: EU LCS Spring Finals Tickets
Is the ticket collector option worth the extra 50dkk?
: Hi. Im main adc, we could play together if you like.
Good Luck dude, you'll need it. He's a needy cookie and can't handle himself. He needs help not an ADc. -- From the guy that tried to ADc with him just the other night (even gave him a second try)
: Bronze Team to have fun in Clash
: Bronze Team to have fun in Clash
We badly require a Jungler and a Top laner. Don't be shy!!
: Bronze Team to have fun in Clash
We already have a bot lane and possible jungler and mid. Still looking for mid/jungle/top mains
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: bronze 3 supp looking for adc main
I am a Bronze III adc, if you feel like a match or two. Add me and talk to me. Same as Xarlii I like chill ppl. {{champion:127}}
: Support Main LF EUW Club
Hey, I'm a Bronze ADc looking for a good mate in the bot lane. If you wanna play a couple of games hit me up :) IGN is BloodyMace just as in this forum :)
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TDL Demon (EUW)
: Bronze team in need of adc and support
Cannot add you, if you still looking for a person, I usually play bot, main adc role but secondary support. Add me: BloodyMace
: Hey , i'm a silver player and i would really like to join your team, i main mid jungle and adc , but i can play all lanes. I play everyday and as you can see i know how to speak english. I main {{champion:81}} , {{champion:7}} , {{champion:76}} , {{champion:38}}
I added you, looking forward to have a chat! :D
H3lipil0t (EUW)
: Hi (IGN: H3lipil0t) I'm Silver player (almost gold) and i would like to see if we could cooperate, Main Roles are Jungle and Botlane Main champs Jungle: J4, vi, reksai, vi, lee sin Botlane: ez, thresh blitz and morg I hear from you PS: ill ad you in game
I found you on my friend list, hope we can have a chat soon :) Don't be shy :P
TPukelis (EUW)
: Well hello there, I'm interested in joining your team I'm most comfortable in jungle and mid however i can switch if necessary I play pretty much everyday
Hit me up ingame, I will try to get to you asap, Thanks for your interest :D
: Hey, I'm silver adc/supp main ( {{champion:104}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:25}} and I have a guilty pleasure in {{champion:133}} ), and I play a little top too. I suck ass at mid and jungle, I'm just going to go ahead and put that out there. I don't play a lot of ranked as you can see from my profile but I have a decent record. I mostly just want to make new friends and I love playing in 5's teams (got the 2nd tier ward for last season ^-^) I'm from America but currently in Germany, so my English is meh lol. It seems I'm a little late to be posting as an adc/supp player, but if you'll have me I'd be down to play.
American accent fused with German, I wonder what that sounds like....pm me in game if you are still interested! {{summoner:31}}
: Im up for playing learning comps and working as a team. ill play and train anything that the team needs.
: [LFM] Bronze/Silver Semi-Serious Team LF Good Team Mates
Thanks for the great response!!! {{summoner:30}} Last 3 slots remaining, please add me ingame and pm me, will try to get back to you asap.
Eagerness (EUW)
: ***
Everyone can join, just add me ingame and leave me a pm, we'll have a chat. Thanks :)
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CG Spazie (EUW)
: > Do you ever pass through weird moments which drain all your mental energy and motivation? And if yes, how do you deal with it having to make 3 videos a week? Yes, all the time! Getting past these barriers is actually a big part of the job and a necessity if you’d ever wanna pursuit this as a full time job. Having a steady and expected stream of content in the feed is crucial partly for effective growth but also in some cases to make sure you have a paycheck at the end of each month. My creative blockades are usually not too long and how do I get through them? Well 90% of the time it’s all about sitting down and forcing oneself to do it even tho you might not be “feeling it”. You might create a stinking turd of a video, but that can later then be refined into a decent one. A successful Swedish author once said “Inspiration is for amateurs” - a blunt saying but one that I actually find to help to think of. > what do you think of veigar in this patch with his e? I think the final baoz might need some more work. I too would like his cc to be more dynamic and reactable but yea, right now it’s pretty tough for him in mid. > will you ever open a Fast Food restaurant and sell acclanuggets I’d have to bring this up with the Nugget himself and see what he thinks about this idea. I am a decent chef actually.
Thanks for your reply Sp4zie!!!! I pass through a lot of them myself but believe me you still do a great job. I'm always looking forward to your videos for a good laugh. Keep it up!!!! :D
: Crisp to da maximum or free riot points (kengen pls fix euw) Oh darn {{champion:161}}
The Crisp to da Maximum Video was truly a gem, never laughed so much on a LoL video!! Infact I re-watched it today to get in the Sp4zie spirit xD


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