: Reunite Eu servers. It was so great to play all together before july 2011. when Rito desided to split it because of server issues. Now they have a lot more money and could fix it, but...its easier to let it splited
I agree, merging both servers would be great. Everyone who tries harded to win plays on West anyway. Most of the pros from Europe are from EUNE regions but they all have to play on EUW because Riot has forgotten EUNE exists...
: pls stay on euw, eune is getting clean, most of i wont say so my reply doesnt get deleted transfer on euw hhhhh
I am actually a EUNE player, played there from 2012 to 2019 and I moved to EUW 2 months ago because I have 5 or 6 friends that play in EUW, so I wanted to play with them. In these 2 months, I've been left with the impression that people in EUW are more toxic, compared to the ones in EUNE.
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