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: Ah, you misunderstand. I still try to win the game. I just don't enjoy it and I think getting out of the game faster by surrendering is the better option. Yesterday for example I had an appallingly unpleasent game that I won. Not my team. I. We killed 4 of them (which admittedly enabled me to single handedly win the game. Honor where honor is due :-) and we had only a single super low health minion against their two nexus towers. While my team continued bumbling around like idiots and probably drooling, I tanked both towers so the minion will live and we will be able to damage those towers before the enemy respawns. But I started another surrender vote while doing so since that would have gotten me out of that game even faster. edit: It was a game where I had teammates who'd stop fighting to spam "laugh" when their inferior brains accepted that they lost a fight. I was just out of lantern range and even pinged incoming. Had he walked to me, I could have lanterned him out. Had he at least fought, it could have meant the difference in the next fight. God, I _hate_ playing with those %%%%tards. Why did you make me remember that horrible, horrible game? When will surrender be off cooldown again?! ACK!
Thanks for for explanation. But I dont think I misunderstood. You would rather give up to get out of a game than ending it. Doesn't sound like the way I play the game. However we all play the game for different reasons. I just don't like to give up. It doesn't seem right in any sport / esport where you compete.
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: You can drag the surrender vote window to the bottom right corner so you're not effected by it. That being said, I like to start surrender votes when I don't enjoy being in that game and I write "eugh" if the vote fails. I'll start a surrender vote if it comes off cooldown while we're whacking on their nexus after we aced them.
So you like to quite a game you comitted to because thing's arent going you way? That mentally is not healthy for League in the long run, (in my opinion) but it has unfortunately become very popular. Try to make the comeback, try to win the game. In any other sport you don't just quit cause you're behind. You finish the game. I would like this to apply to LoL as well.
: or make it people can't start the vote 2 times in a row? So he starts at 15:00 and can only start again 3 minutes after another surrender vote has failed
: I say revamp it slightly, have 1 surrender vote at 15 minutes and people gain a surrender vote every 3-5 minutes. Seems better to me.
It's about limiting the surrender votes coming out from a certain player. They can already start a vote each 3 mins.
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: A Letter To Riot
Hey man, I agree a lot with you. The part where I don't agree is that it is almost impossible to comeback after a deifcit. It is not. We, the players make it hard, because we have gotten used to /ff all the bloody time. If your team actually focused a litlle instead of giving up I bet you could easily exploit some of the enemy player's mistakes and get a huge shutdown bonus. Problem is that when ppl get behind in League they tend to tilt and therefore make a lot of mistakes. Keep a good positive mental attitude out there summoners, it will go a long way - even if you loose!
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