: Maybe a higher difficulty bot game? It would be just fine with me! {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
> [{quoted}](name=TheKiller5510,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=IoPmoFcQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-26T11:00:04.536+0000) > > Maybe a higher difficulty bot game? It would be just fine with me! > {{sticker:sg-syndra}} yeah - maybe even with 5 Deepmind AI's on the enemy side :D that would be sooo cool
Bloodiko (EUW)
: LOL Bots (AI) and Gamemode Idea?
ya well , as some sort of training mode - like the Practice tool i just missed a good word for it - so i called it gamemode lets call it Trainingsmode then if thats better (i cant rename the thread though)
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Silent Note (EUNE)
: Yes, it's only available if you buy the event pass.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: So I did the math for earning the 100 Prestige Points next event
I've not yet totally understood how those events work I only get like 160 tokens each event, from the missions Thers nothing to grind from? Or is the grinding option available when you bought the event pass?
UnClear (EUNE)
: i cant pick champs in custome or cant pick skins in normal games
had this issue once too - just repair your client , it should do the trick
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: Play her and understand her weaknesses and problems
well I'll try that - although i suppose that I am the weakness when playing her... :D
: She didn't strike me as particularly strong in soloQ Gold/Plat, and I stopped playing her a while ago. Yes she can heal and has a (tiny) shield, but the mana cost early are also pretty high, and once she falls behind her dmg is almost nonexistent.
Well, if you fall behind as a support - your dmg is always nonexistent - no matter which support you play in my game we were pretty even though - she didnt play as agressive as she couldve done - so she healed as much as i did - but at the same time - she shielded the same amount (had in around 5k in healing and shielding) so its not that "tiny" and well i admit that sonas Mana costs are pretty high - yet it doesnt seem to stop her from winning - unless she gets stomped in early and as soon as she has one support item finished she doesnt have mana problems anymore and can outtrade any other support - as their mana costs are as high too (70 mana on bard w - Shrine [was on 90 xD] is pretty high too for the small amount of heal it provides)
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: changing regions doesn't seem to do much that way for me, for example when i click under my name there are two options euw and eune for some reason and when I click eune nothing happens I am still on euw boards
well sorry , my mistake - i thought it could work that way . didnt check again - but you can use the "NA Boards" links in the lowest section in the Boards menu on the left - if you really dont want to edit the URL - then you can navigate from there in the URL you just need to replace that .euw. part in "boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com" to NA - or whatever region you want to go
Teroooo (EUW)
: error with the game
are you by some chance running the game in Wine ? if not ignore this line and get to the next: Try Rightclicking the Icon and enter the Properties then try to find "Compatibility Settings" and change it to "win XP" to see if it works, if not - try windows 7 (i assume your on Windows 10 at this point) if it didn't help - Have you tried the "Hextech Repair Tool" from Riot Games Support ? if not - try it: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367-Automated-Troubleshooting-Hextech-Repair-Tool if even this does not help - you might ask the support as we might not be able to help you here
Zavisaar (EUW)
: System error
Have you tried the Hextech Repair Tool ? (not the "Full Repair" you can do from the client, but a total different programm , but officially by riot, you can find it here: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367-Automated-Troubleshooting-Hextech-Repair-Tool) if it doesnt Help: This Really seems like a case for the support - But if they dont know anything to help you; remember the time when it happens - then you might be able to check the logs from lol for a more detailled error so like is it a system error window from windows , or just a bugsplat from lol ? if so , when did it start to happen - what did you do on your PC before it happend (installed a new program, or got a update for any program ? )
: how to change the boards region without having to google it?
well either edit the URL or change region on the top right corner , under your Profile Name There is a drop down menu (in my case ATM "EUW (English)" ) if you click there you can change the region and or language without editing URL
: Losing LP For no reason...
seems to be strange - maybe someone else did a game in between ? - if it happens again, you may check your game history if there's another game you didnt play - if so - change password if not - you should probably ask the support > [{quoted}](name=BigBrainSuppMain,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=jnlexony,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-12T15:57:39.312+0000) > > Maybe it's a rounding error i dont see where this could be a rounding error - there is totally nothing which could lead to roundings as LP gains or loss are natural numbers
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ElZeengy (EUNE)
: 4GB update wtf !!
well thats the normal size for the client - so if you run it for the first time it does download this much on data or your client is heavily corrupted and you client needs to redownload the whole data (which is more likely to be the case, as your level 107)
: An update just got put live with a voluntary restart to apply
this is increadible unspecific if your missing items from opening loot - ask the support about it - nobody here will be able to help you with this and where is your title connected to your post ? Bloodiko
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Bloodiko (EUW)
: 9.4 Update and (Re-)Install failure
Update loop is Half Fixed now - the Client still tells me that it reverted to an older version (Every time i start Lol ), but it doesnt patch up regardless of the message. Also the "Unable to log you in. You might be offline" error is back, in around 1 of 10 starts the error is not there, which is odd? - Anyone else experiencing this since 9.4 ? - workaround with the config file (gameflow_pacher_look line deleting) does not work okay any1 able to help me here ? Bloodiko
Bloodiko (EUW)
: 9.4 Update and (Re-)Install failure
As for now: The Pre-Patcher works now and its downloading right now - hope that the Update loop is solved with the reinstall, else i'll continue here
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: Blitz Nexus After Game Forever Loading Game Results
This may not be a bug , if your internet crashes during the game (even if its only a split second) the client will loose connection and cant reconnect properly for some things , the game itself will functioning normal
BladeM99 (EUW)
: System Error : A critical error has occurred and the process must be terminated etc..
Well to answer your problem , this is caused by the new Anti-Cheat system they implemented on the 8.13 Patch i cant play anymore too - since i play on wine (on Ubuntu) which is not supported officially -.- try if you can play after each patch at least one game (or just check if it starts) in custom , or training mode thats what ill do from now on -.-
: Why do I get punished for Riot's mistakes?
Well to answer your problem , this is caused by the new **Anti-Cheat** system they implemented on the 8.13 Patch i cant play anymore too - since i play on wine (on Ubuntu) which is not supported officially -.- try if you can play after each patch at least one game (or just check if it starts) in custom , or training mode thats what ill do from now on -.-
Rismosch (EUW)
: Hold the phone. Windows is not garbage. Maybe you just don't know how to use it. Linux has nothing going for it for the homeuser. Linux is open source and developing on it is easier than on windows, but that's only a plus for companies and developers. Linuxs Client-Server structure is also a big plus for companies, but again this doesn't benefit the homeuser whatsoever. And even if you use it to program, Windows ain't that bad. Yes cmd sucks, but they created poweshell which is as good if not even better than bash. And if you use an IDE, that shouldn't be a problem anyway. And then there is the fact that Windows is more popular, meaning way more products are available and developers make software for it. By not using Windows and intentionally using Linux for no reason you are basically shooting yourself in the foot. So if you are no company and have no solid reason to use Linux, you intentionally choose to have a worse experience.
well then here are a few reasons: More System stability better logging (in case of an error) , so you can use this information to solve the problem (have you seen the new bluescreen from win 10 ?? its just dumb, no information whatsoever) ONE updater program , not every program brings its own updater as in windows no registry better settings - you know where you find what , not like in windows 10 where the most settings are hidden in several subwindows - to be "user-friendly" more possibilities with root (your admin account can do almost nothing in windows , yet its probably good , as most people have no clue on how to use it properly) powershell is as bad as cmd btw Its free - i dont give any more money to Microsoft the only fact that windows is more popular is that it got incredible high publicity in early years , and for today, most ATMs and school pcs run with windows (due to the fact that the government tells them to use windows) but the more people switch to linux - the less money will microsoft get and pobably even dies out im pretty happy with the fact that im not running windows now for i suppose 6 years now
Rismosch (EUW)
: Why do you use Linux in the first place? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Cause windows (especially windows 10) ist just total garbage, its only good for gaming - but many games do get ported to linux at the moment (except for LOL {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} ) And these Ported Games (which run without wine) do even work better (so with better FPS) in linux with the same config (i've tried with stellaris, mincraft too , but minecraft kinda doesnt count there as its java and not plain linux)
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello Bloodiko Only a month ago 16.04 had some changes and now the new version comes out. I would give 3-6 months before updating from 16.04-18.04 because both vine and Ubuntu need to do some more updates/changes before this OS is fully ready for everything. When your OS is updatable and a new version is coming out, it's normal to have some FPS drops. Make sure you have all the latest drivers etc installed too that are compatible with your new OS version. Cap your FPS at 60 in the game options and make sure that you have **Movement Prediction** unchecked under gameplay options, see if the FPS keeps causing issues.
> [{quoted}](name=SeekerK,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=FNIGjdvo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-29T06:06:20.845+0000) > When your OS is updatable and a new version is coming out, it's normal to have some FPS drops. Make sure you have all the latest drivers etc installed too that are compatible with your new OS version. Well , yes , normally i do wait until upgrading (or like in this case Reinstalling the OS) , but i had some errors in 16.04, like my XFCE was freezing when i skipped some time in a video playing in VLC , my ttys were broken and some more. So i really wanted to reinstall which i did , and since then i cant play lol , the fps drops i mentioned were within 16.04 , not due to the upgrade. Ill wait some time to see if wine gets an update, or lol fixes the problem. Ill look into the point with movement prediction when its working again, thanks :)
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J4cky (EUNE)
: Happens to me as well. I have been playing with 4 other people all of which were fine, I was the only one crashing. I am running LoL on Ubuntu 17.10 though and the game is started using Lutris + Wine. When I disable voice chat, I am fine, no crashes.
its the same for me , running on ubuntu 16.04 with wine and pol , from the POL log: "Call from 0x7b440332 to unimplemented function ucrtbase.dll.nexttowardf, aborting" crashed in champ select twice , bc voice chat activated , despite having autoconnect disabled
: You can edit "LeagueClientSettings.yaml" in "...\League of Legends\Config"; open the file with notepad and change the locale to ja_JP. Now, I'd advise you against doing that if you are not at least moderately fluent in the language as you won't be able to use the client or read the item descriptions/champion abilities --and considering how often the games receives updates, memorizing everything is not really an option. If you just want to change the in-game CVs, I'm pretty sure there are plenty of tutorials available out there on how to do just that. Keep in mind that these usually involve modifying/replacing game files, so do that at your own risk. I've never done this myself so I can't help you with that.
k then thanks though :)
: Huh? It's just a visual bug then. The item has been changed yet. I'm playing the game in Japanese and the item still has its old description. Check if the description is still the same in game. I don't want to do this myself as I'll have to download another ~ 2GBs worth of patches when I switch back to English.
yeah noticed it to , its on live , the description is already the new one (with kinda hard numbers, lol) , but the effect is the old one , cd is also still the same as originally but another qeustion , how do you play in japanese, i want to too , and thought it wouldnt be possible yet with the new client :D (yet i only want the audio, as i cant read kanji)
Viavarian (EUW)
: You need to add an override for msvcp140. No need to change any files, just add the override. There's also an annoying issue that causes the client not to start sometimes, it just hangs. In that case, kill the process and launch it again. Aside from that, it works fine for me (with wine-staging 2.1).
Well, I did try this, but for some reason it still didn't work, but after I overridden the dll again it worked I don't know thank you :)
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