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: honor level 5
I cant tell you how it works. I play around one game a day and I am honor 5. It will happen just wait.
: a silence thats unique how many champions does it have {{champion:53}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:16}} 4 out of 115 {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
A skillshot how unique{{champion:266}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:268}} and this was the letter A. Ashe and amumu really have the same ability
rep my supp (EUNE)
: Can't log in
No one here can help you but you can send a support-ticket to riot :)
: Riot, please notice mee :3 :D ^^ ♥ i have idea
They are being counted in all gamemodes in the top left corner of the after game screen
Mada (EUW)
: rito pls! This been going on since 7.13 and nobody does a thing!
Cover all your windows and soundproof your house. You won´t notice anything if you don´t go outside. Brilliant right?
Toxic Shaco (EUNE)
: 14 days suspension for being passive-aggresive to a player that was outright trolling
It doesnt matter who you are talking to. I fyou are toxic youz are toxic. Did you check his match history wether or not he is playing? The message that someone you reported got pubished rarely pops up even if someone is punished.
Treycos (EUW)
: Seems like the poster has a few accounts to downvote everyone here...
: Misguided toxicity definition
This is not about SJWs there is a difference between this and just being for a positive community. And being a bad player isnt a punishable offense but intentional feeding is. I like some good banter myself but that is always friendly. Further more riots punishing-system doesnt care if you get reported 100times for no reason. What counts is wether or not you were toxic.
Jovars (EUW)
: I got banned for 2 weeks after talking shit back to a guy 1 game.
Sooner or later he will get punished. And the message that someone you reported was punished only pops up rarely. Most of the time they are just punished silently But you have to remember that you are toxic too if you respond in this way which is also not allowed. You can try to just mute them and keep playing.
Milic4Real (EUNE)
: I guess you are right being 1on1 situation really makes it harder while when i am with a group of friends its totally diffrent story i can freely talk and joke around etc etc.
I think this could be fixed if you get to know someone better. I used to be super nervous when I talk to my now best friend and with this I mean that I never said what I wanted to say. I was the kind of guy that thinks about everything he says 10 time before he says it, imagines everything that could go wrong and then just says something short or nothing. Now I just say what ever is on my mind and it feels great. Believe me you can change.
Milic4Real (EUNE)
: Did anyone experienced this problem in your life?
I don´t know you personally so I can just asume some things. I my self am a rather quiet person and dont party or anything like that BUT I have found a female best friend. For the longest time had no self esteem or trust in my self but with time I realised that you really have to be yourself. You can come to this concusion by experience or logic. If you think about it: would you want a girlfriend that loves the person you play as or the REAL you. An other thing I realised is that you don´t need 100 friends, 2 great friends are perfect too and someday you will find them. I did that a few years agor when I was around 16. I mean that I opened myself up because of this experience but this led me to great realisations. Just be the way you are! Someone out there will like the weird you and it is this person you have to find and it is this person that you will be happy with. I am weird too and one of my friends is really "special" too but thats why people like him, he is a very smart but very weird and funny guy. As long as you dont touch yourself publicly or take a dump on the floor I think you are good. I used to be a complete shut in that just plays videogames all day and had no friends but now I have a great bets friend and hopefully find someone else when I go to university in a month. You will want to find people that you can be comfortable around and you will only be comforable around people if you can be yourself. I know you cant just tell this to yourself and change but if you do it step by step and keep up your hope you can find people you love. Greetings Chris I am glad to hear back from you if you have any questions.
Treycos (EUW)
: It's hard to stay calm while reading this... > 0 5 0 kda means that player is bad NO. > you can't see any pro players with that kda Oh yes, you will, having a bad KDA versus a pro is different with having a bad KDA against another silver > if we are not going to say anything against a bad thing why there is a chat I don't know, maybe to give advices, shotcall, say if your opponent is missing, burnt his flash, wait before engaging... But yeah, it has no purpose, sure {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Didnt you know that the only pupose of the chat is to give a x/10 rating about how others play? Beginners think it is a tool to coordinate but that is fatal mistake. These people end in high-elo and I dont think anyone wants serious gameplay instead of a shitfest.
Vril Cain (EUW)
: you called me douche if we were to think by your logic that's an insult and you're wrong in your own logic . i don't want to help the situation , i want to clarify my thoughts and without curse words i can do so .
I used your language. And your answer shows that you dont want to do anything contructive. " i don't want to help the situation , i want to clarify my thoughts and without curse words i can do so ." then dont get bothered by people flaming and feeding as a result of your behaviour. Further more the fact that you just latch onto the smallest thing that could help your position shows that you dont search for a serious answer. You are searching for agreement of your position. Thats the reason why you dont take thecritism in this post seriously. And if you want to tell your ingame thoughts to everyone then prepare to take the thoughts of everyone. Otherwise use self-restraint and try to become a frienlier person ( thats a good virtue in life btw, selfcontroll, restraint and being willing to improve ) )
: LP system help?
I think the amount of LP you get is determined by comparing your MMR to the average mmr of your elo. If yours is higher ( for example you are in G5 and have the MMR of a G1 player you get like 28LP. the same works the other way around )
newshadown (EUNE)
: Y it's true, but if your team don't have a clue what they doing u will lose! So all that people who says your team don't hold u back is wrong, because 1/3 or 1/4 of games u get players with 0 game knowledge! I don't know how many players even get gold plat because they play like bronze- in bronze silver I have saw way more better players then gold and plat!
The thing is that it is impossible to win every game. What you can do is win like one out of ten games without doing anything and lose one out ten without being able to do anything. The other 8 can be decided by. There is always something you could have done in most cases. Thats how I see it
Topkeks (EUW)
: I'm not saying it can't be done, i'm just saying playing random champs all the time, instead of mastering 1 champ, isn't as consistent. And it took you 4 months, to achieve what another guy in this post did in 1 week, using this method. I even quoted him. And he was stuck in silver. And if you're still in bronze/silver with 1000games on record with a certain champ, that champ/role is mb not for you, or you got some serious learning issues.
I just dont play that many rankeds. I have some light ranked anxiety. I have a 60% winrate though. I am even skipping divions. ( but most of the champs were mains of me at one moint except a few ) But your method is better for most people yes. I just think that learning the game helps in the long run if you care about being good overall.
: ranked game problem in lobby
I think you could have disconnected for a few seconds
its më (EUW)
: Which midlaner to main??
I spamm Anivia orianna Taliyah Azir Ryze Ekko sometomes Asol ( he is too free elo xD ) maybe you like one of them
alijons (EUNE)
: Any tips for returning player?
I started playing again back in june after a 4 months break. I ran over everyone that was lower elo than me when I played because I still had the game knoeledge from before. I never was great mechanical player, I just knew HOW to play and WHEN to force an objective, when to roam, when to farm. I think this game knowledge is the most important thing. Try to focus on that while you play. if you can roam look at which wave will be shoved towards your team then waveclear and roam. rem,eber where the jungler could be and what the enemy would do if the jungler was nearby to kill you and read their behaviour from that.
: Who To One Trick?
Onetrick a champion that isnt permabanned like yasuo or sometimes zed. Leblanc or kata will most cetainly be available every game.
Vril Cain (EUW)
: can't i tell someone that he is playing bad ?
You are just an unfriendly player and thats it. If some makes a mistake they know they did it and " lol you are legit gabage" ( not the exact quote) isnt criticism. If you say that you could save a dash to dodge a skillshot or tell them to remember that the jungler wasnt seen for a while which they should keep in mid. If you tell that to someone in a frineldy way they could take it or not. # Most often people know that they did something wrong wether or not they learn from it depends on themselfes. Thats why pointing out a mistake never does anything positive. of course people could just take but you could also be just silent or be friendly and encourage them that they can do it next time if the do the following (...) . That creates good communicationa nd helps. But if you are rational you are just silent and play your own game. most likely you will never play with that person again so you have a 90% chance to enrage them or a 10% chance to help them a bit with a situation that already went wrong My tip is: stop beeing a douche.
Topkeks (EUW)
: [GUIDE] How to get out of Bronze/Silver (Step-by-Step.)
I dont think that champion mastery is that important. I used to pick up champs that I played once before in ranked ( thats how I started to play Taliyah and currently I am like 8W 1L with her). A part of that is the fact that i didnt play for months before playing again. I am not in my old elo yet but I only have 50ranked so far and I got from S4 to G3 in these games. And at the start I was so rusty that I couldnt dodge most things or outplay hard because I wasnt used to the game again but my gameknowledge alone let me win. I think the most important thing to master is the game itself not a champion itself, eventhough that is really important too. I know I am not a challnger player but atleast at the moment I can feel the skillgap between me and my enemies ( 65% winrate ) - Know how to position in lane - how to trade - how to farm - how to roam - when to get which objective - where and when to ward - pinging for everyone because often times that saves them - and how to close out a game All these things can then be modified for the champ you play at the moment. Thats the reason why people say : go play annie only. You shouldnt focus on the champs but on the game itself I hope this is a bit understandable.
Fuchsbaue (EUW)
: Okay thanks, any tips on how to help me play her better? Build etc as I've tried many and I more often than not get more deaths than kills. It really sucks because I love her playstyle so much I just suck with her XD
I will be honest, I can not tell you how to play her. I would look at a few pro players and how they play.
Fuchsbaue (EUW)
: Cassiopeia Buff Idea
In my opinion Cassio is perfectly balanced. As far I can see you are unranked and Cassio is an extremely difficult champion to play, that could make you see her as weak. If you look at pros and how they handle her you can see that she is very strong but as I said extremely hard to play because you need to hit all your Qs and have great positioning because she has no mobilty or quick burst( only a speedboost if you hit your Q ). Furthermore she needs a tank to hide behind in teamfights or you will just get overrun, thats the problem you mentioned I think.
Rismosch (EUW)
: 1. Rengar can jump 725 units far. That's roughly 7 Teemos. 2. Positioning and proper kiting. It is hard and almost impossible to kite those guys, but if you know how they work and how you have to move you should be able to do something. 3. You are low level, people playing jungle is uncommon at your level. Once you get higher, you will rarely to never encounter a 1v2 ever again. But note that once you will encounter junglers, you will need to learn how to dodge ganks, ward properly and generally play around the jungler. However, if you ever get into a situation were you get camped (enemy jungler ganks you over and over again), it is basically like a 1v2: Try to farm and don't trade, because the higher your HP, the lower the chance you dying from a gank. You just farm and play passively, try to freeze the lane (letting the enemy push). Learn how to farm under the tower and do not push whatsoever. If your jungler counterganks, you can go all in, but never fight without him. In mid to lategame laningphase is over and this issue shouldn't bother you.
I just want to add that teamwork can shutdown assassins like Rengar really well if you one or two team members who can hard cc him
hàvoc (EUNE)
: I can't decide which lane to main .
I don`t know for how long you have been playing league. I always switched between roles after a few months or weeks and that works for me because I can play literally anything. Maybe that works for you but could be hard in bronze. First of all I want to point out that LoL is a completely different game when you are in bronze compared to even gold. I can understand that being a support can be boring if your team just plays brainlessly but if you have a smart jungler and a decent ADC ( he doesnt even have to be good ) you can have a great time as a support. I never really played support a lot but when I do I am having a blast playing thresh. He is a real skill dependant champion with whom I have been able too carry a lot. If you are activly thinking abou the game and not playing on autopilot support can be realy fun. Adc is the most difficult role in terms of mechanics I would say because you need have great positioning and need to be able to kite which many people in bronze cant do. But an ADC can be the lategamecarry if you are looking for that type of gameplay. Midlane is the role I have the most experience with and the role which I enjoy the most. There are so many different and unique champions in midlane that you can play. Different types of mages, assassins, tanks like Galio or other things that happen to be meta right now ( I used to love Azir and now Ryze, Taliyah and Orianna ). In my oppinion you can controle the entire map from the midlane which gives it great potential. I cant tell you much about the jungle because I used to only spam Ekko and Rek Sai Jungle a long time ago. I think it is a lot about vision, playing around the other jungler, predicting where he is, helping around the map and controlling objectives like dragon, nash and towerpushes. Toplane is also very diverse. You can pick tanks, fighters or even some mages. I enjoy Camille, Galio and Ryze toplane ( I wouldnt play Ryze in your place ) You could think about which playstyle you prefer. In your sosition I would a simple champion that you enjoy ( nothing to difficult ) and learn the game before you try to master difficult champs. Gameknowledge helps you alot in climbing and even having more fun because it adds a lot more to league than just laning and then running around the map planlessly.
: My Biggest problem with LoL
I can partially understand your point. The closest thing I experienced to that in my time playing league of legends was at the time I started playing. I always played mages or ADCs nd when I played tanks or frontliners overall I often fell back into the positioning of a mage or marksman. I think the way to fix this behaviour eventhough I did it passivly is to think about what would be the best play to do at the moment. - An example for that would be that I am positioning badly and think about where I should be or when I am in lane I can ask myself :"can I all in him, do I need to poke, do I need to push, do I need to freeze...?" etc. if you are playing in auto-mode with your brain turned off you will not change but I think if you think about what would be right, you can change. I hope my answer is somewhat helpful :)
: > if someone is toxic, is it useless to talk to them because people never change? Yes and no. Yes, it is more or less useless to talk to people who are already toxic. But no, it's not because people don't change. People can change...but probably not in stressful game where a random internet stranger talks to them. Toxic players are normally very emotional, which simply isn't a very good situation to make them overthing their behavior. > I should always mute them Either that or just ignore them. Whatever is easier for your. > If there is someone inting like in my last 2 games and just ffs and feeds, eventhought this game favours us, should we just ff and let the enemy win or even try That's your decision. If you feel like you can't win the game anymore, start a surrender vote. If the vote fails, keep playing. Never give up against the will of your team and don't try to convince them to surrender. Or in other words: Respect the other players opinion. > What would be the best way to get a positive game? Be nice. Sounds stupid, but this is actually the best thing you can do. It's no guarantee, but creating a positive atmosphere is the best way to make toxicity at least less likely. Or simply play with friends, that is and always will be the best way to play Leauge.
Thanks for your helpful answer :)
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: Thanks for the tips about the knowledge part. I never really thought so deep into special jungling routes or finding out where the person could be by many different variables other than jungle spawns or just, predicting an enemy's movement.. I will look into it further. Thanks for your time.
No problem. I hope I was able to help.
: But even if I were to help out and "babysit" other players / laners in my team 'cause they completely fed either intentionally or unintentionally, I'd end up getting disadvantages on MY lane, which can vary: The opponent will have a farm lead over me or the opponent will do more damage to my turret and push faster due to me roaming all the time. You just can't help out someone with his case because then YOUR case is gonna end up just as bad. That's why every player in your team has to at least do it's best and believe he can win even if you had a rough start or whatever. But people give up, people flame, people become salty and toxic, people feed, and they ruin it all for you. I'm sure Challengers, Diamonds, or even Platinums does not have such players appear in their queues as often as they do in Bronze, Silver and Gold. And that's a problem you sincerely cannot deal with. It does not matter if I farm better than my opponent in lane. It does not matter how much "game knowledge" he has because everyone more or less know what they are doing in Silver and up, and can tell if they did a mistake or not. There's quite a limited about of "knowledge" you can have at LoL. If you know all champion's skills and traits, you're gonna be FINE. DECENT. And most of people do. But they have their ego overcome their senses and start feeding and hurting their team because of their OWN problems. That's not something you can deal with. Every lane consists of its own players and as much as I'd want to help my bot lane that's having a hard time because I KNOW they'll end up AFK-ing if I don't, I need to maintain my lane as well and not let it get shredded because I didn't want a goddamn AFK in my team. I'm sure that if you'd put Faker or Bjergsen or whatever favorite LCS guy you have in a Silver and up match up (Bronze does not count because Bronze is either where all the newbies are that barely know their basics or people who just cannot play LoL) and he'll have a horrible toxic bot lane, a top laner who cannot communicate 'cause he's always top farming and split pushing, and a jungler that's always late versus a decent enemy team, and that's NOT exaggerating because be surprised or not, I've had ENOUGH teams like that, he probably won't win the game, because he's basically 1v5. Now also, I'm not saying it's always my team with the toxic duo premade bot laners, or with the miscommunicating top laner and the late late jungler who does not calculate anything right before ganking. It's sometimes the opposite. But then it's not right for someone else in their team who may be actually good. I hope you see the problem I'm trying to show.
I understand what you mean but you have to realize that you can indeed affect ANY game with your actions. Of course there are some games that you just cant win. But you have to stop blaming everything on your teammates. You get what you get and the same goes for the enemy so if you lose way more than you win, its probably you too. I had losingstreaks too in which i always had a good kda farm and destroyed towers etc but there is so much you can do. And "Knowledge" is A LOT more than just knowing the abilities and other things about champions. You can learn jungling routes and how long they take so you can kind of know where the enemy could be, you can learn the matchups and when you can be aggressive and when you cant be. You can learn when it is best to do what, like takeing dragon, helping your team or just pushing. Gameknowledge isnt just Numbers and Names, it is so much more. And if you compare a diamond player with a silver player who both do their best in ranked, the diamond player will always be the better overall player. You have to look at your own mistakes. I started to stop blaming my team for literaly ANYTHING a long time ago and tried tto learn what I could have done better. My improvements arent the best because i am not as tryhard as many other people and dont play as much but i climbed from silver to gold easily with a 56% winrate at times. You cant win everygame and you can not build on your teammates. You have be active. Of course only having more cs wont do wonders but you can use this advantage to make it bigger like denying even more cs and exp or pushing or forcing objectives. Challengers arent challenger because of luck they are there because they are good and you definitly can carry games. This attitude that you cant is just in your head and i hope you can realize that and improve You play with 4 randoms against 5 randoms. its like saying youb always get the DCs Teammates. the enemy has 5 people that can dc ynd you only 4 so statisticly they have higher chances to get a DC if you dont. The same goes for games if there are 5 randoms on the enemy team they have a higher chance to have many people that are bad. I hope this isn atleast a bit understandable because i didnt plan anything in this text but I hope you get the idea. greeting Chris
: Arcade Ahri more like
thats just puntastic
: Climbing the ELO Ladder.
Hello, one thing that you have to understand is that the enemy's team consists of 5 people you cant control and in your team only 4 people that you cant control. So if everyone is at the same level of play but you are better than your counterpart on the other team, you will climb because your changes of winning are better than. Something else i want to touch on is your describtion of a "mid or feed" player. I remember that happening very often in the old system but it hasn't happened to me this season at all ( i am Gold 3 atm ). I think because the system does the role selection for you there are less players in roles they dont want and there are less people fighting over their role because they are given a role. of course it is still possible for someone to say mid or afk but it happens so much less in my experience. Now i want to touch on the " how to climb " part. In season 5 i was a silver player but i really wasnt as good of a player as i am now. To show it is possible to solocarry you have to remember the times one of the enemies was so fed that he solo carried the entire enemyteam or times you were so fed that you could fight anyone. I thing that shows that you can carry from a fighting standpoint. Besides being fed there are other ways to carry a game for example getting a leas in your lane/jungle and then converting your lead to your team for example by pushing out your lane and then going mid or somewhere else to push the mid tower or kill the laner ot take the dragon because you are stong. of course there are games that you cant win if the enemy talon for example has 20/0 score. If you put a challenger into bronze he will absolutely destroy the enemy team because: 1. He can farm very well 2. He has way more game knowledge so he can make better decisions than he enemies. 3. He can use pressure and conrol waves 4. He is a better player on a mechanical player ( imagine yourself playing against the best yasuo in the world. he will rek you in any matchup ) 5. He knows how to end the game by getting objectives and when to get them 6.He influences his team by making good teamdecisions like taking drake or roaming These are the things that come to my head at the moment and i forget some big things but you can improve in all these things and if you are a better player you REALLY will climb. please excuse my english skills. greetings Chris
: How many time it will take
I think it isnt banned. maybe your internet or pc gives you some restrictions. You could try other servers too.
Yasa (EUNE)
: You didn't understand my point like i thought. I'm not really questioning the idea of Draft pick, just wondering why you need to pick the roles since you just can go to any lane you want to. Yesterday i went into a queue. Primary Mid, Secondary Top. I got to Mid lane, Everything went normally until our Support just takes Katarina. I didn't judge that, I got over it right away. However when the player came to Mid lane, Never went to bot lane even when the player's real role was Support. That is my point, I want it to stop. It ruins other's games, It's not cool. Like told on Original post, I reported them to Riot but It never gets any punishment.
Of course its very anoying that someone picks champion and then walk into your lane but i want to tell you something from my experience. I absolutely love the new roleselect because you get the lane you want. Before that you had to have the fastest internet connection to write your lane as the first person AND it was possible that you get 5 Top mains in your team which means that your team will have worse players in 4 roles. The New System fixed/improved many things 1. There is way less toxicity in champselect because of less fights over the roles, which creates a way more fun experience. 2. at least in low elo you always get one of your two roles if you pick something that isnt fill. Now i am speaking from personla experience again. I used to be a middle/top main in Season 5 and sometimes i did not get my prefered role for 6 games in a row. Now i always get my beloved Jungle or Mid <3. 3. You have a way higher chance to get good players in every role who have played it before. and now i am speaking again from personal experience. what you described has never happened to me in over 200 ranked games and many normals this season. I had people asking for other roles in like 1 out of 20 games but that someone just went to another lane never happened to me. Without the new system you would still have players doing that because you cant block them from parts of the map but you would have all the awful things from before back. iI hope my english didnt kill your eyes because i am not a native english speaker and ofter forget to write "I" big. Greetings Chris
I don't know about this concept. It sounds "fun" but the possibilty to prevent healing on the entire enemy team is very strong but there is one big thing. I think it is very bad to create abilities that just counter other champions abilies in another way as a spellshield or the yasuo wall. it is very unhealthy gameplay-mechanic and it wouldnt be hard for a sivir to apply these Grievous Wounds on many people in a fight what would be a complete counter to Soraka, Vladimir, Swains,Trundle etc. It is extremely strong and a unhealthygameplay mechanic in my opinion.
: AGAIN!!! How can i prevent this from happening.
I just want to tell you something. NOT EVERYONE has the judgement of an LCS player. People make mistakes and dont consider everything or EVEN YOU dont see how to engage. You could change a few things for example stop being so toxic, people make mistakes and not everyone is perfect including you. You probably did things too that made your team facepalm. You can just keep playing and think about if you really could have done something. on multiple occasions i thought i couldnt follow the jungler but I just tried and was able to because of the redbuffslow, stuns or other slows. And the only thing your toxicity does is losing the game, tilting you and your teammates, maybe making the jungler insecure about his ganks dependant on the person idk, getting reported and maybe banned for your unaccaprable behaviour. Just try to stay calm because tilting of the earth doesnt get you anywhere. ( sry for my english i am not a native english speaker )


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