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Husker (EUW)
: Master Thread - Updated Client FAQs & Issue Reports
Hi, I attempted to log into league today and I can't log in. It stays on the opening screen and they keeps saying "loading" on the left hand side, I aslo can't close the client unless I use the task manager. Can anyone help?
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: Well, it was nice, but that wasn't a prediciton, it was just kinda lucky that he went there man.
he predicted that he would go back to a shadow
: Fix your shit client, riot
You got a shit computer, your system sucks get a new one and get some new manners you dick
Kkochmu (EUNE)
: League Key Bindings
Press X and then click, if it is in the range of the circle that pops up, then you will auto attack the closest thing near to you.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: And you know that they don't get punished how?
MY friends flame me and i keep playing with them, thats how I know... Good enough answer?
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: League of Legends is a game for blacks
Ah, I have seen many posts like this and none of them have made me want to beat the living shit out of anyone as much as this onehas, I swear people like you should be confronted by all of the "black communities in Africa" and lets see how long you can go without getting your face pummeled. God how much i would like to see that and I know that many other people would love to see that too.
: I need RP , not so much ! :)
This made me laugh, Riot is not going to give you RP, Just becasue you want a skin on him and you are short of 15 Rp does not mean that you are going to get RP for free, that is how the system works.
Lynneau (EUW)
: Skill is not relevant! People in this community should accept everyone and not get mad at each other. And im sure you'll get better with the right guys playing with you
Lynneau (EUW)
: Friendly and Small Community lile CG! [Spazie, Acclamator, you name it!]
I'd like that, :) im from euw but im not too great at the game, and my friends do play with me that much, so Yea I love the idea
Bombardox (EUW)
: Make yasuo disabled forever for bronze players please ....
just because you are dog shit with a champion and the poeple that you have seen play him are dog shit at him does not mean everyone in bronze is bad with him, so please don't come at me with these posts as you know that riot will not ban yasuo for bronze... you stupid sock puppet
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: Which tank to buy?
sejuani and gragas are both strong
: Best LoL names ???
iSyLux (EUW)
: BUG: RIOT PLEASE FIX my hud is not working properly
you need to have allies in the game to see their hp...
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Puckab (EUW)
: Help me please!
Well, I would either lower my setting and ruin the experience or get a new computer or router
: Have I been drophacked ?
ok, so many people have had this problem, whether it is a drophack or not, I don't think that you will, be prosecuted by leavebuster
: Attempting to reconnect?
I have nt had this issue, I think that it may be a drophack. Drophacking is where you basically boot the enemy team off of the game but you are still connected, your ping with rise and you can not reconnect when the drop hack has been done. There is an official post on the matter if you'de like to check it out
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: where is my reform card about restriction?
i think that the tribunal don't look at the report, they see who gets the most report and no matter what chat bans them.
: Please its last time was when i did it
well... if you were really sorry you wouldn't have done it would you. I along with other players would like to think that you stay off of the feilds of justice
ArKteR (EUW)
: How to connect with facebook...
When you click add a friend you will see an option to connect to facebook, you click that and log into your facebook account. Glad I could help you
: I need a jungler for my team :)
: Searching for Pool Party team
Hello I think that I can help you, add me and we can talk about roles, I can play anything
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: They need to drastically rethink their servers for "normal" players, where they put loads of money into the servers for the top teams they leave the people who actually supply a lot of the money for this with the worst servers imaginable. I don't think this will change anytime soon, so unfortunately you will just have to get used to it.
But then again we pay money for skins and stuff so WE are funding riot I am saying that we shouldn't have to get used to it
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