Stell (EUW)
: After 6-7 permabans you should realize by now that the permabans are not handed solely for the chat logs that are shown to you. Your toxic behavior keeps flagging your account more and more, you get chat restrictions and 14 day bans as warnings until these final games are just the last nails in the coffin. It's the overall toxicness , not the last 2-3 games shown to you, that get you banned. These 2 games just triggered the final ban.
These are my only toxic games in the past 3 months, and as I said I dont even consider these that toxic. After the 2 week suspension I waited out the reform duration to get hextech loot, which I did get back, so it seemed like they did notice my shot at reforming. Annoying that after that long long process, I snap for 2 games and tell some randoms who are telling me to get cancer to "stfu" and I get perma'd. Wouldnt be surprised if my teammates were untouched from those games either.
Perilum (EUW)
: Before a perma ban you get at least two bans. So you didn't use your last chance. And you just don't insult, flame and blame everyone and everything. No you also literary spam the chat with your nonsense. Prepare your 8th account. But do us all a favor and just play another game. You're clearly not able to behave like a normal human.
Damn you honestly might be even more toxic than I am. And I have 7 perma'd accounts.
: I got my fourth perma yesterday, too bad I have spent £300 on this acc and £500 on other acss
My first account was a tragic loss, this one did have about 20 euros into it.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Hey man you type A LOT, way to much. you are in ranked did you forget that? if you spend so much time typing ofc you will be consider a flamer cause out of all those things you going to flame. you rage a lot. You also said this // > Boosted àpe: can we > Boosted àpe: stop > Boosted àpe: typing > Boosted àpe: ? Why did you still keep on typing then? man personally I might need 10-20games to type that much , and I am usually saying the following "Gj" "no dont worry its my bad that I died not yours" "Jungle can I red" and my most favorite to ppl like you "Muted" see the difference ? if you going to make a new account DONT TYPE . you should have learned by now. I am gonna quote one of einstein's sayings. > doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. that was the definition of Insanity , anyhow if you are going to make a new account dont type. or just stop playing Online games.
To be honest, after playing this game, I might consider myself borderline crazy. Its insane how one player can %%%% up your game, and even more crazy when it happens every single game for 3 weeks straight. Thanks for your reply.
: It was a bit long to read tbh, but compared to toxicity that I meet everygame, it rather should be honored for good behavior than reported for toxicity -.-. As it also seems there you were pointing out mistakes normally, not trashtalking so I have no clue why would it be banworthy.
Haha yeah I feel the same about it not being that bad and not banworthy imo either. Thanks for your opinion :)
Tarolock (EUW)
: first of all id like a copy of your novel once its finished (if you would take as much time playing the game as you do writing in chat you prolly wouldnt have problems with players bullying you) secondly: getting 6 permaban doesnt sound like trying to be less toxic to me
I usually type while dead or while running back to lane, so it doesn't really affect my gameplay unlike my teams in both cases who literally just stood still typing and ended up dying because of it. I think my name is a big issue, it was chosen as a joke but a lot of people use it as a childish way to try and pick on me, which just gets annoying sometimes (you match your name, etc.) Good thing my new account doesn't have such a name. And I am trying to be less toxic, I'm actually way less toxic. I honestly don't see these logs as toxicity but rather as trying to understand and help my team and trying to bring the game back.
: Not ban worthy at all. U talked a lot but the VAST majority of what u said wasn't offensive at all and even the little bits that can be considered "toxic" are still very minor.
That's my opinion too but I guess Riot doesn't agree with that :/ Thanks for your opinion.
: curios,could you really play the game while writing these whole things :D
In games where I go to the point of writing that much its usually already lost because my whole team is tilting and flaming back and forth.
SonenseS (EUW)
: You were fine at the very beginning, but later on you just got tilted to the point you flamed them back. If it wasn't for the tilt, you wouldn't have gotten the ban. Tip: One thing Tyler1 did (idk if he still does) is muting everyone - friend or foe - from the very beginning. It doesn't matter of they are toxic or not, at least you won't hear any bullshit whatsoever. Good luck!
Yeah I do tilt pretty hard when I do. Ill be muting but it doesnt always help me. Thanks for the tip tho. big tyler1 fan btw.
: > [{quoted}](name=Boosted àpe,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=KqgBblGW,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-13T09:46:33.916+0000) > > *this is the part that was probably "toxic" in this game, but riot needs to understand that I was being bullied in the game and I had no way of getting out. they don't. Look, I'm not trying to say that what the other players did was the right thing, but the fact that you were being bullied in this game doesn't mean that what you did in response suddenly stops existing. You don't deal with this kind of situation by retaliating - you deal with it by muting and reporting.
I know you're right but it just gets to me sometimes. Am trying tho.
: Ok, let's see: * Entire sections of your chatlogs are all about blaming other players * "Stfu" multiple times * You accuse others of inting * You threaten other players with bans * "suck dìck" That might not be the most toxic chatlogs in the world, but given the fact that you REALLY had enough warnings and really REALLY should know better by now, this is still quite unacceptable. I am sure you have improved, but this is not enough. You are still a jerk to other people, you still blame, flame and threaten people. And you KNOW that this is not allowed, after 6 bans it's impossible that you don't know that. Most players get it after just one punishment, so you definitely know! And yet you did it again. This ban can't be a surprise for you. PS: You could have saved yourself the effort to write those little comments in your chatlogs. There is no situation where you are allowed to flame, so decsribing your situation is not changing anything. It doesn't matter why you did the things you did or what others did...flaming, blaming and threatening are forbidden, no matter what and no matter why you think you have to do it.
Really appreciate the response, you are right about it not being a surprise but I just didn't think it would happen like this, from these games. I am still quite proud of my reform process and I'm sure I can avoid future bans if I just dont use the chat. Again, thanks for taking your time, appreciate it.
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Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Boosted àpe,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EiHkeX2r,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-18T15:55:39.107+0000) > > Game 1 > Boosted àpe: im done > Boosted àpe: its over > Boosted àpe: down to open > ... > Boosted àpe: busy reading your 46% lee w/r > ... > Boosted àpe: lee you really cant talk > Boosted àpe: shh > Boosted àpe: no you dont see > Boosted àpe: youre blind > Boosted àpe: literally > Boosted àpe: in game > Boosted àpe: no ty > Boosted àpe: yeah dealing with a 46% w/r lee > Boosted àpe: dont go lee if ur w/r isnt above 60% > > Game 2 > Boosted àpe: could report twitch for boosting his ziggs friend too > > Game 3 > Boosted àpe: if u want to afk farm stay in the jung > Boosted àpe: itsd over > Boosted àpe: gg > Boosted àpe: 4v5 > Boosted àpe: no midlaner > Boosted àpe: she was hiding > Boosted àpe: in tower > Boosted àpe: but didnt use one spell > Boosted àpe: flash the charm > Boosted àpe: how bout that > Boosted àpe: or just dodge it > Boosted àpe: wtf was that > Boosted àpe: that was worse than my w on the minion earlier > Boosted àpe: afk chasing who > Boosted àpe: again dead > Boosted àpe: gray screen > Boosted àpe: youve been gray screened half the game > Boosted àpe: k man > Boosted àpe: muted > Boosted àpe: useless adc > Boosted àpe: and mid > > Im just tired of having banned accounts and trust me this is way better than how I used to be, with teammates like I had these games the old me wouldve probably just told them to "%%%" and afk/run it down mid. I did my best to be as nice as I can Game 1 - low toxicity; Game 2 - low toxicity; Game 3 - midle toxicity You weren't half as toxic as some that come here often. However, your behaviour started to escalated and what can be considered midle toxic, will turn extreme toxic if not dealt with soon. Saying that, the only reason I see for the 14-day suspension is if you have stacked more punishments in the past. Like you said, you've been toxic before. This is "better" behaviour, but the system still flagged you. My advice for you: talk less and play more. You spend a lot of time typing in chat. Most of my games have like 10 lines of chat max (by everyone). You were talking for a good 10-15 minutes of the game. I wouldn't consider it spam, but talking that much only tilts you further, especially if you try to argue with "inting" team-mates (maybe they were just bad). Regardless, take this opportunity to reform. I hope I don't see you here again in the future (for the same reason). {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Thanks for the reply, I see your points, keep in mind that all 3 of these games were either with other people flaming (hardcore, like "%%%" type shit) or with legitimate boosters and inters on my team. So I got tilted and may have gone overboard. 2nd game I was lagging for 95% of it and was being constantly flamed for it even though it wasnt in my control, and team was constantly trying to open but I kept trying. Thanks for the advice and ill definitely work on it.
: A thief will never get the same prison time like a murderer.But i agree that with this system they will get the same one. Frankly speaking,if he would get 25 games of CR again it would make sense but 14 days of ban for these chat logs? Then again i just noticed this line : Game 2 Boosted àpe: could report twitch for boosting his ziggs friend too That was indeed salty.Everything else seems arguing to me.
He admitted he was boosting him. He linked me his D4 main. It wasnt saltiness.
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: Alright, I am getting real TIRED of this ****.
I used to be like you, same mindset of "I'm good, this is my team's fault and they're the reason Im stuck here". I also wouldn't be surprised if you said that type of stuff in game, and are toxic to your teammates. I was there too, and my way of getting out was, listen closely: Realising that Im actually trash. Sometimes all you need is to realise you're just not good at the game. It puts you in a real perspective. Stop thinking about "Im so good at Fiora, these teams are holding me back" and start thinking about "What could I have done differently in that fight? How do I help my team during laning phase?". Speaking from personal experience, games in low elo highly depend on the early game. Once a team gets ahead enough, the enemy team are already either too tilted to catch your mistakes or just ff. Dont end up like my first account. I was a Riven Main, doing well every game and constantly winning lanes, but losing the game due to my team falling behind and me never roaming. I was toxic because I truly believed I was better than everyone. About 700 chat restrictions overall. Ended up being banned. Learn before you regret it. Change the way you think. It will pay off. Also, maybe try different champions. Might be hypocritical coming from someone who is a Jayce one trick at the moment, but I know how to play every role and many champions in that role. Your winrate also really isnt that bad, and listen to what Hansiman said about map and vision control. Its very important. Good luck in Solo Queue :)
: What is you're main?
{{champion:126}} Please don't hurt me. I used to main {{champion:92}} but realised you have to be a god to carry 9v1 with her, otherwise you'll usually win lane and lose the game (in mid range elo that is).
: Don't ban champions your teammates want to play.
A guy banned my friend's lee in ranked a few hours ago and my friend decided to int feed because of it. (check out my board post for more info if you're interested). This is definitely a dick move but it has sense behind it, and sometimes people dont want to take the risk. I personally dont ban my team's champions but I hate having a yasuo on my team as they usually feed, including myself on yasuo. Banning him in a "fun" (I hate poro king myself) gamemode is definitely just a complete dick move. I do agree with a report option in champ select but not for your reasons.
tortsY (EUNE)
: I would talk with him about his behavior :) if u have been good friends for 6 years he shouldn't feel offended if u would want to talk to him about that game :) But I wouldn't report him cause he is still ur friend right? But I would seriously talk to him about trolling, flaming etc. If u talk top him u have bigger chances to get him reformed than just by reporting him :)
Thanks for the tips, Ill try that out for sure.
: I'd report the fuck out of him. With friends like these, you don't need enemies.
Seveix (EUW)
: Report all the way, and personally I wouldnt play anymore games anymore with him until he shows me proof that hes reformed. Maybe getting permabanned is the lesson he needs?
It might just be the lesson he needs and I am secretly hoping he will be. I play with him because were real life friends, I'd feel bad abandoning him. He played with me when I was toxic too (I didnt run it down mid and ruin the whole game for everyone but I was toxic in chat).
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Thanks for letting me know, guess Ill have 2 weeks to climb without him holding me back haha.
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H4wkeyeXD (EUW)
: Players that have never played ranked before will get bronze 5 even after winning all 10 placements
I've seen Riot Support mention this problem before, this happens because for some reason some accounts start at an MMR that is so low even winning all 10 games will put you in Bronze 5. Hope they fix it.
Zorzza (EUNE)
: Unfair matchmaking
I've had this problem too, Im playing on a fresh level 30 account and Im playing against teams with 3 platinum players and 2 gold players while my teams are 4 silvers. Pretty ridiculous, hope they fix Flex MMR.
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