: diamond supp main looking for a team (Any Elo)
Hey man, I seem to be looking for something similar. I'm P4, if you don't get one or just get part of one or wanna try put one together definitely hit me up.
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: Plat 4 - Diamond 4 roster currently looking for a support to finish roster
Hey man, I'm P4 at the moment - main bot then supp. I work full time regular office 9-5 job so could only somewhat commit! If that's not idea no bother, I could easily just be a substitute role or help if needed at a time. (So others still definitely comment and enquire even though I've commented!)
: Gold/Plat Team Recruiting
Added, would be looking for a more causal setting but still taking it serious in game - pref 1) ad 2) jng 3) supp :)
: need permanant mid and jungle
I am not able to commit to a full time team with work, but if you guys need a secondary in case someone is missing feel free to hit me up :)
: LF High Silver - Gold Top Laner for Flex
Added, dont fully main top - plat elo in soloq but still silver in flex so feel like it would be fine :) if thats not cool its g!
Nibblez (EUW)
: Plat Support (Flex & Solo Q) LF Team
Hey man, I'm a plat player looking for something similar. I'm a bot main, but can play other roles just fine :) hit me up if you wanna try get anything together.
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Lazyyawn (EUW)
: ***
little mad boy that people disagree that you're attempting to play a newly implemented free game and not getting in game rewards. its still in beta theyre trying something new, give it time :)
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Equestria (EUW)
: lf chill people to play with ^-^
: Im a high plat smurf wanting to boost people FOR FREE (i enjoy it)
why do you have a negative win loss if youre a smurf then
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Hamza (EUW)
: LF Duo or Team
currently playing on an iron smurf rn just got it, plat on main if u wanna join IGN: Skart1234
needoDesu (EUW)
: ADC Smurf looking for active support to climb together!
Hey bro, added there. just finished promos on a smurf and got placed iron cause fresh acc so ill get up asap to duo
vYwVTodd (EUW)
: Lf lulu (funnel) plat
Hulahop (EUW)
: yo, your summoner name doesn't seem to exist
Hey dude, my bad, sent in the old account name, I added you on the right one
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: ADC looking for support duo bot
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: LF Plat+ Adc Main!
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Montage (EUW)
: lf adc duo, (support main 70% winrate)
Hey dude, added you there. Lower rank so if you don't wanna duo its g but I'm an adc main with a good winrate and like having a non-toxic person to have a game with! I'll link my op.gg http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=BollyGiggs
: I stated why i wasn't that great. The other lane's lost hard so i can't really do much. 1st game i ended lane 6-1, mid was already 0-5 and bot was feeding to oblivion and had no pressure. 3RD game i was playing brand support, and had the same cash as my mid lane. Nothing else i could of done. with 2 item midlander vs the enemy 4 item mid laner. Their mid had 8k cash difference to are mid. 4th game, i was playing fiddle. Fizz lost hard to lb and Darius top was 0-3 by the 4 min. Spend the whole game being ganked by mid and jungler.
Over a long period of games (such as over 100 you're saying) you can't really blame matchmaking or teammates. You're ahead? Roam and transition your lead. Team doing bad? Be positive in chat. Tilting? Stop playing for an hour or even the day. A loss of a game can be a teammates fault, but over a long period of time your rank is your skill, that's why the top players are always at the top. The game isn't about individual laning skill, its about playing with a team and adapting to their actions. If you ended lane 6-1 you should be able to roam and help or something like that, not tryna be bad or anything but if you're tryna win then don't look for excuses why you lost, we can all always do something better, hope the climb turns back in your favor man :)
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: Currently Gold 3 75LP LF Duo partner to climb to plat!
hey dude, feel free to look me up on og.gg and add me: BollyGiggs
: Yi/Jax LF Taric Gold/Plat - Freelo
Im a gold taric main that wouldnt mind trying it
: Gold 1 ADC Looking for team
Hey man, I just made a post about people looking for teams around this caliber. Feel free to check it out :) https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/okOExvgd-new-teamgroup-setup-silvergold
: GOLD 5 support main looking for team and/or adc duo
Hey man, I just made a post about people looking for teams around this caliber. Feel free to check it out :) https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/okOExvgd-new-teamgroup-setup-silvergold
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: Why is it so hard to play in Bronze?
For every game there are 5 people on the enemy team who can %%%% up and 4 on yours if you don't, honestly each individual game is down to you and the team but you can't attribute climbing to teammates. Bot losing? Transition your lead there. Losing lane? Submit lane and make sure that if your laner roams signal it. Theres some games that teammates do ruin, but you should still be able to do something yourself better if you want to climb. Informing your teammates of what you think they should do a lot makes them tilted cause you look like an asshole to them sometimes. Goodluck with the climb.
: [EUW] [Silver] - Professional Slayers (Squad) - for Bronze 2 and silver- gold players
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: Looking for ADC and TOP Main for competitive ranked Flex 5v5 (Other roles accepted as subs) EUW
ADC main who'd try out some games, see how it goes. I added you anyway
: Plat3 on smurf LF players duo/flex
I'm interested enough, looking to enter gold now in the next few weeks. Hit me up if you want
: Looking for people to play flex ranked games with!
Yo man, just looking through here and would be interested, I main adc. Only thing is I'm currently S2 not gold. It's g if its not enough, feel free to add me BollyGiggs or just look up the profile! All the best.
Revazix (EUW)
: Looking for partner / team
Whats the level? I'm an adc main who wouldn't mind if it was going well.
Ad2k17 (EUW)
: [EUW] New account 18 lvl here (d4 adc eune smurf) looking for people/support
Yeah I'll do it if you want, sent a friend request on my smurf im trying to level up (aSofBBLT), main account is BollyGiggs if you wanna look it up before.


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