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Løne Wolf (EUNE)
: Founding a Team ~ Titans ~
ur on the wrong discussion board, go to teams and clubs :)
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Jackom1 (EUW)
: Low priority queue is great
it gives me a break in between matches so i dont mind either. but 5 20 mins are quiet annoying tbf
: I'm not saying anything,your name says it all
lool i regret picking this name xD
: That's why Pantheon is always picked in the LCS! Oh wait, he's not. Yeah, he's a pain in the lane and the direct 1v1, but in small skirmishes and 5v5's his passive is close to non existent, so let him have a strong lane and strong roams, he has nothing else. Nerfing his passive would ruin him completly.
Pantheons Passive shouldn't determine his whole champion. His 4 skills should. The fact that his 4 skills are based all around his passive, which makes him so broken and impossible to 1v1 against, proves my point of why his passives broken. They can either improve his kit but nerf his passive so it isnt all reliable, or just completely rework him. Not being able to damage someone over and over again is just ridiculous, especially when there is no damage done and there still damaging you. Even shields are annoying enough, nevermind a PASSIVE which completely blocks damage. It might aswell be a skill than a passive, since it does more work than any of his kit
: The aforementioned statements are why he gets a pretty powerful passive, which also scales bad into late game.
: Pantheon has: - weak DPS - weak tankyness - limited and easy to avoid AoE - bad scaling
ok. but im talking about his passive.
: It blocks auto attacks and spells that function like autos (Ekko's E, Fiora's Q etc.) all you have to do is attack him when it's down and track its stacks.
he gets it back in a couple attacks anyway so attacking when its down doesnt matter. all he has to do is farm and its back again. there needs to be a permanent cd on the shield.
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: Kled and Ivern are both fairly new, they aren't going to get any skins for a while. Illaoi on the other hand is the only 2015 release champion without a post-release skin.
Kleds 8 Months. Ivern 6 Months. And in those months, they have not recieved any sort of skin or chroma skin. Still no excuse for them to milk out other champions.
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: Let us sell skins for reworked champions!
Or Trading would be nice. But i defintely agree, if they mess up our champions we used to love, that RP just got wasted. Sounds like a marketing scam by Riot xD Next thing you know, they make alot of Yasuo Skins, then rework/neft yasuo = Profit
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