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Dreugan (EUW)
: Lets talk about Leaver Buster
I don´t know what you Problem here is. You get the Leaver Buster when you not connect or you are AFK and get the "Disconnect". It is fair. If you go AFK it´s your Fault for being AFk in the first Place. And there is no real punishment the first Times. But for you to again write about it. It feels like you are leaving the Game quite often. And im just saying. Remake is 3 Minutes into the Game. Meanwhile Leaver Buster will punish you after 5 Minutes. And you should know it. If you feel like you get punished for nothing you should go to the Support. And not into the Off-Topic Area. But just to be clear. Your Problem will not happen if you don´t go AFk or have connection Issues. It´s you responsibility to have a proper connection and not go AFK.
: EUW server maintenance
Because its EuW. It´s the playground for Riot to have fun with.

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