: Game is extremely not enjoyable at the moment.
unfortunately it really does feel predetermined by matchmaking which is so aggressively bad because it's always trying to create a 50% win rate for everyone most games atm there seems to be an average of 8k gold difference between the teams, some games it goes up to 14k and that is by the 20ish minute mark.
: wtf matchmaking
honestly at this point the game is no fun because of the terrible matchmaking everything feels like its over by 10 minutes now because games are that mismatched and you just end up suffering until your team surrenders or they win, there's really no such thing as a come back now unless you drag the game out to like 40 mins after suffering through a several level disadvantage and a 4-12k gold difference between your team players and theirs, its just incredibly frustrating experience for everyone involved with the only people truly winning are the people who want to dominate over others for the sake of their own ego.
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: Matchmaking fair?
yeah the match making in league is garbage i either have to play as Udyr or poppy now just to be able to have some impact in the game or else ill just be completely useless and feed the enemy team and i'm honestly bored of playing the same champion over and over just so i don't feed the enemy team anymore. the game just doesn't feel fun anymore, though that might be because every enchanter support seems as vulnerable as an ADC is now and their scaling is just appalling with how much more damage everything seems to get as the games goes on, idk maybe its just because i'm in bronze and everyone is just wanting to always play the same 30 or so champions of yasuo,zed,katarina,talon,lux,brand, draven,jhin,miss fortune, xin zhao, ect
: Yuumi's champion design is toxic
honestly Yuumi isn't the problem, it's Riots power creep towards these unbeatable champions yet they still think they are beatable, there's a massive power and utility divide between new and old champions each new champion they bring out has to do more than the old ones and be way fancier and more able to dodge and escape , slows are nearly redundant against a lot of champions because of them being able to be worked around by using a dash which is unaffected by a slow or just a blink to get away. though Yuumi does have a bit of weakness in that she has low movement and low movement speed, though maybe if who she is on gets silenced she should get knocked off, would add a bit more counter play to her.
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DeejayF (EUW)
: How do you not tilt when playing league?
A) unfortunately nothing can be done other than once game is over doing something else B)tell them that doing badly isn't reportable and know you're not the one with the toxic attitude and simple report them after the game for negative attitude. C) unfortunately people are inherently selfish creatures or a lot of people just don't have the hindsight to actually support others and the system isn't that good at detecting gameplay negative behaviour. D)well that's not really trash talking more like harassment, trash talking would be something like you can't even kill without your junglers help or saying not even close when you escape on 5hp. and yeah theirs a reason as time goes on the more you are surrounded by a certain behaviour the more you will act like that in kind, its just one thing about psychology which is overall why i would say any game where your team mates doing poorly can have a domino effect against you is toxic,which does ultimately lead to blaming others something that most people are more inherent to do rather than see their own flaws and unfortunately because of that domino effect s8 and s9 seems to have games ending quicker at least from what i can remember.
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FearFactor (EUNE)
: Win Lose Games
well simple reason for that riots matchmaking algorithim is to always try force 50/50 win /loss rate which is a really horrible thing rather than trying to match by skill for closer games more often
: Uninstalling until riot do something about damage and mobility.
dont forget mages now they take more time to clear waves because of the hp scaling but ad champions its not a problem for because their autos scale up too and so do their abilities but mages only have their abilities scale up, i cant even really count the amount of cs i've missed because of this changes as mordekaiser who already has low damage over time. also if mordekaiser fight anyone with conquerors its almost always going to be a loss for him especially against darius.....
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: Hecarim's charge dealing damage and knocking even when stopped.
a lot of things don't work the way they should in league, auto attacks not being canceled by crowd control is notorious and that's why hecarim's e which counts as an auto attack does that. i really wish they would fix bugs like that.
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: Meanwhile. I never had as much fun during a pre season, as I hated most of the previous ones. I also have the feeling that I can run different combos of runes on the same champions to accentuate different parts of their kits to facilitate different playstyles. (with near equal effectivity) I'm starting to think that I really do live in a shadow variant from the rest of this world's populace.
the huge problem with the new runes is that snowballing is out of control on assassin like champions, one person gets ahead and becomes nearly unstoppable for anyone in the team,damage happens faster than it did beforehand and some champions are just way to strong especially champions which feast on all ins. the game rewards killing heavily however there's no reward or really any punishment for those that fail as now at 15 minutes you can be deleted in 2 seconds. also towers are going down within the time of one back now in bot lane.
GrandomG (EUW)
: Lulu is still getting permabanned (at least in my games) also, nerfing Zilean is not on the table. If anything, they need to tweak his gameplay so that playing him support is more viable (rather than nerfing mid and making him even weaker as support). For example his passive simply scales faster when you're playing on a solo lane due to being higher level (because XP Bottle gain is based on his level). Although that doesnt mean you can use it more often, over the course of the game, you'll definitely produce more XP. Thats why Riot cannot balance the ability in a way that its powerful as a support, because then it would be OP when playing mid (or at least so they would think). What support players get is therefore a really under-tuned form of the ability and essentially useless and due to the terrible implementation, potentially having a negative effect on your game rather than basing the gameplay on it like other champions can. Its not easy to fix this. I'm not going to try and tell Riot how to adjust the numbers, but rather suggest that moving it onto a passive for his W and then recreating a completely new passive certainly seems reasonable or at least realistic. Its been 2 years since we had this terrible version of his passive because they got rid of the global 8% XP gain and rushed out a completely trash "fix" for this issue. Its been terrible ever since, no team or professional player has ever picked up on it and I dont think anyone could disagree that its probably the worst passive - if not the worst ability in the entire game currently. Its weak, intentionally under-tuned, suffers from a over-protective "clarity" mindset which dominated the developers at the time, has terrible interfacing, too many roadblocks, feels unrewarding, depends on fragile, niche-timings and bug-ridden beyond recovery (they tried to fix them, but they can't). But the main problem is that gametime is too short. The ability is especially terrible in the early game. A lot of games, you can't use it a single time before the lane or the game is decided. It being essentially a tool to scale, it simply doesnt work when the game is over at 10 or 15 minutes. You didn't scale yet and essentially played the entire game being behind, because you played the game without a passive. The passive is too important to be filled with such an unreliable and weak form of XP gain.
maybe if they added the effect of mordekaisers w to it where you recieve a percentage of the exp lost into it when an ally is near so it gives support zilean a buff without effecting mid zilean's laning phase.
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Not xPeke (EUW)
: You got an S-... I wouldn't call it "this low" lol. Look, I thought exactly the same as you. I'd have a really good game and expect an S or S+ and wouldn't get it. I used to think the system was stupid. But it's not. I was compared to other players who simply had better stats than I did. We, the players, set the curve for the grading system. It's not Riot alone doing it.
thing is though the equation is based too simply on having high cs,high kills, low deaths and i'm not even kidding about it so to someone like me who plays more cautiously rather then greedily trying to chase every kill i often get the short end of the stick with the grading system, help my team out by roaming? no S for you because not enough CS, having to constantly retreat from fights because everyone else can't do anything? no S for you because no kills/assists,facing assassins as a squishy support no s for you because they one shot you one to many times despite manage to get your cc off to get your team the win. champion mastery based on how much of a bloodbath you can get you champion in without dying rather then playing more passively really just annoys me about the whole grade system
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: About Camille
personally i think that maybe her stun should be on her w instead of her e, idk it just feels a bit weird that she throws herself onto the enemy and they get stunned like and she seems to be able to do to many things a bit to well
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: Looking at Ivern's winrate makes me feel bad for him
i like iverns design but can't help but feel his kit is little weak with his q speed and it's cooldown in the beginning is a little on the long side, maybe 1 -2 sec lower would really help him out but i think his defence ability early lets him especially against champs with a gap closer,something like maybe enemies hit by the shield exploding deal less damage to you or that for the next 2-3 seconds after it explodes the target receives something like 5-10% less damage, would add a bit more to his aspect of being a protector, also think his w should probably give some kind of buff to allies or maybe do something to enemy champions with smite would be nice kind of like his intro animation where he's seen protecting the wolves. a few ideas for his w are allies gain 5-25 armour and magic resist(depending on level) for 1 second when they enter the brush next auto attack slows by 10% for 0.5 seconds halves damage of the next enemy ability
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: Support isn't meant to be a role where the support carries the game, you're there to support your team not to carry it so no changes are needed
well the reason i started this topic is that a lot of people don't want to be support for the very reason i specified above that they want to feel empowered and support definitely could use something to make them feel more empowered especially at the beginning of the game and that also actually reinforces the aspect of support role but still allowing them to keep up with the pace, if you say that 1/5 people not getting as much loot as other players for doing something that someone has to do,something other people pretty much force you into to doing or flame at you for not doing isn't a problem then i don't know what is.
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