Kurotsu (EUW)
: Post your LoL Jokes here!
wanna hear a really funny Joke ? TSM
: Burn or shine: EU takes on the world
NA 0-10 again splyce will destroy that pathetic excuse of a team G2 will make clg ff at 20 if the game is not even over by that time already NA fangays are gonna cry just like last year
: i think eu gonna fail so hard this year{{item:3070}}
Well even if they do we all know they can't do worse then NA in 2015 0-10 pathetic trash
: can we delete yasuo?
and {{champion:92}} to
Christien (EUW)
: I know that but some people dont
everybody does when someone says i am way better then you they are not saying i am pro they are saying we are both trash but you are worse
Siachyu (EUW)
: NA and EU are very close with TSM having the edge over G2. We were the 2nd best region but NA has the edge over us right now. A lot depends on whether our (eu) teams can bring the FNC/OG belief that they can beat any team in the world. We wont know until the tournament gets going so we can only hope. You can guarantee TSM will have that belief. I don't know enough about China to know how they stand at the moment.
what the actual f%%#ck you are such a traitor TSM icon? saying they are better without even playing any game's you clearly don't remember last year '' OH THIS IS THE YEAR NA WILL WIN WORLDS AND DO BETTER THEN EU '' goes 0-10 all teams stuck in groups same with this year overhyped trash region until they allow 4 imports in a team NA will never go far
: Worlds 2016: EU’s Redemption?
I Think the one's trying to redeem themselves should be North America MSI was a total fluke for CLG and was a total mistake for G2 2015 was the biggest failure that North America has ever had! we are still the 2nd best region while North America is the worst sitting near the wildcard teams
Thornleif (EUW)
: How to report a player with really aggressive behaviour in post game chat?
don't you think there should be a place for people to tell the rest of the team a piece of their mind ? why the hell are you even complaining i don't understand every 4th board OH WE NEED MORE REPORTING REPORT REPORT REPORT MUST REPORT Christ grow up man its your fault you wasted time and looked at the chat after the game
: i think that the main problem is that silver players think there is no difference between gold and silver But they cant get there.
there is just not a big one at least not silver 1 - gold 3
Christien (EUW)
: Many people that are gold think they are finally pro players, while most of the time people that are stuck in G5 on 0lp are actually worse than high silver players xD
anybody below high master's is not even close to being pro
Weelah (EUNE)
: G5 Jungler flames S1 ADC
Silver 1 is basically gold 5 not much of a difference
: Azir and deciding on where to go next
Azir is good as he is just weak he should have never been nerfed if a champion takes allot of skill to play to do good not braindead {{champion:157}} the player should be rewarded for mastering such a hard champion doing the perfect combo's and everything but ofc he got nerfed for no reason hard
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I forgot to report, now his death wishing will get unnoticed
or you could not care about a person that you will never see in your life ever again this is not an isis member sending you a letter that says you are going to die in the next 24 hours its a 12 year old that got tilted the fact that you go to this margin to complain why somebody didn't get banned cause you can't use the Mute feature is really just sad tbh
: Championship Jewels
: Worst player on team criticises others?
its simple if you are doing the worst you blame your team cause you think its there fault you are inting but if you are doing the best you flame them cause they are not doing as good as you
: So........We can get Championship Riven but not Riot Singed?
what does Riot Singed have to do with freaking worlds ??!??!/1?/1/!? and releasing skins that were only owned by a small amount of players completely destroys the value of that skin they should never do this thing ever again some skins need to stay in the past that is what makes them so great the rarity of them imagine how frustrated people would be if they released the rammus skin that players got for playing League Beta
Okuma (EUNE)
: Someone tell me a bedtime story.
Once upon a time there lived a boy named Billy his family was bronze Billy had a hard life going he went to school and got bullied cause everybody in the school was diamond besides 1 girl they played together day and night climbing through the ladder they finally reached silver they got married and and they lived happily ever after The End
: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse#your-account Point 1.4 "You can’t share your account or Login Credentials with anyone. You can’t sell, transfer or allow any other person to access your account or Login Credentials, or offer to do so."
: If you get that mad over a game... lol
'' over a game '' did you actually just say that okay you are clearly one of those idi%os ITS JUST A GAME BRO JUST A GAME JUST A GAME go away forever and never come back
: Yes, but if you want it on lvl 30, you gotta work for it, hate it or not that's the truth.
or just buy one and save your sanity
GLurch (EUW)
: Virus? He said he uses a script for it and we all know scripting is not allowed, so I was just wondering if Riot could punish someone for using it.
one thing is scripting the other is this Like how the actual f is disabling chat helping you besides stopping you from flaming Like what the actual f$%ck just stop let people stop flaming instead of spreading lies
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: Sadly you can get permaban for this. Good try though{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: they arent forced to create smurfs. Just play on one account ;)
and they aren't forced to play on one account anybody can have as many accounts as they want hate it or not that's the truth
Just Cat (EUW)
: well, i warned oyu about the risks. It is still yoru choice if use it or not.
there are no risks sorry but are you stupid this isn't freaking GTA V download full 100% safe its a freaking script that disables chat Christ
Just Cat (EUW)
: but he created this programm just recently how can u had it for years?
he created his own version of it this thing has been here for years just different variations doing the same thing
m0hler (EUW)
: Hi Diana E, Oh we care alright and we're working on it. We're working on lots of things in the backgrounds but can't go into too much detail so to tip of those who write or use bots for leveling up accounts, etc. I am in the same position and see lots of bots in my ARAMs on EUW, it can be painful to play but please keep submitting reports. Mohler
or Riot maybe just let people that got to 30 make an account and that account would be level 30 would fix everything nobody would bot since nobody would buy the bot accounts <3 btw remove dynamic queue <3
Shøckføx (EUNE)
: Why make your teammates feel bad about themselves?
'' cause kids are bad and they need to know they are bad '' hehe xd
Just Cat (EUW)
: ok , i will make it fair. The programm is risky, first it can probably get oyu banned, so you should consult riot support first, second programm like this could easily be hidden malware, which can destroy your computer. I recommend you instead unbinding your enter key , so you can never chat in game at all. or simply remove it when you are playing.
it can't get you banned it doesn't do anything beside stop you for flaming its freaking Auto Hotkey i have had this program for years its freaking not only used for this not even close
munraker (EUW)
: this game is dying and its not cuz there are better games...just saying
the game is dying '' 100 + million active monthly players while the closest competition has around 12 million ) hmmmmmm
: I know, I am trying hard to be a better league player. I also resized the chat box to half its size so i dont give that much attention. But we are humans in the end and make mistakes. Any other ideas so that I can eliminate that 0.01% flame? I just want to eliminate it for ever. Thats all. Feels bad cause its not worthy getting benned for minor issues.
BTW try to avoid playing normal's at all for example i can't control myself at all while playing normal's insta tilted and flaming but in ranked i can focus and blur everything else out besides the game
: I know, I am trying hard to be a better league player. I also resized the chat box to half its size so i dont give that much attention. But we are humans in the end and make mistakes. Any other ideas so that I can eliminate that 0.01% flame? I just want to eliminate it for ever. Thats all. Feels bad cause its not worthy getting benned for minor issues.
idk man there is a thing called AutoHotkey it disables your enter key while you are in game google it just try to not care for me its nothing matters just the win Boosteed animals can be Boosted animals just focus on nothing besides the game and insta mute people who flame or are just annoying you
: The issuie is spoken about 5-10 times/week on this very forum. Its not allowed but there is not much riot can do. Botting is prevalent in many online games and its near impossible to win a battle against botters. The sheer amount of them makes it impossible to stop them. One botter can make thousands accounts. Ive reported around 1000 bots in the last 5 or so months and havent received a single ban pop up. Making account is free and selling it is good bussiness. Problem is distinction between actual person and a bot which is very difficult b/c bottting software is constantly updated. Why do you think every1 receives dozens of junk mail/spam everyday on their email box. Thanks to bots (not only lol has bots). Its good money and as long it will stay that way people will be botting in many forms and ways.
and stopping people from saving somebody's sanity by selling level 30 accounts is not a bad thing i don't care who you are but you know that leveling is boring annoying painful probably the reason 60% of the flamers are flamers
: Maybe ppl dont hit the report button as much as they could.
maybe people don't care why the hell would they report that so they can't buy level 30 accounts anymore and they have to sit through the pain and suffering that is leveling that is the worse experience in league
: Leveling Bots a real issue.
dude play normal's some people can't stand the ca#cer that is leveling to 30 are you seriously complaining about bots ? in bot games? where else are they going to go ? be happy its in bot games nobody even gives a single sh%t about bots everybody hates leveling new players will never learn anything bye playing bots new players go play normals and anyway if you can't even freaking beat bots 1v5 then something is clearly wrong
GLurch (EUW)
: I would contact the Riot Support and ask, if there is anything risky with it. It's not that there could be a virus or anything in the software, since you programmed it yourself, but if League of Legends detects the program and sees it interfering with anything in the game, it could permanently ban you for using 3rd party software. I don't know much about the detection of 3rd party programs in League of Legends, but I do know you will get punished if it detects you using any not allowed 3rd party software. It's just saver to ask the Support.
dude what virus i have it to it freaking makes you unable to use your enter key in League while the program is on this has been a thing for years now
Rioter Comments
: 10 game chat restriction. Please tell me how to make that chat window vanished.
flaming in 1 game hard is basically 10 times worse then saying fuck all of you and then not saying anything the entire game to the robot that goes through the chat logs pretty much
Najns (EUW)
: What is the story behind your Summoner Name?
I would like to hear Ballsjohnson69's story lmao
l MrD l (EUW)
: Are riot still working on dynamic queue?
'' we are going to make big changes to dynamic queue ( basically removing it ) in 2017 '' big hopes allot of good feedback from the changes already they will probably remove dynamic queue entirely and restore solo/duo queue high hopes my friend high hopes
: Make Urf Great Again - supplement
All the stupid aram idiots saying this is such a good thing with there stupid little aram accounts disgusting random ruined urf
: I think he's got a good idea! Perhaps if you were to choose in priorities, like how you choose your role in draft mode, but with mages or bruisers Amumu, Malph, Zed, blitz etc. are all not mages, yet still very popular in URF. What you say didn't happen in normal URF, -where you can choose whomever you want-,so why should it happen here?
: Why AR URF is stupid.
: They could buff the fountain that we are invincible inside, there it goes away, and add a ban phase
: They should do like first URF the pre bans and maybe add 1 or 2 bans
: just dont play it, bro, just dont...show you are against this screwed mode and ignore it... old URF was more about teamwork while new is 90%luck -i dont know what fcking nunu can do vs riven or zed -ult them? when they just dash away? or permaslow them? sure, think again... Rito, do it URF and ARURF so we can choose what we LIKE
This sucks dude we just want URF back the good URF not this garbage the URF that made every single Person that ever played league come back for a few days the URF that was the most fun people have ever had in league ever
Metharius (EUW)
: you do not balance something with randomness . that s idiotic
ikr are people stupid how the actual fu^k is random balanced LIKE WHAT THE F%^CK
: Well, I consider ap shaco on URF as the most boring cancer-gamplay champion. Every game on regular URF there's a guy who picks op champs and goes way beyond tryhard to win... I like random URF more.
SO INSTEAD OF THE ENEMY PICKING OP CHAMPS and you picking op champs to you want them to get op champs and for you to get useless trash
The Yukeh (EUW)
: ARURF is the most toxic iteration of URF to date - but there's only ONE reason why.
OLD URF B ETTER IN EVERY WAY FINALLY SOMEBODY WITH A BRAIN WHY CAN'T WE JUST GET NORMAL URF WHYYYYYYYY NO MORE RANDOM NO MORE it ruined URF and that's coming from a guy that loves URF to death like why can't we just get normal URF or anything else besides re3arded RNG Ascension urf dominion URF hexakill URF on the 3v3 map anything i can't believe they managed to ruin something so great i hate it its literally having luck decide if you are going to suffer or have fun instead of you its so disgusting man
: {{champion:120}} URF main detected.
Yeah sorry its more fun to play {{champion:120}} and 1 shot then {{champion:429}} and do nothing URF RUINED
Riddarn (EUNE)
: This is the first time URF has been fun since the original 2014 version. I hope it stays the way it is.
YEAH ITS FUN to get boring and trash champions while the enemy gets the most op champs in URF no its fuc^ing not
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