and tristana, hard push and take the tower around 10-12 minutes and then rotate straight to mid. People cant and dont know how to respond to adaptation like this in the lower elos. theres always a way.
RashodG4mer (EUNE)
: yah pls riot lol its a game for the whole world ok and there is alot of Arabic PPl whos playing lol so we cant chat together Cause the Arabic language not available so PLease Riot Add The Arabic Language and Thx :D
Dont want to play league with arabic players, they will play ziggs and blow us all to kingdom come
jPancake (EUW)
: Team Recruitement - TEAM UNISYS
s2 ADC jinx sivir ashe Huge kda, win streaks strengths are nearly always winning, Laning, positioning, map awareness, division means nothing, im in silver but i beat friends who are platinum Weakness - struggling from behind against a team that focuses properly
: Why does it take OVER 48 hours for someone to get help?
Riot only speak to sell a new skin or champion:/ money first, summoners second
: Is there any available rioter for a fun game ??
riot staff only show up when they want to sell skins
Insanyti (EUW)
: Looking for a DUOq Partner to climb the ranks with
Know how you feel, always from s3 to s1 then back down, cant carry every game on my own, trolls afks etc, i main adc. Have added you
: Looking For a Bronze V DuoQ For Placment Matches
suppose, but then why not just throw your 10 games, that will get you bronze
Emabi (EUW)
: Jungle - I need help!
I would say as abit of an allrounder learn with gragas, you can work out your playstyle using him
: good luck with that haha
and your planning to duo with a b5 to win all your games and get a good placement, doesent work like that, if your playing with and against b5, well you do the math.
: Looking For a Bronze V DuoQ For Placment Matches
Eeten (EUW)
: Just had the same thing. Closing the Launcher and restart the Router helps. Seems like it's too late now, but for the next time.
small fixes are fun but it was my last promotion game to get into gold, and i lost the series and get a time ban, like come on it takes the piss abit. i played so much to get there
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: LOOKING FOR MEMBERS 5v5! 18+ Atleast Silver. ( For Competitions and get higher elo TOGHETER) SERIOUS
Main lane: ADC Secondary lane: Jungle Age:21 Champs you like playing with: Jinx sivir graves ashe gragas amumu nidalee What do you wanna archive being in a team : To progress with a team and see what we can acheive together Ranked status: silver 2 Do you have teamspeak or willing to download it: i have teanspeak How is your English?: I am english Other info (Optional):**My skill level is above my rank but low mmr, good all round level headed player Are you Ok if it happen to not be a MAIN Laner but a SUB?: yes
: Team LF ADC (Silver - low gold elo) max 16 year old
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: Ranked LP Gains and Loss Calculation Theory
not too sure about it all mate, had a ranked game that was 4v5 my support was AFK, i go 16-1 and carry the game and we win, i got 14 lp for the win
SirSoap (EUW)
: 8/2 in placements = Gold IV???
its not just based on your placement games, its calculated with your mmr and win lose ratio from the previous season
Ayne HD (EUW)
: just downloaded game, I get stuck on 32%. HELP !!
you have to wait, the client always sticks on 32 % then out of nowhere it will go to 95 % thats what its always done for me
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Quiz (EUNE)
: players these days - ranked silver
you have a point my friend, i play adc and carry most games, had a ranked game earlier, last promo game for silver 1 and i go 16-3 with jinx and over 200 farm more than anyone else, but the team was very bad and we lose, we lost 30 - 49. i cant shotcall and carry bad players every single game. riot need to sort the skill levels out.
: Elo hell, anyone?
Jefferson does have a point, i play with friends in plat and high gold and im better than some of them yet some silver players are that bad it is impossible for me to carry every game, the skill differences need to be sorted out.
Kinneas (EUW)
: Crash Course for Season 5.
just read the patch notes, alot more detailed than one of us explaining, fairly significant changes
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