: if you're doing this in ranked, you should get banned.
You do not have to worry about that, ranked is not my cup of tea. :)
: > I play for fun, actually I do not mind if I lose or if I win, also I do not play Ranked games because I know people want to win in that types of matchs. if its not ranked.. than play whatever you like and with whatever items you want. sorry for them, but if your trying out new things in normal games.. its perfectly fine and thats okay.. as long as your actually playing and not intentionally losing than its okay. you could do any champion in any role in normals even if its winrate is not nice.. i get that. im a very competitive person.. but people who flame casuals in normals are just being jerks.
I think it is the first time I see a competitive player saying this things. I am so touched. :´)
: There's is no risk of getting banned as long as you are trying to win. Playing off meta is just allowed. Any reports issued against you won't have any effect.
Eldbjørn (EUW)
: No, as long as you don't flame, you will never get banned. Mute them and enjoy the game :)
: Nah, you can't get banned for it. Also, not following the meta isn't bannable, because it's your own will if you want to follow it. Like cmon, I played {{champion:79}} ADC and won against 7th maestry {{champion:67}}.
Thanks! Also, what kind of sorcery did you use to defeat THAT {{champion:67}} champion?
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