: tbh thats dumb ._. 1. what if you want to leave the kill for your team 2. what if you missed 1st q on target and want to hit the rest on him but you cant because the minions are neer, you will have to wait for him to run the press qs 3.what if you are trying to last hit (cs) under tower 4. what if you are leashing blue buff you want more? i can give you xD
But you could still do that by tapping it or holding it for only 2 seconds, firing only two spikes, its not that if you tap or hold for a sec that it will fire all 3. It just fires until you stop holding it. Timing the spell to fire only one/two is very easily done. I just want to prevent having to spam it literally all game, for instance in a 5 minute team fight bc cooldown is 0s. When my hand is hurting after a few games and getting worse everyday it shows that it's not only tiring but also unhealthy. This is not only me, though the years I've seen similar discussions pop up every once in a while on Reddit etc.
Wen294 (EUW)
: hehe, old evelynn in urf. Now that's where the RSI was at. On a serious note, if you're jungle clearing there's not as much of a need to spam. Just use them before they expire and it's okey. Unless you're about to kill them ofc.
You don't have to spam, but your clear will be slower ofc.
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eQ LiNhOs (EUW)
: Patch Download
For me that solved itself after a long wait. Another thing u can try is repair client, u can find this option at the question mark at the top right. Also check if ur firewall blocks anything.
: Air Client UI/UX Suggestions
I think Riot can make awesome UI designs, like they did with the new champion select. Some things in this client are outdated and I expect an update in S6.
: One thing for every ADC out here.
I love those thresh players that let me fail 5 minions before one good proc of{{item:3097}} Sometimes I ask the supp to take {{item:3301}} bc of this :p
kortik425 (EUW)
: Weird bug Game all DC
Europe West is down again, but no Loss Prevented for me :[
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