: is riot even informed about alista bug which is critical?
> [{quoted}](name=8EEEEEEEEEEEEEED,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=P5JZKc9F,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-04T08:34:05.626+0000) > > if you press w and then press the bq at the same time, what do you mean with bq?
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: Riot just why T.T
You have to understand that soloQ and teamranked are 2 different things. It doesn't matter which rank you are in soloQ when you are playing teamranked. when your team is gold you pretty much play against plat and diamond players only.
: Why so Riot delaying Ekko so much?
They have to make sure he's balanced... better bring him out in a decent shape than bringing another overpowered champ that is pretty much perma banned for the next weeks...
Sawy (EUW)
: Just got banned for 2 pplz going afk.
well the only thing I can think of is "push mid"... I assume you wrote that in all chat and thats pretty much saying the enemy team you are afk and they should finish. I'm not saying that you should be banned for that but it really is the only thing that makes sense to me. Or there was something else and you are not showing us everything...
Rioter Comments
: To beat Riven in lane,you need to deny her farm and not give her kills
In my experience against Riven there are two ways how you can beat her: 1. Pick a champion with good base dmg and just build tanky. Just pick something like Maokai, Nasus or even Irelia and use your TP early to get a few armor items before you both hit level 6. Let her take creep aggro early to make her lane push and then just farm under/close to your tower. 2. Pick a champ you know really well and who you are able to beat Riven with. For me thats Irelia. I max E and whenever she tries to go on me or used some cooldowns I trade with E+AA and then just disengage. As soon as I got something around 1300G I buy a sheen a few pots and port back to lane. From that point you are super strong in short trades with your stun and sheen procs but she can burst you when you overextend. Most champs that build somewhat tanky beat Riven in the midgame before she gets her last whisper.
: Low piority queue's...
You have games in your history that show you were trolling yourself (0:13:0 Ad Syndra). But if what you are saying is true and you are a poor victim of Rito then just play normal draft mode until you get "normal" teams again

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